Why Visit Portugal for Wellness and Weight Loss?

Why Visit Portugal for Wellness and Weight Loss?


Portugal has become a go-to destination for health and wellness holidays and is home to some of the best spa and wellness resorts in Europe. The warm climate, extensive coastline, rugged landscape, and healthy cuisine are just a few of its many offerings. Portugal is a beautifully diverse country with quaint remote villages, colourful cities, and sun-drenched coastal towns. As one of the oldest countries in Europe, it has a rich and vibrant cultural heritage where the old and the new blend in perfect harmony. For a small country, Portugal really packs a punch! But it’s not only a great destination for sightseeing; Here are six reasons why Portugal is one of the best places in Europe for wellness and weight loss:


Portuguese people are connected to nature and enjoy being outside. This mindset encourages outdoor activities such as walking and cycling. After football, cycling is one of the most popular sports in Portugal. In some areas of Portugal, there are eco-friendly public bicycles and cycle pathways, such as in Vilamoura in the Algarve. Portuguese culture also promotes family and friendships over work and productivity. There is a connectedness and laid-back vibe that is lacking from a lot of fast-paced western countries. This lowers stress levels and allows time to stop and breathe. People are happier and healthier, and you will feel this yourself when you visit, making it a great place to target weight loss and stay motivated with a detox holiday.

Located in the picturesque surroundings of Vilamoura, Longevity Cegonha Country Club is an excellent resort for weight loss. The lush green setting compliments the wellness programmes on offer, including detox, slimming and fitness. The resort offers a Longevity Vitality Plan with an indulgent array of daily group activities such as yoga, Pilates, stretching, tai chi, meditation, and core training. Longevity Cegonha Country Club has a bespoke approach to each guest's individual wellness needs to ensure that they receive the highest level of care and attention throughout their stay. 


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Though Portugal is famed for its rich wines and creamy pastel de natas, the Portuguese generally stick to a fresh and healthy Mediterranean diet, consisting of lots of fish, healthy oils, fruits, and vegetables. On top of this, a clean eating scene is flourishing in Portugal, with new vegan cafés and poké shops opening up in Lisbon and Porto especially. Visitors can enjoy healthy and delicious locally sourced meals in a variety of eateries ranging from a simple beach hut to a refined Michelin-star restaurant. Portugal has established a reputation as a world-class dining destination which makes it a great place for healthy eating, which as we all know is conducive to weight loss. There are lots of nutrition-friendly retreats available to complement your fitness regime without compromising on taste!

Set in a 50-hectare estate in the stunning golf resort of Quinta do Lago, Conrad Algarve offers an excellent weight-loss programme. The retreat focuses on a three-pronged approach, through nutritional coaching, a personalised workout plan and specific body treatments to improve your metabolic output and help you achieve your optimal weight. Guests can enjoy a range of healthy dining options on their personalised slimming meal plan with three restaurants to choose from that blend the best of Portuguese and international cuisine. The Michelin-star Gusto restaurant, presented by the three Michelin star chef Heinz Beck, is a highlight. 


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Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is Europe’s surf capital. The largest wave ever surfed was in Nazaré, a small fishing village on Portugal’s west coast, which reached a colossal height of 80 feet. Portugal hosts some of the world’s best surf competitions for elite surfers, but there are waves suitable for all levels, making it an excellent destination to learn surfing or hone your skills. Surfing is a great form of exercise that is both challenging and exhilarating. With over 500 metres of beaches, there are plenty of surf-spots to choose from and water sports holidays are a great way to have fun whilst losing weight. Aside from surfing, you can enjoy swimming and snorkelling on the south coast especially, where waves are smaller, and diving on the stunning island of Madeira - the Hawaii of Europe.

Galo Resort sits on the sun-soaked island of Madeira. The weight management programme incorporates personalised treatments and bespoke nutrition plans to help you reach your health goals. Practise your swing at the two championship-level golf courses, work out in the superb fitness centre or treat yourself to a therapeutic treatment in the luxurious spa. The resort has an excellent diving centre and hosts a range of excursions and activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, canyoning and surfing. Galo Resort is the ideal destination for a healthy and adventurous getaway.


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The Portuguese landscape is a haven for outdoor activities. Set back from the beaches, the rolling hills and rugged Portuguese countryside create a walker’s paradise. Cycling through the wilderness is another great way to take in the beauty of the country. Snaking through the vineyards of northern Portugal, the Douro river, roughly translating to ‘river of gold’, is one of the most scenic waterways in Europe. The refreshing waters are perfect for swimming and water sports, especially in summer. Portugal is not only a haven for outdoor activities but is also a wellness hotspot. A variety of hot springs with different therapeutic properties can be found across the country, as well as rich seawater from the Atlantic Ocean which is an excellent source for thalassotherapy. Thermal spas and thalassotherapy treatments are available in many hotels and resorts throughout the country, enjoy them as part of a weight loss spa retreat for the perfect relaxation following a productive day of working out!

The Weight Loss programme at Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa in the Algarve offers the perfect opportunity to kick-start a journey of sustainable and healthy weight loss. A combination of fitness sessions, detoxifying spa rituals and marine-based Thalasso treatments will leave you feeling energised and rejuvenated. With personal consultations, evaluations, and training sessions, you’ll benefit from invaluable advice regarding diet and exercise for you to put into practice even after you leave. 


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Portugal enjoys a mild climate with hot summers. Lisbon is Europe’s sunniest capital: It is sunny in Portugal more than 300 days a year, making it a year-round destination for outdoor activities and bootcamp holidays. The clean, fresh air and warm sun are the perfect combination to brighten your mood and keep your energy levels up. And there is no better place to boost your vitamin-D levels than on the golden beaches of Portugal’s Algarve region.

The award-winning EPIC SANA Algarve is the perfect place to soak up some sun as you improve your health and fitness. The resort is situated amongst 8 hectares of verdant pine forest, boasts 5 outdoor pools, and overlooks the picturesque Praia de Falésia beach. Curated by in-house fitness and wellness experts, the Sayanna Reshape programme at EPIC SANA Algarve combines physical exercises with a balanced diet that will help you to achieve your ideal weight. Throughout the retreat, you will receive nutrition assessments, wellness workshops, and specialised spa treatments, all bespoke to your individual needs and goals. The prime location with direct access to the stunning Falésia Beach coupled with this getaway’s great diversity of leisure and fitness services makes for the perfect healthy escape.


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Value for money


Portugal remains one of the most affordable destinations on the Continent, offering visitors the elegance of Western Europe for Eastern European prices.  And because money goes further in Portugal, a luxury stay is refreshingly affordable. A diverse range of wellness retreats and weight loss programmes are available at luxury resorts across the country at very competitive prices. 


Portugal is the ultimate wellness destination and the perfect place to target weight loss. A trip to Portugal will nourish your body and soul and revitalise your senses. You are bound to see results and leave feeling happier and healthier in your body! 



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