The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers

The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers


Some things never go bad - a fresh jar of honey, an aged wine, and - arguably the most important - our chance to have enriching and exciting experiences! With our signature selection of fitness holidays there’s an active retreat tailored to you and your needs just waiting to be booked! You only live once, and there’s a world of invigorating and awe-inspiring places to see, people to meet and unique experiences to savour! Here are our top selections for the best active holidays for travellers over 50! 


A Glow-up for the Ages  

Anti-ageing & Longevity at REVIVO Wellness Resort 




Taking the phrase “glow-up” to new heights, this anti-ageing retreat will leave your skin silky smooth and make you feel renewed inside and out. Your holiday starts the second you claim your baggage, with VIP Airport Fast Track service right to the resort in the captivating cultural haven of Bali. The key to this anti-ageing retreat is the focus on exercise, which boosts your cardiovascular health. There’s no end to the different activities travellers can try at REVIVO, which include boxing, aqua sculpting, and even pole dancing! In addition to these stunning classes, experience cultural activities such as Kirtan, an Indian form of yoga that involves chanting and storytelling.  


Booking and Information: REVIVO Wellness Resort 


Start Your Fitness Journey  

Basic Optimal Fitness at Kamalaya 



Looking to get acquainted with fitness but not quite sure where to start? This wellness holiday is a fantastic opportunity to achieve and surpass your fitness goals! Travellers are able to work at their own pace with a personal trainer through intimate one-on-one sessions. Heal your body after a hard day’s work in the infared sauna and through traditional and revitalizing Thai and Southeast Asian massages. Kamalaya is known for pampering their guests and making them feel like family, so it’s not uncommon to be given snacks or drinks if you’re lounging by the pool. In the serene oasis that is Kamayala, relaxation is inevitable among the plush vegetation and fish ponds. Through this retreat, you’ll be able to learn fitness tips that you can take with you well after the retreat ends and relax while doing so! 


Booking and Information: Kamalaya 


Som-thing You Can Only Dream Of 

Fusion Fitness at Chiva Som International Health Resort 




Answer the call of lush tropical gardens with bright bouquets of rainbow flowers, beaches with pristine, white sand as soft as flour, and a dedicated team of specialists who will cater to your every whim. This Fusion Fitness™ retreat allows you the flexiblity to choose the activities you want to pursue, which can come from Cardio, Strength & Sport, Mind & Body, and/or Renewal. Each of these categories have unique activities, such as Thai boxing, floatation therapy, and Freeform power balance to name a few! The most exciting thing about this retreat is that any of the seven activities you choose are all one-on-one sessions, so you can receive indivudalized attention and direction! The resort boasts its own in-house dance studio, gymnasium, and even butler service. Truly a sanctuary, Chiva Som is a sight for sore eyes that you’ll never want to leave. 


Booking and Information: Chiva Som International Health Resort 


Spa, Sunshine, and Serenity    

Relax and Pamper at Conrad Algarve 


Perfect for travellers looking for a short break, this spa holiday is the perfect long weekend jam-packed with activities and treatments. Relaxation is imminent with signature aromatherapy massage and facial treatments. Known for receiving 300 sunny days out of the year with a consistent temperature between 25-30℃, Conrad Algarve could be perfect if you’re looking to escape a cold climate. Indulge on a meal at the world-renowned Gusto, led by acclaimed Michelin-star chef Heinz Beck. Designated Europe’s Leading Luxury Lifestyle Resort by the World Travel Awards, Conrad Algarve is the golden standard of luxury and finesse. Travellers can also enjoy cultural activities such as clam picking, eco bike tours, and olive oil tasting to name a few. With four tennis courts, a ballroom, and three different pools, there’s always something to do! 


Booking and Information: Conrad Algarve 


The Mystras of Relaxation Debunked!  

Yoga and Mindfulness at Euphoria Retreat 


Traditional Greek and Chinese practices are wed in this yoga retreat on the Greecian island of Mystras. Despite the island’s mystifying name, there’s no confusion - Euphoria Retreat is a fabulous paradise where travellers will be pampered and feel like Greek deities. Held in the tranquil gardens of the retreat, practise different yoga techniques and other mindfulness sessions such as chakra balancing. Welcoming travellers of every skill level, trainers at Euphoria Retreat will be your guide through personal yoga sessions so you can improve quickly.  


Booking and Information: Euphoria Retreat 


Fitness Along the Dolomites 

Holistic Fitness Retreat at Preidlhof 



Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Preidlhof is a fitness holiday destination like no other. On this retreat, travellers will work with professionals to create a bespoke fitness plan to target specific goals like muscle gain or weight loss. The perfect marriage of historic techniques with current technology, the attention to detail by specialists at Preidlhof is marvellous to say the least. Guests are given a sleep bracelet as well as heart rate variability sessions, both of which are designed to screen potential physical and mental health issues. The wellness events at Priedlhof include forest bathing, sound/water healing, and transformational dance, all of which are unique experiences designed to invigorate the body. Guests can also try their hand at special classes, which may include laughter yoga, self-massage, and more!  


Booking and Information: Preidlhof 


Something for Everybody – and then some! 

Sport at Lily of the Valley 


The marvellous combination of scientific advancements, therapeutic techniques, and an all-around fun time, the sport holiday at Lily of the Valley is a holiday to remember! With an astonishing 70+ weekly sport classes, travellers can try their hand at popular and unique activities alike! For example, practice Pilates in the morning and attend a group horse-riding session in the afternoon! Try jet-skiing, aqua boxing, and flying yoga in the same jam-packed, rewarding day! Blessed with the stunning location of the coast of the French Riviera, beach lovers will be excited to watch the dazzling sunset and take dips in the pristine waters. No matter your fitness background, there will be an activity you’ll love with and attentive trainers and counselors to guide you! 


Booking and Information: Lily of the Valley 


Everyone deserves the chance to decompress after life’s everyday stressors - no matter your age! Our wide range of activity holidays could be just the thing to relieve stress and give yourself a much-needed reset!  


Talk to one of our Wellness Travel Specialists on 0203 397 8891 or contact us here to discuss tailor-making your ideal active holiday! 


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