Top Tips for Family Wellness

Staying healthy with a family of kids running around can sometimes seem like an impossible challenge, but it doesn’t have to, learn exactly why with our top tips for family wellness. 

Constantly chauffeuring your children to and from after-school clubs can feel like a real chore sometimes, and you may find yourself tempted to stop by for some fast-food on the way home just to have it done with. After all, this is understandable, our lives are moving so quickly nowadays and having little ones to care for certainly doesn’t make that any easier. However, it doesn’t have to feel like you’re always fighting a losing battle, in fact, there are ways to care for the health of the whole family no matter what the age, and it can be made a whole lot more doable than you think. Let’s dive in! 

Don’t neglect quality time together 

Spending quality time together as a family is a fundamental pillar of mental health for the whole team. All members of your family, young and old, being able to come together and enjoy each other’s company is a fantastic way for you all to connect with one another, share ideas and express yourselves emotionally. For mental well-being, creating the environment for daily moments like this to occur is crucial. A Family TimeTogether™ holiday is a wonderful way to escape all the noise and focus your attention on where it counts most – your family, removing the outside distractions and allowing for pure time spent together with a family holiday in a destination somewhere in Europe or more exotic long haul.  

Prioritise quality sleep 

Both the quality and quantity of your family’s sleep cannot be underestimated, it’s as vital as any other pillar of wellness, and one’s mental health is greatly influenced by it. Above all else, consistency is key here, therefore working with your
circadian rhythm and waking/sleeping at the same times every day is likely more important than total sleep duration. However, children will benefit far more from sleeping longer, as this is necessary for their proper development. Sleep is indeed a complex topic, to get the most from this essential area of health, consider a sleep enhancement holiday where you’ll learn the life-changing skills of healthy sleep hygiene. 

Cook together

Cooking as a family has so many benefits. The ritual of preparing and sharing food together is something we’ve been doing as humans for millennia; it’s deeply intertwined in us and releases feel-good chemicals like
oxytocin and dopamine, responsible for stress relief, healing and growth. It’s not just a great way of bonding with your loved ones though, cooking with your kids instils healthy life habits around nutrition that will prove invaluable when they grow up. It’s fun too, they’ll love all the new sensations involved with cooking! But if you’d rather step back from position of head chef, a nutrition-friendly retreat might be just the thing you’re looking for. 

Get active 

As the world of technology seems to advance more rapidly every day, we’re becoming increasingly consumed by our electronics. We know this isn’t healthy though, especially for a young malleable mind. Getting out in nature together for some exercise is the perfect antidote. Walking, cycling and
yoga are all fantastic ways of benefitting the physical and mental health of the whole family. It strengthens relationships, instils important life skills, and releases all those feel-good hormones we talked about earlier. Doing this, your kids will also learn to connect with nature and respect the world around them. For an awesome family adventure, check out the best family sports holidays in Europe. 

Don’t forget to look after yourself too! 

Amongst all the chaos, it’s easy to completely forget about taking care of ourselves. Prioritising wellness in each of its forms demonstrates its importance to the people around you - your family. In this sense, you can be a role model for your loved ones, as when they see you benefitting from healthier choices, they’re more likely to follow suit. So make sure that you too exercise, meditate, and make time for your own healthy endeavours, because when you do, you’ll be a healthier and happier person for your family too. In celebration of this fact, never shy away from a
luxurious spa weekend or romantic holiday to recharge your batteries. 

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