• 10 of the Best Activity and Sporting Holidays for all the Family

    Best Activity and Sporting Holidays for all the Family

    Keep up with the kids and return a youthful lease of life to your body on an action-packed family holiday that guarantees fun for the whole family. From surfing in Morocco, to snorkelling in the Maldives and sailing in Lake Garda, get ready to be inspired with 10 of the best activity and sporting holidays for all the family.

  • 5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    5 Active Fitness Holidays in the Mediterranean

    If you want to get in shape and make some health changes, these five fitness retreats in the Mediterranean are the best destinations to kick-start your journey. Whatever they may be, put your well-being in the hands of professional health experts and not only learn new techniques to push your body to the max, but also learn how to fuel your body the right way. Whether traversing Greece, Turkey or Croatia, you may enjoy our exclusive Fitness Fusion retreats which are aimed to offer you an all-encompassing fitness program tailored to your needs. With full access to the complimentary group classes and spa facilities, further your fitness journey even more and reap the rewards long after your stay.

  • 5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal

    5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal


    Portugal thrives on its rich history, traditional culture and warm climate. It is also home to an array of vibrant towns, beautiful beaches and distinctive landscapes, making it an idyllic destination to embark on a valuablehealthy break. Portugal sets a unique motivational tone which is perfect for challenging yourself to reach those top fitness goals, try a new sport or even enjoy some healthy family activities. Keep on reading to discover some of the best active holidays in Portugal and all of the great healthy benefits and experiences on offer! 

  • 5 of the Best Sports Activity Holidays

    5 of the Best Sports Activity Holidays

    Whatever you seek to gain from a sports and activity holiday you can be sure to find the perfect destination to suit your fitness needs with one of our carefully selected activity breaks. So whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit or simply try something new and get out of your comfort zone we have a healthy holiday for you. From exploring the underwater world in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, mountain biking across the beautiful unspoilt terrain of Madeira or perfecting your swing at an award winning golf course you are sure to find an activity and sports holiday that inspires.

  • 8 of the Best Single-Friendly Active Holidays

    8 of the Best Single-Friendly Active Holidays

    Release any post-lockdown pent-up energy and get your body moving on a singles-friendly active holiday where you can learn how to stay fit whilst you travel. Taking time off to be active abroad provides you with both the health benefits of exercise and the mental benefits of travelling, so why not boost your wellbeing to its full potential and reconnect with yourself on a solo adventure?

  • A Beginners Guide to Learning How to Paddleboard

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP is the ultimate water sport activity for beginners and is steadily rising in popularity. It is a fun, family-friendly means of exercise that is far easier to pick up than other types of board sport but can also be the perfect pre-cursor to a water sports holiday As a form of transport, it can take you to incredible locations that you’d never be able to access otherwise. The hidden coves that are too narrow for boats, the mysterious islands too far away to reach by swimming suddenly become accessible to those who travel by SUP boards. You’ll even get a full body work out from your adventures on the board. Your shoulders and arms drive you forward as your core and legs stabilise the deck.

  • Lorna Jane’s Packing Tips for An Active Holiday

    Packing Tips for An Active Holiday

    Lorna Jane Clarkson, the founder of women’s premium activewear brand Lorna Jane is no stranger to travelling. Based in Brisbane, Australia means travelling all over the world and frequent trips to her LA home and USA Support Office in Santa Monica. Lorna has tried and tested tips and routines that keep her fit, healthy and ready for anything when she’s constantly on the move and has given us her top tips for a fit and healthy holiday. 

  • The Best Active Breaks for a Fabulous Father’s Day Escape

    Father and Son fishing, active father's day escape

    Let’s be honest fathers are the most difficult people to get presents for! With mothers it can be flowers, a spa treatment, shoes, jewellery or even a home cooked meal… But the other parent is a completely different ball game – what do they want, need or like? There are only so many ties, hip flasks or mugs from the ‘World’s Best Dad’ collection we can get away with. With that in mind, why not give the gift of an active break for Father’s Day? They’re sure to appreciate the promise of a stimulating fitness-focused retreat to look forward to and the chance to spend time with their loved one. Get your cycling stamina, water-sport skills, and golfing down to a tee (pun intended) all while making meaningful memories with your pops!

  • The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers

    The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers


    Some things never go bad - a fresh jar of honey, an aged wine, and - arguably the most important - our chance to have enriching and exciting experiences! With our signature selection offitness holidays there’s an active retreat tailored to you and your needs just waiting to be booked! You only live once, and there’s a world of invigorating and awe-inspiring places to see, people to meet and unique experiences to savour! Here are our top selections for the best active holidays for travellers over 50! 

  • The Best Active Holidays for Running

    The Best Active Holidays for Running

    Going on holiday is no excuse to leave your running shoes behind, with our active holidays offering a change of scenery and culture, whilst improving your health and fitness. Whether you’re an athlete, or just looking to keep up with your running routine, make the most of the opportunity to explore your beautiful surroundings by foot. From scenic coastline trails in Portugal to sprinting up mountain paths in St Lucia, we have tracked down stunning running trails from our fitness holidays in luxury destinations worldwide. So, take your pick, don’t forget to pack your trainers and run towards your dream running holiday.

  • The Best Active Holidays in Thailand

    The Best Active Holidays in Thailand


    With its vast array of dreamy landscapes, from lush mountain jungles to white sandy beaches; Thailand is the perfect destination to escape on an activity fuelled holiday. Home to some of Asia’s best health and fitness retreats, there are a multitude of programmes suitable for all sporting fanatics that will boost fitness and well-being on an active holiday. With a plethora of activities to choose from, such as cycling, tennis, yoga, Pilates and various water-sports, you’ll never be short of things to do. Take a peek at our best active holidays in Thailand and feel inspired to explore the beauty of this culturally rich country whilst boosting your health and fitness within the realms of luxury.

  • The Best Child Friendly Activity Holidays

    Child Friendly Activity Holidays

    Keep up with the kids and return a youthful lease of life to your body on our action-packed child friendly activity holidays, which guarantee fun for the whole family. From surfing in Morocco to tennis in the Caribbean, take a break from your usual routine and make the most of family time by creating experiences and memories in dream destinations.

  • The Top 5 Activity Holidays for Adults with Learning Difficulties

    op 5 Activity Holidays for Adults with Learning Difficulties


    Activity holidays provide a great opportunity to try out something new in an idyllic environment. Stepping out of your comfort zone can initially be unsettling for anyone but can be especially daunting for those with learning difficulties. Which is why we’re proud to provide a range of accessible active holidays, which offer something for everyone looking to learn new skills, make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime whatever your personal requirements entail. Here are our top 5 activity holidays for adults with learning difficulties:

  • The Top Men's Mental Health Retreats

    The Top Men's Mental Health Retreats


    Today we’re going to be looking at some of the best mental health retreats around the world for men. Primarily, how they might be able help you or someone close to you recover from or tackle any mental health issues they may be dealing with, for a brighter, healthier future. Did you know, The Mental Health Foundation found that in England around 1 in 8 men suffer from common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? 

  • The Top UK Wellness Retreats to Visit in 2022

    The Top UK Wellness Retreats to Visit in 2022

    Thinking about somewhere to travel to this year? Why not explore theUK and experience all the amazing natural beauty and great experiences that are just waiting to be discovered. Take a plunge into the wealth of activities the UK has to offer. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, fitness fanatic or even craving a relaxingspa retreat, there’s plenty for all sorts of people, with all sorts of healthy aspirations! Here we will delve into some of the top UK wellness retreats, where they’re located and what sort-after benefits they can bring you.  

  • The World's Best Active Holidays for Single Travellers

    The World's Best Active Holidays for Single Travellers

    Don’t let the fear of travelling solo stop you from having one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. On an active singles holiday you’ll never be short of things to do and there are endless opportunities to meet like-minded solo travellers. From surfing world-class waves on Morocco’s infamous Agadir coastline, to acing your tennis skills in Thailand, activity holidays offer great ice breakers for single travellers. Whether you want to enhance your well-being with yoga or kick up the pace with bootcamp workouts, take the plunge with active holidays to suit every single traveller’s interest.

  • Top 5 Active Family Holidays in Europe

    Top 5 Active Family Holidays in Europe

    Whether you dream of playing tennis in Spain or horse riding in Portugal, keep active with your little ones with our top 5 family active holidays in Europe, all only a short flight away. Parents can enjoy the best of both worlds on our healthy family holidays by making the most of quality family time with a variety of activities, before taking the chance to unwind in the spa whilst the Kid’s Club keep them entertained. Boost their fitness playing sports they love, or introduce them to new ones and let mum and dad show the kids how it’s done.

  • Where to Travel for the Best Active Couples Holidays

    Where to Travel for the Best Active Couples Holidays


    Ditch the lazy fly and flop holidays for an adrenaline-charged escape to one of our fabulous destinations where you can merge an unforgettable romantic holiday experience with a fitness boosting retreat alongside your significant other. A good way to improve and strengthen your relationship, couples healthy holiday do not only boost your wellness but will also release feel-good endorphins which will help you to bond over new and exciting activities. With a wide variety of couples workout retreats, ranging from a running holiday in Ibiza to a yoga and surfing holiday in Maldives, you will soon find the right active holiday for both you and your partner. Fuse your romantic getaway with a variety of exhilarating couples’ activities before being pampered with indulgent spa therapies and tucking into a romantic dinner in some of the world’s most marvellous settings.

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