5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal

5 of the Best Active Holidays in Portugal


Portugal thrives on its rich history, traditional culture and warm climate. It is also home to an array of vibrant towns, beautiful beaches and distinctive landscapes, making it an idyllic destination to embark on a valuable healthy break. Portugal sets a unique motivational tone which is perfect for challenging yourself to reach those top fitness goals, try a new sport or even enjoy some healthy family activities. Keep on reading to discover some of the best active holidays in Portugal and all of the great healthy benefits and experiences on offer! 


Exercise in the Sun at Workout Away Portugal  

Yoga session in the sun at Workout Away


The Algarve region of Portugal has always been a classic favourite for European travellers. Workout Away finds itself nestled along the Algarve coastline and is the ideal location to experience an engaging fitness holiday. If it’s an active itinerary you’re searching for then look no further! Wake up and refresh the mind and body on a sunrise coastal walk or take to the water and enjoy stand-up paddleboarding. The great thing about Workout Away is the wide variety of fitness and sporting activities available. Whether its mindful yoga sessions that interest you, bike riding or Athletic HIIT workouts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy amidst the glorious Portuguese sun. 


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 Get Fitter at Galo Resort   

 Workout session outside at Galo Resort


Galo Resort is located on the sunny southern coast of Madeira and is home to some of the best fitness facilities, activities and wellness treatments in Portugal. Galo Resort offers a wide range of fitness activities perfect to help stay active and really make the most of the gorgeous surroundings. Whether you’re passionate about mountain biking, itching to get involved in cross fit training or even interested in diving around the Madeiran waters... There are endless opportunities to delve into on this jam-packed activity retreat. There really is no better setting for challenging yourself to push those fitness boundaries, stay motivated and experience all that Galo Resort and its beautiful surroundings have to offer! 


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Keep Active at Pine Cliffs  

Exercise outside at Pine Cliffs


Active holidays are the ideal chance to experience some of the best fitness itineraries that are specially designed to target healthy upkeep, stress relief, mental and full body wellness. Pine Cliffs is located on the sunny Algarve coastline, this luxurious resort is the perfect sanctuary if you’re looking to indulge in a memorable active holiday. Enjoy a wide range of sporting activities such as golf, swimming or even an exclusive Annabel Croft Tennis programme. Pine Cliffs is also a great resort if you’re looking to stay active with a yoga holiday focus, offering a mindful yoga experience, a yoga detox and even yoga for a better night's sleep! With countless healthy activities and facilities available, look no further for your dream Portuguese active getaway! 


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Reach for Optimal Vitality at Conrad Algarve  

Woman on exercise ball at Conrad Algarve


Conrad Algarve situates itself in a prime location perfect for accessibility to beautiful golf courses, vibrant towns and sunny beaches. This resort takes a very personable approach towards fitness and wellness, incorporating fitness evaluations and bespoke treatments into your itinerary so that you can achieve the best results possible. Conrad Algarve provides you with all the exciting elements needed to make your wellness holiday as active as it can be! Whether you’re looking to embark on a valuable weight loss programme, enjoy playing on a gorgeous sunny golf course or even just stay in shape by the sea, there’s no shortage of healthy benefits to endure on this exciting excursion.  


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Discover your Fitness Potential at Palacio Estoril 

 Group aqua workout class at Palacio Estoril


Located just a short distance away from the lively Portuguese capital of Lisbon, is the five-star Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel. This resort is renowned for its unique approach towards fitness and wellness, offering world-class weight loss, anti-aging and detox programmes. Whether you’re striving for an increase of activity in your lifestyle or even wanting to get back into peak physical condition, Palacio Estoril can provide all the healthy tools you need to accomplish any of your goals. A Physical Rehabilitation programme can be perfect for those looking to better their physical state, making it so much easier to re-gain strength and confidence in your active routine. Or, if it’s a sports holiday that takes your fancy, surf, e-bike or even golf on a championship golf course! 


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Portugal sees no limit when it comes to active getaways. With the population increasingly building their interest and passion towards fitness and wellness, Portugal is becoming one of Europe’s hot spots for like-minded travellers to pursue their healthy aspirations. Alongside its vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes and warm climate, it’s a perfect destination to challenge yourself to maintain your active lifestyle and strive for optimal vitality for years to come! 


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