The Best Summer Holiday Destinations for Wellness Travellers

The Best Summer Holiday Destinations for Wellness Travellers


As the days grow longer and temperatures begins to rise, it’s time to jet off and enjoy the season before the arrival of the autumn equinox. When looking for summer holiday inspiration, we’re all searching for the perfect place to relax. Boost your health and fitness in spectacular destinations as we unveil the best summer holiday destinations for wellness travellers. From a back-to-nature active retreat in Menorca, to a bespoke mindful getaway in Sri Lanka; combine relaxation, wellness and an exotic location for the summer holiday of a lifetime.

 The best summer holiday destinations for wellness travellers include:

  1. Gleneagles, Scotland
  2. Shanti Som, Spain
  3. Forte Village, Sardinia
  4. Porto Elounda, Crete
  5. Borgo Egnazia, Puglia
  6. The Barai Spa, Thailand
  7. Santani Wellness Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka
  8. Longevity Cegonha Country Club, Portugal


Back to Nature Retreat in England: Gleneagles

 Training on the fields at Gleneagles

Stunning views out to the sea

Set in an elegant country estate where there are an abundance fields for a range of activities such as shooting, horse riding, falconry, cycling and so much more; it is the perfect location to recconet with nature. The activities offer a chance to not only appreciate the gorgeous grounds but also learn new skills and perhaps new hobbies! In the English countryside, breathe in the fresh air and relax for a deeply healing holiday. For a mid afternoon break visit the Afternoon Tea in the Glendevon that has served a traditional English afternoon tea since 1924. Enjoy a selection of cakes, pastries and sandwiches as your enamoured by the glamorous surroundings of the Ochil Hills.  

More information: View: Gleneagles


Fusion Fitness in Spain: Shanti Som


Pool at Shanti Som

This fitness area is pretty suite! 

Make the most of these warm summer months at Shanti Som, located in the heart of Spain's Sierra de Las Nieves Nature Park in the effervescent Andalucían region. Tranquil ambience, outdoor swimming pools and a range of holistic facilities are sure to recharge your mind and body. Whether you wish to deepen your practice of Pilates, engage your abs with a core workout or explore the area with a guided hike, this wellness haven promises to offer a fantastic fitness holiday. After a full day of fitness fun, soothe your senses with a range of de-stressing therapies, for a complete mind, body and soul experience at this tropical hideaway. 

More information: View: Shanti Som


Cleanse and Tone in Sardinia: Forte Village Fusion Fitness


Forte Village is a fantastic summer holiday destination for wellness travellers

Find your strength in Sardinia

Set on a range of rugged hills overlooking crystal clear waters and immaculate white sand, Forte Village offers a truly memorable wellness experience. Strengthen and tone your physique on this exclusive Fusion Fitness holiday, offering personal choice over various activities and treatments. Tailor-make your active holiday and choose from a variety of activities including personalised boot camp training, Kettlebell workouts and Pilates. Stay beach body confident this summer and recuperate your mind and body with healing spa treatments, including refreshing Thalassotherapy combining seawater and marine mud to have you glowing from head to toe.

More information: View: Forte Village


Mindful Escape to Greece: Porto Elounda Mindful Triathlon


Head to crete's Mirabello Bay for a summer holiday that won't disappoint

Paradise at Porto Elounda

Bask in the pleasant Greek sun along the stunning Mirabello Bay in Crete on a mindful and yoga break at Porto Elounda. Whip your wellness into shape this summer by engaging in rigorous exercise and reconnecting with your inner-self through guided mindfulness workshops. Boost body confidence with indoor triathlon training and push your fitness levels to heights you never thought you could reach. Rebalance your chakras by intensifying your practice of hatha yoga and clear your mind of unwanted doubts with focussed meditation and reiki. Take part in power walks amidst the picturesque surroundings and head home feeling healthier and happier.

More information: View: Porto Elounda


Focus on Better Living in Italy: Borgo Egnazia Fitness


Borgo Egnazia in Puglia is perfect for wellness travellers looking for a good summer holiday destination this year

An invigorating combination of fitness and relaxation

Take-off to the breath-taking town of Puglia in Italy for a refreshing holistic experience at Borgo Egnazia. Boost your metabolism with intense sport sessions and pamper yourself at the luxurious spa, on a luxury spa break to remember. Perfect your swing at their world-class golf course, surrounded by the rocky coast of the Adriatic Sea and delicately decorated with olive groves. Reap the benefits of the temperate weather by exploring the tranquil waters on a fishing excursion or scuba diving. Rediscover a new sense of joy with indulgent spa treatments, including ancient hot stone massages and aromatic baths.

More information: View: Borgo Egnazia


Ideal Weight in Thailand: BARAI Spa Healthy Weight Kick-Starter


Man doing a headstand on a rock at The Barai Spa in Thailand

Find your balance at The Barai

Reach and maintain your optimum beach body at the BARAI Spa in Thailand. Reset your lifestyle with regular physical activity, nutrition teachings and mindful sessions. This programme stimulates a generally healthy lifestyle for weight loss that won’t relapse any time soon. Feel inspired by your surroundings of tropical gardens, white sand beaches and focus on your long-term body goals. Create changes on a weight loss retreat with personal training, detoxifying body therapies and dedicated hours of yoga practice. Conclude this healthy holiday by easing off your muscles in the BARAI’s calming 30m salt water swimming channel. 

More information: View: BARAI Spa


Holistic Getaway in Sri Lanka: Santani Mindful Triathlon


Woman floating in the pool at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa

For lovers of the Great Outdoors

Nestled amid the green rolling hills of Sri Lanka, this exclusive Mindful Triathlon holiday will restore your inner balance with its sustainable approach. The charming eco-friendly ambience will entice you to get adventurous outdoors through biking, power walks and hikes. Balance your emotions with private guided meditation or repeated sessions of regulated breathing Enjoy tailor-made diet plans, fitness classes and herbal remedies to cleanse away the winter toxins, and have you feeling radiant for the summer months ahead. Enjoy a transformative Mindful Triathlon holiday to ensure the ultimate wellness experience and will lay the foundation for a continued life of improved well-being.

More information: View: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa


Tone up in Portugal: Longevity Cegonha Country Club Fusion Fitness


The gym at Longevity Cegonha Country Club in Portugal

Fitness with a view

Nestled in the serene Algarve coastline, Longevity Cegonha Country Club’s Fusion Fitness holiday will help you attain the summer body you always dreamed of. Embark on a personalised active break by choosing 1-on-1 activities suitable for your fitness journey, including outdoor circuit training, swiss ball and core workouts. Nature walks in the stunning surroundings will re-energise you, whilst the assisted stretching and Pilates sessions will leave you with unending peace. Immerse yourself on a singles holiday with renewing therapies such as body scrubs, facials and relaxing massages to head home with a toned physique and peaceful mind.

More information: View: Longevity Cegonha Country Club


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