The Top Men's Mental Health Retreats

The Top Men's Mental Health Retreats


Today we’re going to be looking at some of the best mental health retreats around the world for men. Primarily, how they might be able help you or someone close to you recover from or tackle any mental health issues they may be dealing with, for a brighter, healthier future. Did you know, The Mental Health Foundation found that in England around 1 in 8 men suffer from common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? 


Being able to identify the signs of a mental health condition and is the first step towards reaching an end goal. The next step is having the confidence to admit to any issues you are experiencing and not being scared or ashamed to ask for help. Reaching out to someone can be the difference between failure and successful progress along the road to a vastly improved mental state. 

There are so many paths you can take that will help guide you towards bettering your mental health. One way you can take a brave step towards progression is embarking on a valuable mindfulness retreat. Whilst away, you can learn how to manage stress, deal with new exponential change, receive life coaching and so much more. Take a look at some of our best wellness escapes, specially designed to help you tackle life’s toughest challenges with confidence and a positive mindset! 



Mindful & Emotional Balance at REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort 

 Nightfall by the REVIVO pool


Getting to grips with your own situation and what best courses of action to take is very important, so that you can start to move in the right direction for progression.  

Mindful & Emotional Balance at Revīvō takes a personable, healthy approach towards finding the best ways to discover the power of your mind and create new perspectives for a positive outlook in your life. Speak to helpful experts through consultations and let them help you find your ideal style of treatment and routine. Enjoy as a relaxing spa retreat, through daily holistic classes or specified wellness treatments, perfect for calming the body and mind. This unique wellness blend can be the perfect chance to give the mind some much needed TLC. You can even take a personalised retreat journal home to carry on sticking by! 


Booking and information: REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort 



Embracing Change at Kamalaya  

 Man meditating at Kamalaya


Whether it’s an unexpected, drastic or predicted change that’s having a great effect on the mind or has found itself to have completely changed the dynamic of everyday life... These can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially if you’re dealing with this on your own or have little experience with this kind of sudden lifestyle shift. 

Embracing Change at Kamalaya in Thailand is designed to help restore your inner balance and build all necessary skills required to help tackle or overcome new lifestyle changes. Teach yourself valuable coping and stress management techniques. Alongside all the emotional strength you need to deal with relationship or work difficulties, grief, bad habits and how to face the necessary change with confidence! 


Booking and information: Kamalaya 



Stress Management at Ananda in the Himalayas  

Person in pool at Ananda 


Sometimes certain situations are brought upon us with little to no warning. Sometimes we find ourselves in certain situations where we feel trapped and are struggling to find a way out or an end solution. These kinds of situations tend to bring about a great deal of stress and anxiety, potentially leading to more serious problems such as frequent panic attacks or chronic stress disorder.  

Stress Management at Ananda offers a unique approach towards lifestyle management, one that you can take home and continue to build on for years to come! An ayurvedic wellness style brings about mental clarity and insights an improved balance within the body and soul, encouraging confidence in your mental health. Great as a yoga escape, grounding therapies and sessions are designed to help relax the mind and discover a clearer connection between your mind and thoughts. Making it ultimately easier to manage and control stress levels. 


Booking and information: Ananda in the Himalayas 



Re-balancing Bliss at Santani Wellness Resort & Spa  

 Mountain view at Santani


Many common mental health issues tend to first show their signs when we feel our lives start to get busier, more disorganised and more out of control. Being able to find the right balance in your lifestyle and understanding how this can be achieved daily can be difficult... Sometimes you just need a helping hand! 

Santani Wellness Resort & Spa is located amidst the green mountainous landscapes of southern Sri Lanka and is the perfect sanctuary to target full mind and body wellness. Practice valuable mindfulness techniques through daily spa treatments, yoga sessions and detox therapies. Being able to understand how your personal life operates and which aspects need to be changed is important to ensure mindful progression. Medical consultations alongside lifestyle discussions are the perfect opportunity to set healthy goals to work towards, making this a great life coaching retreat 


Booking and information: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa 



Glowing Flow at Preidlhof  

 Man in the woods


Whether it’s work or relationship issues, grief or even a past incident which you find troubling your mental health, it can be very difficult to work through any of these traumatic experiences. However, being able to ground yourself and look forward with positive intent is extremely important so we can learn how to move on and not let these issues take over our lives! 

Glowing Flow at Preidlhof is a contemporary healing retreat, uniquely designed with the aim of healing the past, inspiring future visions and creating new approaches towards self-discovery. This retreat is perfect for solo or like-minded travellers, who are looking to enjoy mindful living experiences and exciting wellness events. Take part in private meditation sessions, transformational wellness consultations and engaging glowing flow sessions, made to target mindfulness and inner peace. Leave the past behind you, focus on living in the here and now and get excited for whatever the future holds! 


Booking and information: Preidlhof 


Mental health is an extremely important issue and topic which should never be over-looked, countless people suffer from so many different mental health issues for so many different reasons. Don’t let yourself or someone close to you suffer in silence, because there are so many amazing people and organizations out there waiting and wanting to help! Even if you feel as though no one would understand or no one could help out your personal situation, think again... No one should ever feel a prolonged emotional pain, because that is the worst sort. Discover how a valuable wellness retreat can help you now and for years to come! 


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