• The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    The Benefits of Panchakarma as Part of an Ayurvedic Detox

    Shining the spotlight on a holistic approach to cleansing, Dr Prasanth, Ayurvedic Doctor at COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, shares the benefits of Panchakarma as part of an Ayurvedic detox.

  • The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats

    The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats


    Menopause, a shared experience thatmany women must go through at some point in their life.Yet, so many areleft without the support they need to cope with the symptoms, making this transitional time of life isolating. Juggling work, social and family life whilst also navigating menopausal symptoms can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to suffer and endure this alone. On these retreats you can get the personalised attention you need to better manage the symptoms and with over30 recognised ones for menopause, you can target the ones that effect you.Handle your hormones, say goodbye to exhausting hot flushes, andrid yourself of debilitating mind fog,with a tailored retreat!Without further ado these areour picks for the best 5 menopause wellnessretreats: 

  • The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers

    The Best Active Holidays for 50+ Travellers


    Some things never go bad - a fresh jar of honey, an aged wine, and - arguably the most important - our chance to have enriching and exciting experiences! With our signature selection offitness holidays there’s an active retreat tailored to you and your needs just waiting to be booked! You only live once, and there’s a world of invigorating and awe-inspiring places to see, people to meet and unique experiences to savour! Here are our top selections for the best active holidays for travellers over 50! 

  • The Best Alcohol-Free Wellness Retreats

    The Best Alcohol-Free Wellness Retreats


    The exact definition of wellness can be different for each individual, with their distinctive goals and perceptions on life. However, to generalise, there are three key concepts involved. The physical wellness of the body, the emotional wellness of the mind, and the spiritual wellness of the soul. No matter what your wellness goal is, there is something for everyone in our following selection of wellness holiday favourites that are absolutely alcohol-free.

  • The Best All-Inclusive Wellness Resorts

    The Best All-Inclusive Wellness Resorts

    All-inclusive holidays are the perfect chance to experience a stress-free, convenient retreat with no hidden costs involved. Having the day-to-day freedom to choose which activities, treatments or adventures you’d love to embark on is what makes all-inclusive breaks as relaxing and as beneficial to you as possible. Whether it’s a range of holistic spa treatments that takes your fancy, mindful yoga classes or even exciting water sports, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out on these amazing getaways! Keep reading to discover some of the best all-inclusive wellness resorts on the planet alongside all their unforgettable experiences on offer: 

  • The Best Ayurveda Detox Holidays in India

    Ayurveda Detox Holidays in India

    Enhance and enlighten your mind, body and soul with an all-encompassing approach to your well-being on our best detoxifying Ayurveda spa holidays in India. An ancient holistic approach to wellness, Ayurveda is renowned for promoting mental, physical and spiritual healing by creating a calming balance between mind, body and spirit through lifestyle assessment.

  • The Best Beach Wellness Hotels in the Mediterranean

    The Best Beach Wellness Hotels in the Mediterranean

    Understand the true meaning of wellness holiday on any of our luxurious beach hotels in the Mediterranean. Experience a bespoke beach spa holiday with a combination of reviving treatments and an array of fun and exciting activities you can do by the ocean. Never-ending stretching coastlines, panoramic views of blue skies and seas and white sandy beaches will surely whisk your mind away from the stresses of everyday life. Dine on highly nutritional cuisine and embrace Mediterranean dishes as you reap the rewards of fresh and locally sourced food that’s as delicious as it looks!

  • The Best Christmas and New Year Getaways to Book this Winter


    Despite being the most wonderful time of year, the festive season can leave some of us feeling stressed and burnt out. Between last-minute present shopping and the pressure of entertaining, there is often little time for relaxing and self-care.

  • The Best Cultural Wellness Holidays in Europe

    The Best Cultural Wellness Holidays in Europe

    Home to historical cities, diverse culinary delights and cultural traditions, Europe offers an eclectic treat for all the senses. A firm favourite amongst culture vultures worldwide, here we share our finest selection of cultural wellness Discover Recover holidays in Europe, to provide you with a little inspiration on where to visit on your next cultural wellness holiday.

  • The Best Destinations to Holiday like a Fit and Famous Celebrity

    Holiday like a Fit and Famous Celebrity

    With the celebrity cult well and truly on the wellness wagon, scenic social media snaps of hikes in Ibiza and treetop yoga in St Lucia are evoking worldwide workout wanderlust. Letting you in on the celebrity secret, here we share the best wellness destinations to holiday like a fit and famous celebrity. From a Thailand wellness retreat frequented by the Beckhams, to a health sanctuary in Spain graced by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Demi Moore, add a touch of star quality to your healthy escape.

  • The Best Detox Retreats to Visit in 2023

    Swimming Pool at COMO Shambhala


    Whether you’ve had a period of overindulgence (and who hasn’t over the last year and a bit?) or you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2023 and beyond – a detox retreat may be just what the doctor ordered!

  • The Best Early-Bird Discounts for Summer 2024 Holidays


    With January now nearly behind us, we're all looking forward to our upcoming plans for the year ahead. No matter where we are on our wellbeing journeys, caring for our health and fitness should be a priority in the months to come. With the gloomy Winter weather we’re enduring, a wellness holiday to look forward to in the Summer is undoubtably a fantastic solution, allowing us to take out all the guesswork and enjoy picturesque destinations, delectable cuisine and the finest wellness activities and therapies all in one beautiful place.

  • The Best Family Sports Resorts for Holidays with Teenagers

    The Best Family Sports Resorts for Holidays with Teenagers


    For many families, one of the challenging parts of going on a holiday is finding one that suits everyone’s tastes. Travelling with teenagers can be particularly tricky as their interests don’t always align with those of their parents or younger siblings. Life is easier if the destination, activities and entertainment coincide with their interests, whilst also offering something for mum and dad. For sporty families, let us make your family holiday planning a lot easier as we share our best family sports resorts for holidays with teenagers. Whether you’re into the thrill of mountain biking, the excitement of water sports or just looking for fun and engaging activities everyone can enjoy, our teenage friendly family holidays are guaranteed to give everyone a reason to be excited!

  • The Best Fitness Bootcamps in Europe

    The Best Fitness Bootcamps in Europe


    If you’re looking to lose weight on a fitness bootcamp holiday, Europe offers a range of options for you. A fitness bootcamp is centred around a high intense workout and fitness regime. At their best they take you to locations of stunning natural beauty and place you in the company of expert fitness, health, and wellness professionals ready to guide you on your fitness journey regardless of your starting point. Be you a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking for a change of pace from your usual workout regime or a first timer raring to take those initial steps towards a happier and healthier life. 

    Let us walk you through some of the best fitness bootcamps on offer in Europe below:


  • The Best Fitness Retreats for Easter 2019

    Venture away this Easter 2019 to kick-start your health and fitness regime! Reconnect to your passion and purpose by embarking on a fitness retreat to make sustainable changes along with like-minded people.

  • The Best Healthy Cooking Holidays

    the best healthy cooking holidays


    Ever been on holiday and lamented that you can’t cook such tasty, healthy dishes at home? Discover the secrets to healthy cooking on our wellness holidays and learn to create delicious and nutritious dishes packed full of well-being benefits. Served with a side order of fitness classes, spa therapies and educational seminars these healthy learning holidays will boost your overall wellness as well as your culinary prowess. Here, we present our favourite healthy cooking holidays to achieve all-round wellness.

  • The Best Healthy Holidays for a Mental Detox

    The Best Healthy Holidays for a Mental Detox

    Sometimes in life, it can all get just a little bit too much. You’re constantly trying to keep your head above water, battling with stressful situations, attempting to solve everyone else’s problems and all the while neglecting your own sanity. It’s time to stop. So relax, and take back time for yourself with our best healthy holidays for a mental detox.

  • The Best Healthy Holidays to book this Autumn

    The Best Healthy Holidays to book this Autumn


    The Summer may have drawn to a close, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to the sunshine. In fact, Autumn is one of the best times of year to travel, with Europe still experiencing glorious sunshine and warm sea temperatures, without the crowds and high prices you might experience during the Summer months. It’s also a wonderful time to go long-haul, with the Maldives, Mauritius and Thailand all boasting perfect climates, but with greater savings to be had on flights and accommodation. We round-up our top Autumn holiday picks, from stress-relieving retreats in Spain to back-to-nature luxury in Thailand, give your well-being a boost on a wellness holiday in some of the world’s most luxurious destinations this Autumn.

    For the Spa Seeker: Lefay

    lefay outdoor massage

    For an inspiring dose of fresh air, lake-side natural beauty and a thorough wellness boost, escape to the northern Italian mountains of Lake Garda this Autumn for a healthy break with a touch of luxury. Soothe your senses with indulgent spa therapies, combining ancient Chinese medicine with modern western science for a truly holistic approach to health and well-being. With programmes including detox, anti-ageing and weight loss, this luxurious spa break has something for everyone.

    More information: View 

    For the Beach Lover: Maalifushi by COMO

    massage by maalfushi como

    The ultimate tropical island destination, Maalifushi by COMO is situated on the shores of Thaa Atoll in the Maldives, boasting white beaches and stunning azure waters. Ideal for those seeking a water sports holiday, explore the magnificent reefs at one of the world’s top diving destinations or set your heart racing with a thrilling surf session. Wind down with a blissful yoga session in the open-air pavilion, indulge in luxury spa treatments, and relax on your private sun-kissed deck as you gaze over the ocean.

    More information: View 
    Maalifushi by COMO

    For the Stressed-out: SHA Anti-Stress

    sha meditation

    Set in the unmatched surroundings of the peaceful Spanish coastline, SHA Wellness Clinic offers a tranquil backdrop for a stress management holiday. A favourite amongst celebrities, this multi-award-winning wellness retreat prides itself on offering distinctively tailored wellness programmes, combining supportive activities with emotional therapies to provide a holistic healing experience. SHA health experts will work with you to develop personal stress management techniques to ensure you are equipped to successfully manage any stressful situation life throws your way.

    More information: View 
    SHA Wellness Clinic

    For Tropical Luxury: Soneva Kiri

    soneva kiri ayurveda

    For a truly luxurious back-to-nature wellness experience, look no further than Soneva Kiri in Thailand, boasting tropical rainforests, stunning waterfalls, pristine white beaches and traditional villages all within walking distance. Enhance your well-being on one of Soneva Kiri’s health programmes, ranging from Weight Loss and Detox, to Sleep Well and De-stress. Enjoy a culinary experience like no other as you dine in your own private tree pod suspended six metres above ground, offering spectacular views of the coastline.

    More information: View 
    Soneva Kiri

    For the Solo Traveller: Paradis Plage

    Paradis Plage surf

    Wake to the sound of the ocean outside your window and hit the waves on a transformational solo-friendly yoga and surf retreat. Set along Morocco’s exotic coastline, benefit from first-class surf coaching in a group with other water-loving solo travellers, suitable for all levels. After a morning on the water, stretch out aching muscles during sunset yoga overlooking the beautiful coastline, before relaxing at the luxury spa with a fusion of French and Moroccan inspired spa treatments.

    More information: View 
    Paradis Plage

    For a Wellness Boost: Shanti Maurice

    massage at Shanti Maurice

    On the southern tip of the tropical island of Mauritius, boasting unparalleled views of the surrounding hills and offshore reefs, Shanti Maurice satisfies all the senses with a sublime luxury spa, spacious accommodation and a selection of restaurants brimming with fresh ideas. With healthy holiday programmes from Ayurveda rejuvenation and de-stress retreats, to detox breaks and fitness escapes, Shanti Maurice is an ideal choice for those seeking a paradise island wellness retreat, and offers lectures and cooking classes, for a fresh approach to long lasting health.

    More information: View 
    Shanti Maurice


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  • The Best Healthy Holidays to Cure your Insomnia

    While most people associate Insomnia with the strain of not being able to fall asleep, it is actually a serious sleep disorder that can affect our health and well-being quite drastically. There is an array of factors that trigger insomnia, and most of them link back to an imbalanced lifestyle. Mental conditions like stress, anxiety and depression can mess with your sleeping pattern, as do physical factors, such as poor diet, lack of exercise and an excessive intake of stimulants. The good news is, you have an influence to fight these sleep disturbance factors. Even small changes to your lifestyle will make a massive difference re-establishing your normal sleep cycle and help cure insomnia.  

  • The Best Holistic Hen Retreats

    The Best Holistic Hen Retreats


    Sometimes a typical boozy hen weekend can be a daunting prospect, especially with the most important day of your life just around the corner. If the inevitable hangover and health repercussions don’t appeal to you or your bridesmaids, then why not indulge yourself and head on a pre-wedding wellness break.

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