Top Fitness Retreats in Bali

Balinese landscape

The island of Bali is a clean and serene sanctuary – just one of the many reasons that makes it an excellent destination for a fitness retreat. Boasting a warm, tropical climate year-round, there’s no bad time to start your Indonesian adventure. Despite Bali’s intimate size, the island is home to exotic tropical forests, beaches and tropical coasts, and stunning lakes. Health and Fitness Travel offers many dazzling retreat options, but here are our picks for some extra-special standouts! 

Divinity and Tranquillity 

Divine Body Retreat at Bliss Body Retreat 


 Woman posing at Bliss Body Retreat.


The peaceful and calming aura of Bali comes to life in this spa retreat that focuses on renewal of the body, soul, and mind. Highlights of the holiday include ten yoga sessions, ten meditation sessions, and the crown jewel of the retreat, the Divine Body spa ritual. This signature treatment includes masks for the face and body, a soothing body scrub, and a deep and pressure relieving massage. If these fabulous features were not enough, guests can also explore an ancient Balinese temple and experience a connected breathwork session! The villa is carefully designed to have a clear view of Bali’s gorgeous mountainous and jungle areas; and the location of the villa allows easy access to one of Bali’s cultural towns!  


Booking and Information: Bliss Body Retreat 


The Source of Rejuvenation 

Detox at COMO Shambhala Estate 


 Man getting massage at COMO Shambhala


There is no better destination to have a detox retreat than at the award-winning COMO Shambhala Estate. Getting individualised care and treatment is an understatement on this retreat, where personalised staff include oriental medicine consultants, certified yoga and pilates instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and passionate ayurvedic doctors. This detox retreat also includes colon hydrotherapy, rice field excursions, and daily morning estate walks. Enjoy Balinese delicacies from open-kitchens, where you can watch master chefs create tailor-made meals that will nourish your body like never before. Take a dive in The Source, a private natural spring water garden that is almost too beautiful to be real - a shining example of the resort’s tranquil nature that looks as if it was from a movie set.  


Booking and Information: COMO Shambhala Estate 


Balinese Culture Under a Volcano 

Discovery at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali 


Couple together at sunset.


Unwind on the northwestern coast of Bali during this adventure holiday, where the sand is black, the water is deep blue, and the mountains are volcanic! This retreat offers guests a chance to relax while soaking up unique cultural activities that are as fun as they are exciting! After a daily massage, travellers can experience creativity walks, starlight gazing, Balinese dancing, and Pencak Silat, a traditional form of Southeast asian martial arts. Built on harnessing a connection with spirituality, the resort emphasises natural products, delicacies free from processed ingredients, and focuses on traditional Asian healing practises. At the end of the day, hop on a traditional Balinese boat called a Jukong and watch the purple, orange and pink sunset skies.  


Booking and Information: Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali 

Stretch, Surf, and Soak Up the Sun! 

Yoga Escape at Komune Resort & Beach Club 


Sunset at Komune Resort


Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned yogi, this yoga retreat on the eastern coast of Bali is sure to dazzle! With fresh drinks and fresh coconut waiting to greet you, every whim is taken care of at Komune. Guests are offered private yoga sessions as well as roll and release stress classes, which will send you home with a newfound sense of energy and confidence to practice more yoga in your everyday life. Each day on the retreat a group yoga class is offered, in addition to classes in boxing, CrossFit, and beach runs! A unique feature about this resort is its surfing options, where travellers can request night-surfing sessions and surf late into the night, taking advantage of the peace and quiet of the Balinese shores.  


Booking and Information: Komune Resort and Beach Club 


Experience Bali as a Family 

Family TimeTogether™ at REVIVO Wellness Resort 


Group yoga at REVIVO 


Unlike other adult-only retreats on this list, our exclusive Family TimeTogether holiday at REVIVO Wellness Resort is for the whole family to experience and benefit from. Families can choose from a wide array of different activities including guided hiking, fitness classes, cooking classes, beach trips, and mindfulness sessions. Each morning, a professional instructor leads a family yoga session so you can start your day refreshed and excited for what’s to come. The most unique opportunity that REVIVO offers is their half-day tours, where families can experience Balinese culture through different excursions. These excursions highlight what Bali has to offer, such as monkey forests, coffee plantations, and the infamous Tegallalang Rice Field! This retreat is ideal for families who seek a completely unique experience and want to immerse themselves in local culture as they pursue their wellness goals! 


Booking and Information: REVIVO Wellness Resort 


Bali is a cultural and relaxation sanctuary and is a life-changing and breathtaking destination! Say yes to adventure and self-care and plan a fitness holiday in Bali today! 


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