10 Ways to be Healthy at Work

10 Ways to be Healthy at Work


The workplace is where most of us spend the majority of our time and so plays a big part in our health. Lots of things can distract us from work, for example, hunger, tiredness, joint aches, and dehydration so we share our top ten tips on how to minimise these and feel happier and healthier at work.



1. Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast is common for most people because in our busy lifestyles we feel that we don't have the time. However missing breakfast means we are more inclined to snack before lunch. Snacking is OK depending on what you are eating, for example, a handful of nuts or some fresh fruit is good to eat in proportion.

2. Pack your own lunch

It's nice to go out with your work colleagues at lunch time to a café and have a sandwich and coffee but shop bought sandwiches can be extremely calorific as they are usually packed with mayonnaise, salt or other ingredients. Try waking up 10 minutes earlier each morning and making your own lunch so you are in control of what goes into your food. After all you are what you eat.

3. Avoid lots of caffeine

Coffee can have its benefits but drinking too much can cause headaches and disruptive sleep patterns. On a work day a cup of coffee in the morning can seem like a must have but try to avoid drinking it, and grab a nice fresh glass of juice or herbal tea instead to give you that desired energy boost.

4. Keep your desk organised for minimal distraction

An unorganised and untidy desk can be extremely distracting from your work, being able to see piles of papers and dirty coffee mugs can make it hard to concentrate. Take 5 minutes before work or during your lunch break to have a little tidy up and organise your work so you cannot see it. An organised desk means an organised mind.

5. Good posture

If you work at a computer all day and you do not have the correct posture then your body will suffer long term. Before sitting at your computer adjust your chair so that the back rest is straight, you are at the right height so you don't have to strain your neck to see the screen. Take short breaks and try not to sit for too long periods.

6. Avoid overworking

If you find yourself exhausted after work but you can't sleep, losing your temper or making lots of little mistakes, it could be possible that you are working yourself too hard. When you are trying to focus on 100 things your brain will get overloaded and disorganised so try and take 5 minutes to take some deep breaths and prioritise your work. Make your lunch break your fitness escape, doing something you enjoy and preferably out of the office so you can no longer see your work.

7. Take a break and get moving

Sitting down at a computer all day without moving around can cause joint pains so it is very important to try and get up every 40 minutes and have a walk around to stretch your muscles. By breaking concentration and focussing on something else for a little while can help recharge your mind for when you go back to work.

8. Have fresh air

Some offices like to pump their workplace with air conditioning, especially on a hot day. However using it for long periods of time can have effects on your health for example it can cause fatigue, headaches and/or skin problems. Indoor air will never be as fresh as outdoor air and especially if you're not near an open window it will be full of carbon dioxide and dust particles. Try and go outside and get five minutes of fresh air or instead of staying in the office to eat your lunch, take a walk and have it outside.

9. Drink lots of water

A heated or air conditioned work space can get very dry during the day so it is very important to keep hydrated, try not to reach for the coffee but have a cool glass of water. The worst thing is to become dehydrated at work as this can cause tiredness, dizziness or headaches so drink plenty of water to feel more alert and better concentrated.

10. Ease your eyes

If you work on a computer every day and you don't rest your eyes you are at risk of developing problems such as headaches, blurred vision, slow refocusing or irritated eyes. It is good to try and take a minute every day to relax your eyes, try and focus on something further away, for example, looking out the window is good, cup your eyes so no light can get in or just simply close your eyes for a couple of minutes.

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