• Top 5 Detox Holidays


    Feeling lethargic, sluggish, and in need of a detox to flush those winter blues out of your system?  Be inspired by some of the best detox holidays around the globe to get your new year off to a healthy start.

  • Top 5 Detox Retreats

    Our modern day lifestyles have really started to take a toll on the health of our bodies and how our organs function. A regular intake of sugar-rich, fatty and overly processed foods can have a negative effect on our lifestyles, leaving us feeling bloated and fatigued. The most effective way to detoxify our organs, kick-start weight loss and revitalise our energy levels, is with a juice cleanse. 

  • Top 5 Detox Retreats in the World

    Rejuvenate your body with a spa break at one of the world’s best detox retreats featured here in our top pick of healthy holidays from Europe to Asia. We’ve gathered the ultimate spas that specialise in detoxing programmes to combat health hang ups and start feeling fresher from the inside out. Our holidays are ideal for those wanting to tackle weight management, skin problems or even deeply rooted health issues.

  • Top 5 Eco-Friendly Holidays That Look After The Planet and You

    In celebration of Earth Day 2017, go green and glamorous with our top five luxury eco-friendly health retreats. From New Zealand to South Africa, spark your biophilic wanderlust with these eco-luxe health retreats that boast the most stunning yet sustainable accommodation and facilities, plus notable green-friendly awards to prove it. Combined with all-natural spa remedies and healthy organic cuisine from onsite gardens, be at one with Mother Nature and yourself.

  • Top 5 Fitness Holidays for the New Year

    Looking for the perfect place to recharge yourself?If you are one of those whose New Year's resolution is to get fit, why not find inspiration and motivation across the globe on a health and fitness holiday? One of the best ways to ensure that this year's resolution becomes a reality is to kick-start 2012 with an active break to an exotic destination.

  • Top 5 Girls’ Wellness Getaways

    Ladies, it’s official—study says that travelling with your girlfriends is good for your health. Sure, you could convince the squad to go on a girls’ getaway with cocktails, shopping and plenty of deep-fried food. OR you could get all the same laughs and enjoyment—minus the health concerns, with our host of group-friendly wellness retreats.

  • Top 5 Gluten Free Holiday Destinations

    More than just a fad diet, eating gluten-free is in fact vital to individuals suffering from a condition called coeliac disease, or hypersensitivity to gluten. It is a lifelong disorder in which the small intestine reacts to the intake of gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food. According to Coeliac Australia, this disease is affecting approximately 1 in 70 Australians with over 80% of this number remain undiagnosed. Fortunately, there’s a reasonably good number of resources available to acquire gluten-free food anywhere in the world, from restaurants, retail stores to specialised holiday spots, you name it. 

  • Top 5 Healthy Christmas Getaways

    Top 5 Healthy Christmas Getaways

    Can't face another unhealthy Christmas at home with squabbling in-laws, mistletoe and an over-stuffed turkey? You won't have to as we have come up with our top five healthy Christmas holidays, so you can have a change of scenery and start the New Year feeling rejuvenated.

  • Top 5 Life-changing Bucket List Travel Experiences

    The world is your oyster with our top 5 life-changing bucket list travel experiences. These exceptional holidays take a classic experience abroad and turn it into something bigger and better. With a range of fun-filled activities and rejuvenating spa treatments these fantastic adventurous destinations have something for everyone. Step out of your comfort-zone and explore nature, challenging yourself physically and mentally, and engage with exciting and unique environments. From a ‘spa-fari’ in African to treepod dining in Thailand get ready to extend that ever-growing bucket list as we give you the run-down on the most life-changing travel experiences.

  • Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats

    Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats


    If you are looking for a healthy holiday with your partner which will set you both on the pathway to a healthier lifestyle, look no further as we round up our top 5 luxury couples wellness retreats from around the globe. 

  • Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats

    If you are looking for a healthy holiday with your partner which will set you both on the pathway to a healthier lifestyle, look no further as we round up our top 5 luxury couples wellness retreats from around the globe. 

  • Top 5 Luxury Spa Holidays in Portugal

    Top 5 Luxury Spa Holidays in Portugal


    Home to charming traditional villages, stunning mountain hillsides and long stretches of golden sands, Portugal’sstriking and diverse landscape provides the perfect backdrop to rejuvenate on a luxury spa holiday. Whether you retreat to the infamous Algarve coastline or the peaceful pine forests of Portugal’s nature reserves, soak up the sunshine whilst enhancing your well-being with rejuvenating spa treatments and wellness therapies.

  • Top 5 Pilates Holidays: Get Toned and Trim

    Whilst yoga can benefit a person's breathing and flexibility, a gradual fitness regime of Pilates will build a strong core, strengthen your back and maximise endurance. Though it was originally developed for dancers, Pilates can help anyone tone up and it can even improve your golf or tennis game. Fitness trends come and go but with all the physical and mental benefits, Pilates is here to stay.

  • Top 5 Singles Holidays for over 40s

    Top 5 Singles Holidays for over 40s


    Embrace the freedom to spend your singles holiday exactly the way you want to with our top solo friendly escapes for over 40s. Meet others of a similar age and with common interests as you spin together in a treetop studio in St Lucia or explore temples in Thailand. Escape from the demands and responsibilities of your busy life on a singles holiday designed to restore and relax.

  • Top 5 Wellness Recovery Retreats in Spain

    Top 5 Wellness Recovery Retreats in Spain


    Routines meet interruptions, it is a part of life, and so is recovery. We have seen a growing demand from travellers looking to reset, recover and rebalance to jumpstart getting back to health and fitness during busy modern life.

    With this in mind, to help boost your return or discovery of wellness habits, we have selected our top 5 picks for Recovery Retreats in Spain that are tailored to reset, revive and rebalance travellers. Return home refreshed both in mind and body with a much-needed change of pace and scenery.

    There is something to suit everyone and at Health and Fitness Travel we understand everyone is unique. There is a beauty in individualism, and we all have diverging ways of achieving recovery from wellness retreats, be that with a focus on fitness, the immune system, the mind, to a purely pampering spa holiday.

  • Top 6 Spas for a Lasting Beauty Boost

    If you’re after smooth skin, a healthy glow and a relaxed body then a spa retreat might just be exactly what you need. Whether it be a hot stone massage, a detoxifying body scrub or a relaxing facial, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to spa therapies and treatments. Not only will these treatments make you feel good, but they will also make you look good and provide you with that beauty boost you’ve been yearning for. So, stay tuned as we share our top 7 spas for a beauty boost that will outlast your holiday glow.

  • Top 7 Organic Foods to Improve Your Oral Health

    Did your dentist provide you with a list of foods to avoid? It’s all too common to read or hear what foods are bad for the teeth. But why does it seem like nobody talks about what foods are good for your oral health?

  • Top 7 Short-Haul Detox Retreats


    Discover how to cleanse and nurture your body in just a few days with our top 7 short-haul detox retreats. Prepare to expel those nasty toxins and break unhealthy habits in a choice of superb destinations, including Italy, Greece, Turkey and France. Gain incredible knowledge about how to best benefit your body with various health tests, including everything from a glycaemic and lipid structure evaluation in Italy to a biophysical evaluation in Portugal. Treat your body to a rejuvenating diet with detox supplements, healthy and delicious meals or daily cleansing juices for a truly refreshing detox holiday experience.

  • Top 8 European Health Retreats for Wellness

    With thousands of wellness escapes in Europe alone, you don’t have to travel far to get your healthy fix. Give yourself a well-deserved break and escape to wellness luxury with the best healthy breaks in Europe. Pamper your mind and body with Watsu, massages, acupuncture and cocoon wraps and improve your endurance with mountain biking, hiking, TRX suspension training and water sports. Transformative travel is a truly enriching experience which ensures that you return from your holiday feeling happier, healthier and more aware of how you treat your mind and your body. So, stay tuned as we reveal our top 8 European health retreats for wellness that are bound to change your life for the best.

  • Top Destinations for Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Bonanza

    Thanks to a late Easter, the early May bank holiday and now the Royal Wedding on 29 April, Brits can take three days leave and get an 11 day break between 22 April and 2 May.

    Watch the royal wedding by the pool on holiday on satellite TV for those who don't want to miss Will and Kate's big day. For those wishing to escape the wedding celebrations for a healthy few days away, a European rejuvenating break is the perfect choice.

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