• 10 Superfoods to Stay Slim

    10 Superfoods to Stay Slim

    When it comes to staying fit and healthy, we all know that a combination of exercise and a balanced diet is the key. Whilst exercising is mostly straightforward - increasing the heart rate to burn calories - there can be a difficulty in finding the right foods to best compliment working out. With so much to choose from and an array of hidden ingredients, you never know what you might be eating. Superfoods (so called owing to their 'super' health benefits) may be the answer to this problem. By incorporating them into our everyday diet we reduce the risk of chronic disease and can even prolong life. 

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Weight


    Steve Halsall

    by Steve Halsall

    A Celebrity Personal Trainer

    Does anybody truly have an ideal weight? Really, do you know exactly what you weight right now reading this? What's more, is it 'ideal'? There are so many factors that contribute to your 'ideal weight': perception, energy, diet, seasonality, training, age, body type and importantly sociological pressure. 

  • Reaching Your New Year Health Goals


    Lucy Miller

    by Lucy Miller

    A Fitness and Nutrition Expert

    It's that time of year again and this is your year! You're going to lose that excess weight that’s been hanging around for like, forever. You're going to go to the gym every single day, no excuses...and eat nothing but lean meat, green vegetables and almonds. Great, that sounds good, but I'm sorry to say that's not the way to do it!

  • The Relationship Between Stress and Weight Gain

    The Relationship Between Stress and Weight Gain

    With the pressures of modern day lifestyles causing many of us to compromise our own well-being, Dr. Sutthi Sawetsutthiphan, Medical Director at Thanyapura in Thailand, tells us about the influential relationship between stress and weight gain.

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