The Top 10 Affordable Solo Wellness Retreats

The Top 10 Affordable Solo Wellness Retreats


Balancing work, family, friends, hobbies, staying healthy, fitness goals; there’s never enough hours in the day to look after everyone and all aspects of life that need attention! Our own goals and healthy ventures tend to be pushed aside to prioritise other people’s needs. But you deserve to put yourself first for once! And going on a holiday that doesn’t break the bank helps… No matter what wellness retreat you seek, whether it is to kickstart your fitness journey, cleanse your body to be a temple, or perhaps you need a destress, there’s something for you! Read on to see our top 10 picks for affordable solo wellness retreats.  


Cornwall at Workout Away 

Man surfing in cornwall

On the stunning coast of Cornwall is the Workout Away retreat where you can escape with beautiful views of seventeen miles of deep blue waters. Long stretches of beach bring opportunities for coastal walks and a variety of group classes that will get your adrenaline going. From HIIT workouts to core training, yoga and stretching, your fitness endeavours can be pursued! Workout Away itself was created to make fitness accessible to anyone, take an exhilarating 4-day break from your normal life and discover the wonders of a group fitness retreat in the UK, you don’t even need to leave the country! With accommodation situated close to the beach, the chance to go surfing or sneak an early morning beach walk is readily available at any moment you see fit.  

Information and Booking: Workout Away 


Short Break at Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel 

Woman at the Longevity spa

If you’re in need for a quick holiday fix, then why not escape to the Western Algarve for two days. Huddled away on a hillside surrounded by evergreen fields, wrapped up in the Monchique Mountains, yet still overlooking the paradisial shoreline of Alvor Bay; this retreat has stunning views wherever you turn. Relax and unwind in the spa with a soothing massage, followed by a jojoba and lavender body scrub after a day of balloon flight and bird watching. In the evening, head to the Chill Out & Relaxation Tea Lounge for some fruity herbal teas, enriched with natural health benefits and relax to the sounds of the soft crashing of waves on the shore below.  

Information and Booking: Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel  


Mindful Triathlon at Absolute Sanctuary 

 Reformer Pilates at Absolute Sanctuary

A week in Thailand, could there be a better moment to focus all your energies and commit to whole body wellness? Start off the 7 days with a 30-minute consultation to discuss your Mindful Triathlon experience, pursue your fitness goals and calm your mind with a sunrise walk. Focus your breath in Pranayama and meditation, rebalance your body with hatha yoga. On the idyllic island of Koh Samui, flooded by lush, green scenery and crystal waters, enter The Love Kitchen to nourish your body with the rich nutritionally dense food available. Locally sourced, hand-picked food, mixed in with a variety of super-foods to ensure that your body is fed with the best ingredients to support your exercise regimen.  

Information and Booking: Absolute Sanctuary 


Body Break at Longevity Cegonha Country Club 

 Algarve coast in Portugal

If you’re busy, running round frantically, and need to take a quick 3 days out to recoup and look after your body, how about a European escape to Portugal! With private one on one activities of your picking you can tailor the retreat to your liking. Wake up with some circuit training, followed by assisted stretching before unwinding with a facial express to cleanse your skin. The PURE café at Longevity is filled with healthy and scrumptious food, all local and fresh and with opportunities for a Wellness & Detox meal plan, your body can get a full reset. Only 4km away from Vilamoura town centre the opportunity is there to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

Information and Booking: Longevity Cegonha Country Club 


BodyBreak at Paradis Plage 

Yoga on the beach at Paradis Plage 

Treat yourself to a quick Bodybreak at Paradis Plage, a 3-day affordable vacation in Morocco. At Paradise Plage there is an abundance of choice as to how you can infuse your body with adrenaline. Get your body shaking and feel alive with the wide range of wellness activities on offer! From water sports including paddle boarding, kayaking, intensive cardio sessions, to group classes of yoga; accommodate your holiday around your passions. This luxury retreat has 4 restaurants that range in cuisines from Mediterranean to international and buffet options, so you can try a different cuisine each night that you stay there! Whilst you work out your body, transport your tastebuds with healthy options that won’t spoil your fitness gains!  

Information and Booking: Paradis Plage 


Fusion Fitness at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort 

Man working out running 

If you are seeking a slightly longer get away and want a 10-day programme that accommodates a variety of cardio, strength & sport, mind & body, and renewal, then exploring the island of Phuket in Southern Thailand could be for you. Dabble in some tennis, get your muscles quivering with Muay Thai boxing, then focus your abs with some core balance, and finally recuperate with a Thanyapura Signature massage. With the chance to pick and mix, dabbling in the areas that you want to pursue, this affordable retreat is ideal for you to try out new activities that you might not otherwise get the chance to! After a long day of finding new passions and revisiting current ones, end the day with a gourmet cuisine. Grown organically by the nearby farm and with dining areas surrounded by stunning landscapes your evenings will be as memorable as the days!  

Information and Booking: Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort  


GI Jane Thailand 

 Woman running by the sea

This female focused boot camp will allow you unleash all your pent up energy in an intensive military training inspired retreat. Set in Koh Samui in Thailand, a beautiful back drop to your sweat inducing, muscle tinging workouts. British Military Training experts will push your limits both mentally and physically and will help you exploit the motivation and discipline within yourself to lose weight. Find the strength to reach the body that you want to achieve, with the help of calorie-controlled nutritional Thai dishes, your tastebuds will be satisfied, and you’ll feel accomplished at the end of each day with how much you have achieved! With a range of group sports and activities with other women pursuing the same goals, this journey doesn’t have to be singular, this is the women empowerment retreat of dreams! 


Information and Booking: GI Jane Thailand 


Spa at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik 

 woman relaxing at the spa

Across the Adriatic Sea, on the most Southern point of Croatia, lies beautiful beaches, views of shore, just a short shuttle bus ride away from the Historic Old Town – where a cultural delve into the local area can be undertaken, lies Sun Gardens Dubrovnik. With its own natural pebble beach and marina, the resort allows an abundance of water sports to be tried, as well group activities, and complimentary classes including Pilates and football. This weeklong, spa get away will not only supply intensively in-depth massages but also offers free access to spa facilities and sports centre. To top the day off indulge in a cocktail or perhaps the local draught over a flavourful Mediterranean meal. 


Information and Booking: Sun Gardens Dubrovnik 


Master Detox at Sianji Well-Being Resort 

lemon water detox

If you are looking for a longer escape, want to cleanse and supply your body with a proper reset, then a Master Detox at Sianji Well-Being Resort should be on your radar. Their 21-day programme is remarkable value for money and will support your detox every step of the way. With unlimited detox soup, herbal teas and pH10 alkaline water, consultations with doctors, dietitians, and detox specialists, you will get the finest professional advice to ensure that your detox is safe and healthy. With a spa at the resort with a mixture of Turkish bath care, massages, and Jacuzzi therapies there will be plenty of luxuries to enjoy. Sianji Well-Being is an extravagant resort that holds spacious accommodation to relax in during your wellness retreat.  

 Information and Booking: Sianji Well-Being Resort  


A Woman’s Journey at Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort 

women together at the spa

If you are looking for a solo trip where the opportunity to meet like-minded women is available, then a little 4-day retreat to the stunning island of Crete in Greece then look no further than Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort. Situated by Mirabello Bay, the resort is surrounded by crystal clear, turquoise waters, silky smooth sand and hosts sun beds waiting for you to bask in the sun on. Half-board rates allow you to dine in the buffets at Nafsika for breakfast and dinner during your stay, so all food desires will be satisfied. A choice of other restaurants are available, check out the variety of dining after a gold age-defying facial and aura cleansing mist leaving you feeling like a glowing goddess.  

Information and Booking: Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort 


Why wait for someone else to need a holiday when you can just take yourself! Prioritising and investing time in your own well-being isn’t selfish! Holidays don’t have to be extortionately expensive either, there are plenty of affordable options, it doesn’t have to be a pricy nightmare, make your solo holiday a wellness dream. There are plenty of opportunities to meet people on retreats, or if you’re really craving that me-time, then reach out and take it! 


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