Top 5 Wellness Recovery Retreats in Spain

Top 5 Wellness Recovery Retreats in Spain


Routines meet interruptions, it is a part of life, and so is recovery. We have seen a growing demand from travellers looking to reset, recover and rebalance to jumpstart getting back to health and fitness during busy modern life.

With this in mind, to help boost your return or discovery of wellness habits, we have selected our top 5 picks for Recovery Retreats in Spain that are tailored to reset, revive and rebalance travellers. Return home refreshed both in mind and body with a much-needed change of pace and scenery.

There is something to suit everyone and at Health and Fitness Travel we understand everyone is unique. There is a beauty in individualism, and we all have diverging ways of achieving recovery from wellness retreats, be that with a focus on fitness, the immune system, the mind, to a purely pampering spa holiday.


Rebalance & Fitness at SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic Fitness Outdoors


Improving your overall fitness is a key part of recovery and a fitness retreat could set you on the best path back to full health. SHA Wellness Clinic prides itself on its fusion of far east-inspired therapies with the latest western advances, combined with its location at the foot of Serra Gelada Natural Park, it offers a perfectly peaceful surrounding of protected coastline with cliffs, dune fossils and tiny islands in which to recover and revive!

If you’re looking for a comprehensively tailored retreat with fitness at its heart, this is a top choice. The wellness retreat is well-rounded from medical examinations, personal training sessions, nutrition plans, natural therapies as well as treatments from cryotherapy to a Human Tecar session. The Rebalance & Fitness plan will fill your days with exercise, education, deep relaxation and bring you closer to your goals. It is truly an extensive and seasoned package to discover your body’s complexion in the comfort of a haven to reinvigorate and reset yourself. This is accomplished through enriching experiences, therapeutic activities, acquiring new knowledge and routines to rekindle your energy for wellness!


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De-Stress & Unwind at Marbella Club

Marbella Club Destress and Unwind Wellness Recovery Retreat, Meditation


A de-stress retreat is the ideal environment in which to consider all your achievements, affirmations, and appreciation of the freedom of life without pressure by experiencing immediate and sustainable results. Marbella Club’s De-Stress & Unwind retreat encapsulates the values of a clear, healthy, and happy state of mind. Nestled in the heart of the coastal Golden Mile, amid the lively towns of Marbella and Puerto Banus, this boutique resort boasts exotic subtropical gardens with unrivalled Mediterranean views making it the ideal location to achieve your long-lasting health goals by learning how to relieve stress, holistically recharge and become a lighter, brighter you! Here you will find personalised training sessions, health consultation, emotional coaching and encompassing support alongside picturesque local hiking trails. 

Wellness is the heart and soul of Marbella Club, combining the benefits of Mediterranean principles, healthy cuisine, activities, and thalassotherapy treatments. Let’s not forget enjoying the ultimate luxury of their spa, including heated lava-stone massages, sleep inducing facials and magnesium wraps! What’s more when you book with Health and Fitness Travel, you’ll receive a complimentary massage, room upgrades and priority booking!


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Bliss of Being at Shanti Som

Marbella Club Destress and Unwind Wellness Recovery Retreat, Meditation


Yoga has long-proven benefits to recovery, so if you’re looking to rejuvenate body and soul, a tailored yoga retreat could be just the solution! Shanti Som is an exclusive hideaway, located in the heart of Spain’s Sierra de Las Nieves Nature Park in the extraordinary Andalucían region. This oasis of a retreat inspires reharmonization immediately from arrival with their Oriental inspired tropical gardens filled with streams, waterfalls, and fountains. Their menu is eloquently in keeping with the Samsara Restaurant serving a fusion of Eastern and Western with local, organic, and seasonal produce, promoting healthy eating and vitality whilst creating a perfect balance for the senses. It feels like entering a zen world, wholly stable and balanced.

Gentle yet exceptionally controlled exercise forms a meaningful part of the Bliss of Being wellness retreat, which is reflected in its yoga and meditation classes, where you will improve your strength, balance and flexibility. You’re bound to feel the calming benefits of such activities in your mind as your focus becomes utterly absorbed in concentrating on the alignment of your body. Combine this with hiking, spa treatments and reiki, and you’ll return home rejuvenated with experiences and lessons that will last a lifetime!


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Fit Retreat at The Fit Retreat

Fit Retreat Wellness Recovery Retreat in Spain


If you’re looking a super fun and balanced getaway, perfect for kick-starting weight loss and improving cardiovascular health, then a bootcamp holiday might be exactly what you need! The Fit Retreat is located in the rural setting of Fuerteventura, offering a different perspective being so immersed in nature. Experiences range from volcano hiking, visiting the El Cotillo Lagoons to enjoying the child-like thrill of off-road buggy tours and unwinding with yoga sessions.

The Fit retreat is wholly designed to take you back to the core principles of a healthy lifestyle choices! What makes this retreat so unique is that there is no gym, instead, it offers an extensive supply of gym equipment to use at the pool or the beach. The retreat keeps in mind the long-term lessons it wants to impart on their clients, helping you not only be healthy for the length of your stay, but back home too.

Raise your heart rate, learn, play- it’s got it all, including personal training sessions and bespoke home workout programme exclusive for Health and Fitness Travel guests.


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Rebalance & Immune at SHA Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Immune Rebalance Recovery Retreat in Spain


If you are looking for a wellness holiday with a focus on nutrition and the immune system, the core of health, then Rebalance & Immune at SHA Wellness Clinic is just the wellness retreat for you!

It is easy to forget the care and attention our bodies need from the inside out, by experiencing a luxury spa holiday you can achieve a completely reset and happy self. This SHA Wellness Clinic recovery retreat encourages travellers to disconnect from the noise of the outside world and promotes restoration. Through physical activities, informal lectures, therapies and cooking classes, in a calming environment that is completely in touch with nature. This offers the best opportunity to learn healthy habits to instrument back at home. The wellness retreat incorporates the best holistic and scientific medicine, where you can get to know yourself on a deeper lever thanks to immunotherapy consultations and high-tech treatment sessions. Be immersed in a relaxing environment, full of educational experiences to be reborn and boost your body’s defence system to ensure you stay strong and healthy, for longer.


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The not-so-far but beautifully diverse landscape of Spain presents many great places to recover and focus on your health and fitness, inside and out! From the Mediterranean Sea to mountains and lagoons beneath the European sunshine, that well deserved escape to a wellness retreat is a something we can all find appealing, with something for everyone to mute the chaos of modern life.


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