Top 5 De-stress Holidays: Relax your way to a better life

Top 5 De-stress Holidays

In today's chaotic world, people are constantly faced with problems of anxiety and stress, caused by, a poor diet, lack of sleep and difficult situations. Figures in 2009/10 have indicated that an estimated 435,000 people in Great Britain suffered from stress caused by their current or past work¹. Take the opportunity to escape the pressures of life and your regular working week with a de-stress holiday and appreciate the beauty of a worry free lifestyle.

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So why should you go on a de-stress holiday instead of opting for your usual tan break on a beach? If allowed to continue, stress can have a harmful nutritional effect on your mind and body. In stressful situations, high calorie foods will be preferred which can gradually add on the pounds and can result in conditions such as depression, which can create more stress. Working in constant stressful conditions can adversely affect the immune system meaning that feelings of tiredness and illness will easily haunt you. Large amounts of stress can then cause an unusual frequency of meals and snacks, but most of all, people fear going on holiday and having no choice but to consume a lot of alcohol and eat large quantities food.

A de-stress destination will place you in a paradise of colourful landscapes and beautiful sunsets to help displace your troubles and enhance your mood; a perfect measure against stress. In addition, there'll be regular fitness activities, tailored to your individual needs, which will help coping with stress as well as excellent nutritional guidance provided by experienced professionals. Relaxation is also a major part of de-stressing and so, whether it is a 60-minute coffee body scrub in Thailand or a grounding hydrotherapy bath in Mauritius, you can be sure that your experience will rejuvenate your being.

Read on for our top five refreshing de-stress holidays:

Absolute Sanctuary De-stress & UnwindThailand

Fly away to spectacular surroundings and a warm hospitality from the locals when, at the Absolute Sanctuary and relax in slow rhythmic Koh Samui island lifestyle. Participate in a 7-day programme, which allows you to indulge in a variety of spa treatments such as foot sanctuary, as well as a traditional Thai massage with a herbal heat compress. Even more, take pleasure in eating nourishing foods from a spa cuisine in a resort that was nominated for the Spa Cuisine of the Year. Guests can also benefit from supportive professionals who can provide stress management sessions or unlimited yoga and meditation classes.

Casale Panayiotis Spa & Wellness Pamper, Cyprus

Indoor pool at Casale Panayiotis
Cascading down the dramatic slopes of the Troodos mountains, the Casale Panayiotis village is perfectly situated in the heart of the Mediterranean. This award-winning mountain spa retreat is perfect for unwinding surrounded by orchards and streams. Choose from an extensive list of specialist spa treatments designed to create a calming experience that helps you to rebalance emotionally and physically. Enjoy a Mediterranean body wrap, sulphur spring bath ritual or power breakfast facial. 


SHA Rebalance & Stress ManagementSpain

Yoga class at SHA Wellness Clinic
This 7-day well-being package, available in mesmerising surroundings, will leave you feeling renewed, energetic and with a healthier outlook on life. Take part in supportive activities such as aquatic therapy and healthy cooking lessons, all geared towards helping you maintain a better life that you can control after you leave the clinic. Relieve emotional stress through a relaxing massage or foaming enzyme facial treatment. Choose from a range of fitness classes such as yoga and tai chi after a personal consultation with the SHA trainer.

Longevity Relax & WellnessPortugal

Couple running on a de-stress holiday in Portugal

Perfect for those who feel overpowered by their hectic lifestyle, Longevity provides the ideal getaway to beautiful beach and ocean surroundings with stunning views. This invigorating medical spa offers a programme spread over 7 days, which includes indulgent spa therapies such as thalassa to encourage circulation or detoxification, as well as deep skin cleansing treatments.  Engage in mindfulness therapy sessions and learn mind-body techniques for stress management that will help restore inner balance. Nutrition workshops and consultation also help you gain an understanding of the impact of diet on wellbeing.

Shanti Maurice De-stressMauritius

de-stress retreat at Shanti Maurice in Mauritius
Hidden beautifully between sugarcane fields and the tempting waters of the Indian ocean, Shanti Maurice can provide a serene atmosphere that reignites your senses. Remove bad energy and regain your balance with a 7-day package that incorporates an Ayurvedic and wellness consultation with professional guidance, which can help your choose your own tailored schedule. Choose from a variety of spa experiences such as the Shanti fusion massage or the grounding aroma cocoon. Get healthier and feel great with fitness classes such as morning powerwalks or snorkelling.

¹ http://www.hse.gov.uk/statistics/causdis/stress/scale.htm

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