Why Multi-Generational Active Trips are the Future of Family Travel

Multi-Generational Active Trips


Defined as a holiday where 3 or more generations are present, multi-generational holidays fell out of fashion for many years but are experiencing a renaissance in 2021. In the wake of the pandemic, where separation from extended family members was mandatory, the multi-generational active trip is taking off as the new favourite form of family holiday. Travellers are eager to reconnect with loved ones and make up for lost time; embarking on trips the whole family can appreciate and enjoy.

The multi-generational active trip is not just a post-lockdown fad but a long-term trend that reflects the changing demands of travellers. Holidaying with more adults is financially sensible as you can go for larger, more cost-effective accommodation. These types of holiday strengthen inter-generational relationships which is essential for cognitive development in children and cognitive maintenance in the elderly.

Multi-generational holidays may seem outdated to some but they have significant advantages that are very relevant in the fallout of the pandemic. Discover below why multi-generational active trips are the future of family travel.


Reconnect with Family Members

Lockdown has taken its toll on the British family. 39% of married couples reported feeling a high level of anxiety during lockdown, an increase of 19% from the last quarter of 2019. The pressures of recession, furlough and restricted movement have only been intensified with isolation from other members of the family. Given the risk COVID-19 posed to the elderly, many families found themselves separated for most of 2020. Multi-generational active trips are now a chance to make up for lost time. These holidays provide the perfect opportunity to catch up for all the precious family moments missed with isolation.

Consumer confidence is growing, studies by the IATA suggest that, by 2022, travel could be back to 75% of 2019’s capacity. Provided that people feel as protected as possible when flying, there is no reason why the majority of holidays in the future won’t be multi-generational as people seek to make memories with their loved ones whilst reaping the wellness benefits of travel.


Beneficial for Everyone’s Health


Holidays are beneficial for the mental and physical health of those who take them but multi-generational holidays are of particular benefit for the older generation. Studies by the Women's Health Ageing Project suggest that regular intervals spent socialising with children helps to maintain cognitive function in the elderly. This helps to strengthen the mind against dementia or Alzheimer’s. Fun and active trips offer the two most fundamental means of protecting against cognitive impairment: regular, low impact exercise and socialising to maintain neural pathways.

The mental benefits of a multi-generational holiday aren’t just reserved for the more senior members of the family. Regularly spending time with adults who are not their parents is essential for the development of a child’s social and communication skills. Multi-generational active trips are effectively healing holidays and of great benefit for the mental health and cognitive development of everyone involved.


Cost Effective

Holidaying as a larger group means that you can rent more cost-effective accommodation. Instead of spending your weekly holiday budget on a 4-person hotel room, you can upgrade to a 6-person villa for only a fraction more of the cost. If you’re then splitting the bill between four adults, you’ll find the cost per head is far less than what you would have paid on your own. By splitting the cost, you can treat yourself to more luxurious accommodation or to activities you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to do.

2020 was a chaotic year for many people’s finances. The recession and rise in unemployment have meant many families are now, more than ever, searching for ways to make their holidays more cost effective. Multi-generational active trips can be affordable healthy holidays simply by splitting the cost between adults.


Help with the Children


Although family holidays are all about having fun and strengthening relationships, parental responsibilities on these types of trip can sometimes be a bit much. On a multi-generational active trip, you’ll find that any potential pressures of the usual family holiday are completely eased as childcare is shared between more adults. Grandparents and parents alike can watch the children for a night allowing the others to experience a romantic evening at your luxury destination. Alternatively, many resorts offer kids clubs and babysitting services, which can give the adults in your party the opportunity to spend time together or make use of spas and activity programmes.

Taking an active holiday with the kids is great fun and hugely beneficial for their development. Even though it’s a precious experience, everyone still needs their own space on holiday. A multi-generational family holiday affords flexibility with childcare allowing you respite should you need it!



Eco-friendly holidays are the future of tourism as more people are becoming conscious about the impact they have on the environment. Multi-generational active trips fit into this trend as a more environmentally sound take on the nuclear family holiday. With more people on board, you can choose larger, more sustainable accommodation. For example, rather than booking three hotel rooms, each with disposable toiletries and central heating, you can book a luxury villa or suite. Cutting down the demand for smaller rooms is better for conserving resources and space.

Though they can be taken further afield, the majority of multi-generational holidays are short-haul or based in the UK. This means the greenhouse gases emitted during travel are a fraction of what they could be with a whole family travelling by plane. Caring for the planet goes hand in hand with mindfulness. Taking a multi-generational holiday, sharing transport and opting for eco-friendly accommodation are the building blocks of sustainable travel.


While 2020 was a year of turmoil for the travel industry, there is a silver lining. The future of the family holiday seems to be fun, active trips with everyone involved. They’re going to be more beneficial for the children grandparents and parents alike; more cost effective and give everyone the free time they need to explore and make new memories. The resurgence of the family holiday is here – where will you be booking your next trip?

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