Wellness Holidays for Animal Lovers

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What better way to combine a love for animals and looking after your own well-being than with one of our inspired wellness holidays for animal lovers. Designed to keep you healthy and active whilst exploring different corners of the world in search of your favourite species; each healthy holiday features unforgettable animal encounters.

From a wild tortoise excursion in the Galapagos islands, to a horse farm in Iceland and dolphin spotting in Portugal, there is a wellness holiday option for everyone, whether you’re seeking a singles holiday, couples retreat or family break. Discover the rich eco-systems and bio-diverse climate of Costa Rica as you wake up to the calls of Howler monkeys from deep within the rainforest layer, before trekking through the lush cloud forest in search of exotic flora and fauna. Spend a week beneath the Indian Ocean in the mesmerising Maldives becoming a certified PADI diver and be swept away by the sheer beauty of awe-inspiring sea mammals, including whale sharks and manta rays.

Relax and rejuvenate after a long day’s adventuring with the vast array of spa treatments, wellness activities and fitness classes available at our wellness retreats to return home refreshed, revitalised and inspired.


Horse Farm in Iceland: Wellness Tours 

Icelandic Horses at Wellness Tours


The Icelandic horse stands alone as the only breed worldwide with its distinctive five-gait walking technique, allowing for a uniquely smooth and comfortable riding experience. These elegant creatures embody Iceland's pride and are a symbol of its rich heritage. Furthermore, the abundance of opportunities to traverse through Iceland's dramatic landscapes, featuring waterfalls and glaciers, makes it an ideal destination for a hiking and trekking holiday. Add a touch of spirituality with guided meditation and yoga classes, followed by relaxing dips in geothermal baths and hot springs. For those inclined, there's even a chance to try a cooking class. Iceland offers a diverse and enriching escape for every adventurer. 


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Dolphin Spotting in Portugal: Galo Resort

Set sail for dolphin spotting at Galo

Experience one of the most magical marine encounters whilst dolphin spotting at this luxury wellness retreat on the south east cost of Madeira. With large schools of dolphins swimming the waters of the Mid-Atlantic throughout the year, climb aboard and witness the beauty of these creatures in their natural habitat as they play amongst the waves. Whales also frequent these waters and may grace you with a once in a lifetime sighting. A fantastic activity holiday destination, with a range of fitness, golf and Ayurveda wellness programmes available, incorporate this experience with a variety of healthy activities; whether perfecting your yoga, paddle-boarding or mountain biking.

More information: View Galo Resort


Tropical Wildlife in Central America: Costa Rica Discover Recover

Discover vibrant wildlife in Costa Rica

Explore one of the world’s most richly bio-diverse environments in tropical Costa Rica, the ideal destination for an adventure holiday. Zipline through the forest canopy surrounded by the unforgettable call of howler monkeys, before spotting iguanas, toucans, sloths, butterflies and hummingbirds on a jungle crocodile safari tour or Veragua rainforest park tour. Mix things up with a cultural coffee plantation or San Jose city tour, revive at Volcan Arenal’s hot springs and enjoy dinner with a view of the glowing volcano. Recover from your adventures at our luxury wellness retreat, with spa treatments, reviving surfing and calming yoga.

More information: View Costa Rica Discover Recover


Wild Tortoise Excursion in the Galapagos Islands: Active Tours 

The Giant Tortoise on the Galapagos Islands


Embark on this luxury adventure holiday to the captivating Galapagos Islands and visit the home and breeding centre of the iconic giant tortoise. Amidst the tropical islands, encounter 14 distinct tortoise species, with lifespans exceeding 170 years. Rejoice in the biodiversity and natural wonders of the Galapagos. 

When not befriending these prehistoric reptiles, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station for insights into their history, take a hike to the Sierra Negra volcano, or explore the astonishing black beach as you go kayaking and snorkelling. Boasting an incredible variety of activities, this stands out as one of our preferred multi-activity holidays, promising a balanced blend of discovery and relaxation. 


More information: View Active Tours - Galapagos



Scuba Diving in the Maldives: Maalifushi

Delve into Indian Ocean waters at Maalfushi

Learn to dive and gain PADI certification in one of the world’s top 10 diving destinations, on this luxury healthy holiday for marine life lovers.  The perfect destination for a water sports holiday, dive in and explore the breath-taking crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean, boasting an abundance of marine life; including whale sharks, manta rays, turtles and beautifully vibrant corals and schools of fish. Shake things up above the water with a surfing lesson, before rejuvenating after a day in the ocean with spa treatments or complimentary yoga classes in the open-air yoga pavilion. For the ultimate luxury experience, take advantage of the Butler service.

More information: View Maalifushi


Camel Riding in Morocco: Paradis Plage

Traverse beaches on camel-back at Paradis Plage

If you’ve already got the t-shirt for horse riding on holiday, spice things up on your next wellness holiday with a camel ride across the beaches of Morocco. Experience the ultimate in desert transportation and cruise along the beautiful golden sands of Agadir on a camel. A fantastic destination for family friendly or singles holiday, kids and adults alike will love this unique wellness experience. With an oceanfront yoga pavilion and three scheduled group yoga classes a day, Paradis Plage is the ideal beach retreat for a yoga holiday. Make the most of your surroundings with activities from surfing to mountain biking and nature walks.

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Meet Rescued Animals in Thailand: Thailand Discover Recover

Meet rescued elephants in Thailand

Discover one of our wellness holidays most humbling experiences by meeting over 400 rescued animals at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre; from orphaned baby monkeys to injured lorises and civets. Help out by giving a rescued elephant a shower and learn how the work of the trust is helping Thailand’s most beautiful and endangered creatures. From our exclusive Discover Recover collection, explore Thailand’s cultural surroundings on a temple tour or visit to the Damnern Saduak Floating Market, before taking part in a traditional Thai cooking class. Recover after an awe-inspiring few days on a fitness or detox holiday with spa treatments and healthy activities at one of our Thai wellness retreats.

More information: View Thailand Discover Recover


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