New Year Improved You: Life-Coaching Retreats for 2021


As the year draws to a close, many are being bitten by the desire for change. The final holiday of the year can be a heavy week or two of over-eating and under-exercising. For a break with a difference, commit to creating a new you with a healthy holiday of self-improvement. Life-Coaching Retreats do more than your average holiday; they aim to change, to reset and recalibrate every part of your life. All the strands that are necessary for productive living are brought together for a comprehensive enhancement in one health focused package. Following your retreat, you’ll be readily equipped with the psychological tools to carry your progress forward. With guidance from the life-coaching experts, you’ll find your way to a fresh start and a reinvigorated you. Let’s explore our recommended life-coaching retreats for 2021:


India: Silent Retreats at Shreyas


Begin anew in the birth place of modern spirituality. India is steeped in spiritual and cultural heritage due to the ubiquitous meditative practices of Buddhism and Hinduism. A silent retreat at Shreyas will reconnect you to the earth through Epiphanic yoga teachings and Ayurvedic massage. Ridding yourself of material pressures and detoxifying your body of stress is made easy with candle lit meditations and rejuvenating spa therapies. Amongst the verdant and lush surroundings of the estate, you can enjoy the silence and the calming peace it brings. For those who have tired of the superficial charms of modern living and need to reconnect with nature, discover the Silent Retreat at Shreyas.

For more information and booking: Shreyas Resort


Thailand: Life Enhancement at Kamalaya  


A week spent focused on yourself at Kamalaya, in the capable hands of the resident life-coaches, will set you up for a lifetime of overcoming challenges. Life Enhancement at Kamalaya bolsters your emotional strength with a focus on self-love holistic techniques with an intimate group of 9-12 participants. The traditional Asian massages pamper and de-knot the muscles of your body: clearing build ups of toxins. These feelgood therapies will infuse you with enough positivity to keep that wellness holiday confidence once you return home. Achieve a zen like state of being with guided meditation under the Thai jungle canopy. Walk back to work and turn heads with your new appreciation for all of life’s wonders.

For more information and booking: Kamalaya


Sri Lanka: Re-Balancing Bliss at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa  


It is surprisingly easy to lose one’s balance in the modern world. Often, we only walk a thin line between success and struggle with the pressures of work and family life. If you find yourself slipping on this thin line then Re-Balancing Bliss at Santani is the perfect retreat to get you back on track. In the thick Sri Lanka jungle, you’ll recentre yourself through guided meditation and peaceful nature walks. The physical imbalances of your body will be purged and replaced with a vitality inducing detox and follow-up diet. Conquer your future and new challenges by finding your balance at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa. 

For more information and booking: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa


Grantley Hall: Fitness and Wellness at Grantley Hall  


A ‘new you’ isn’t just defined by practicing meditation and building spiritual self-assurance: it can also be the feeling of confidence in see an improved physique in the mirror. Grantley Hall’s fitness and wellness facilities are a collection of unrivalled state of the art equipment that can be tailored to the specific health goals of each client. The guided personal training programme at this luxury country retreat finds your fitness weaknesses through rigorous assessment and targets them for radical improvement. In a small amount of time, the Grantley team will break any bad habits and have you emerging from the cryotherapy chamber feeling brand new.

For more information and booking: Grantley Hall


Portugal: New Life at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel


Sometimes a week-long holiday is not enough. For those who need a complete re-birth, we recommend Longevity’s New Life Programme. The retreat begins with a comprehensive health check-up including genetic testing, skin cancer and sleep apnoea screening. Every inch of you will receive the best treatments: detox clay rituals, vitamin infusion therapies, osteopathy sessions, manual lymphatic drainages and craniosacral massage. No stone is left unturned where your wellness is concerned on this 21-day programme. With panoramic views of the Algarve coast and the Monchique mountain range, you could not ask for a more exceptional view to accompany your transformative treatment. New Life at Longevity promises a lasting personal renaissance for your health.

For more information and booking: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel


A ‘new you’ doesn’t just have to be a New Year’s Eve fantasy. Life-coaching retreats offer real solutions to a huge variety of personal wellness challenges. You can hit reset on every aspect of your health with retreats specialising in everything from complete meditative silence to lasting fitness transformations. Will 2021 see an improved you?


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