What to Expect on a Singles Holiday

Setting sail on your first singles holiday can be a daunting prospect, with many first-time solo travellers wondering what exactly a singles holiday entails. With our tailor-made singles holidays, the answer is, exactly what you want. Allowing you to personalise your healthy holiday to your specific wants and needs, you can finally embark on the holiday of your dreams, with the freedom to do what you want, when you want. With a whole host of fabulous benefits, from exclusive room rates, to finally having the time to reach your personal health and fitness goals, a luxury singles holiday with Health and Fitness Travel offers a life changing solo travel experience.

Private Transfer

We all recognise and despise that groggy, dazed, post-flight feeling when all you want to do is jump into a calming infinity pool or unwind with a soothing spa massage. Get going on enjoying your long awaited holiday as you sit-back, relax and enjoy the ride with a private transfer ready at the arrivals gate to whisk you away for a week of luxury wellness. On a singles holiday expect to feel relaxed and well-looked after as soon as your flip-flops touch the ground.

Exclusive Room-Rates


When travelling solo, being stung by single supplements can cause serious annoyances and can ruin a single traveller’s experience. On a singles holiday with Health and Fitness Travel, safety is assured that single travellers will receive exclusive room-rates, with either a reduced or no single supplement, to ensure a stress-free escape with no hidden costs.

Tailor-Made Holidays


With tailor-made holidays, designed to cater to your wishes and requirements, expect a singles holiday that will be built around you. With a range of wellness programmes, from fitness to detox and yoga to spa, there really is something for everyone. Personalise your stay with a selection of fitness classes, sports and wellness activities, in group or 1-on-1 options, giving you the opportunity to socialise with others or spend quality time on your own. Benefit from personalised diets and private health consultations with doctors and nutritionists, to focus on fulfilling your wellness needs.

Meet Like-Minded People

With singles holidays becoming increasingly popular, travelling solo no longer means travelling alone. A fantastic way to meet like-minded solo travellers on holiday, with group fitness classes from yoga and Pilates to spinning  and circuit training, it would be incredibly difficult not to meet other great people on a holiday. Furthermore, with sport universally acknowledged to bring people together, join in with group lessons in anything from tennis to surfing. Benefit from group singles tables at meal times to really get to know the new friends you’ve met during the day.


One of the most addictive benefits of travelling solo is being completely free to do exactly what you want, when you want. Experience complete control over the type of healthy holiday you want and embark on a fitness, tennis, detox, or weight-loss holiday; the list and possibilities are endless. Your only worry is ensuring you choose the right destination and holiday type for you. What bliss!

Achieve your own personal goals

Escaping the distractions of everyday life and surrounding yourself with inspirational solo travellers in stunning surroundings worldwide, is a great way to motivate you into achieving your goals. Whether it’s a specific fitness goal you’ve wanted to accomplish for some time or discovering a way to de-stress, whisking yourself away and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is a sure-fire way to achieve your goals. With the help of motivational personal trainers, medical, nutritional and wellness experts, you will have the best support you need to finally reach your goals.

If a fuller idea of what to expect on your singles holiday has left you raring to go, begin your journey with our healthy singles holidays.

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