Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health

Where to Travel to Improve your Emotional Health


The past year has been like no other; social restrictions have distanced us from family and friends, we have been ripped from our normal routines and it often feels like we are fighting a losing battle. Anxiety levels are at an all-time high, as well as feelings of hopelessness and depression. Many of us have lost jobs and loved ones to coronavirus and it is easy to feel our mental health slipping as the effects of the pandemic impact another year of our lives.

It is incredibly important to look after your emotional health, especially in these trying times. Help yourself by taking a step back and focusing on healing. There is no better way to recover and rebalance the mind than on an emotional healing retreat. Put the calm back into your life with various healing methods including yoga, acupuncture and Ayurvedic spa therapies. Emotional healing is a very personal process, often aided by a combination of therapies from natural and holistic to active and energetic. Following a tailored wellness retreat, you’ll return home feeling internally calm and strong, with a balanced perspective, and ready to take on the world - in whatever state it may be. Here are our top picks for emotional healing retreats:


Anti-Stress at Vilnius Grand Resort



A de-stress holiday will allow you to rest and recharge. Amongst the deep sapphire lakes and broad emerald forests of Lithuania, where the air is crisp and clean, stands Vilnius Grand Resort. The Anti-stress programme at Vilnius Grand Resort focuses on bringing balance to your body, mind and soul. Not far from the captivating Baroque-style city of Vilnius, enjoy unwinding in one of the resort’s stately rooms with a fantastic lakeside view. Master the extensive fitness facilities, then let your troubles melt away in the luxury wellness facilities including a Himalayan Salt Room, Aromatherapy Room and Finnish sauna. You will be provided with multiple hours of personalised spa treatments and wellness rituals, including meditation and yoga to help alleviate stress. A team of highly skilled practitioners offer a perfect blend of both Western and Eastern wellness techniques, from Reflexology to Ayurveda, to leave you feeling completely renewed.


Information and booking: Anti-Stress at Vilnius Grand Resort


Mindfulness and Rebalance at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel



Situated in the Western Algarve, Longevity Health and Wellness hotel has stunning views of the sea and is perfectly located for a luxury spa holiday. The unique architecture of the hotel features a wave pattern, which symbolises Longevity’s focus on harmony and balance and relates to the revitalising water (Salus per Aquae) used in the spa. Longevity Alvor’s Mindfulness and Rebalance programme takes a comprehensive approach towards health, incorporating physical and psychological treatments to help you relax and connect with your mind and body. Rebalance your mental and physical energies with a unique holistic health check, followed by a Chinese medicine consultation, and ground yourself with emotional detox therapy and guided meditation. You’ll have plenty of time to relax in the state-of-the-art wellness facilities and soak up the sun in the rooftop pool. The Mindfulness and Rebalance retreat will give you the tools to create a sustainable and more grounded outlook.


Information and booking: Mindfulness and Rebalance at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel


Relax and Renew at Kamalaya



Meditation retreats are a valuable way to hone this beneficial wellness practice and reset the mind. Thailand's award-winning sanctuary and holistic spa focuses on creating a stimulating environment for personal growth and long-term healthy transformation. Nestled in a valley that overlooks the coast of southern Koh Samui, Buddhist monks once used the cave temple at Kamalaya's heart as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat, which gives the resort a particularly calming energy. The Relax and Renew programme at Kamalaya is designed for people who need to regain balance and replenish their spirit. Experience a range of therapies drawn from diverse healing traditions and a variety of holistic activities to de-stress, recharge depleted energy stores and boost the immune system. These include hand, feet and head massages, body wraps and yoga. Relax and Renew is the least intensive of all Kamalaya’s programmes, ideal for people looking for a gentle and renewing wellness holiday.


Information and booking: Relax and Renew at Kamalaya


Rebalance at SHA Wellness Clinic



Mindfulness retreats allow you to focus on the present and dispel negative thoughts, rewiring your brain to create calm in the here and now. The pioneering SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain prides itself on offering uniquely tailored programmes for its clients and focuses on creating and maintaining healthy habits. By combining Far East-inspired therapies with the latest western advances, guests can enjoy a combination of massages and treatments to balance body and soul. For those of us carrying more emotional stress than usual, the rebalance retreat is the perfect programme to recover your lost vitality. The ancient and modern treatments address you on a physical level with prescription massages, on a cellular level with genetic tests and consultations, and even on a mental and spiritual level with mindfulness sessions. This is truly one of the most varied and extensive wellness programmes available, priding itself on making lifestyle change long-lasting.


Information and booking: Rebalance at SHA Wellness Clinic


Happiness Like Nowhere Else at Borgo Egnazia



Borgo Egnazia is a world-class spa retreat set in a stunning Italian castle in beautiful Puglia. Embark on a journey to lasting happiness and a renewed sense of purpose with Borgo Egnazia’s Happiness Like Nowhere Else programme. Classes, treatments, and experiences included in the retreat will be personalised to your needs. Group classes are designed to enable you to develop meaningful relationships with others, while individual treatments give you the chance to reconnect with your inner self. Nutrition is also tailored to the individual; nutrition-friendly retreats help to balance and energise the body. You will work with a nutrition technologist to create a meal plan and you will have the freedom to select cuisines according to your preferences. You will be guided through your whole wellness journey by a dedicated happiness expert from the wellbeing team, ensuring that you finish the retreat with a renewed sense of purpose and contentment.


Information and booking: Happiness Like Nowhere Else at Borgo Egnazia


Recharge and rebalance on a well-earned wellness escape. Handpicked by our Wellness Travel Specialists, these emotional healing retreats hit the mark when it comes to relieving stress and finding peace of mind.


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