Best Swimming Pools in the World for Sports Training


If you’re wondering where to go on your next fitness holiday, look no further because we’ve got the run-down on the best swimming pools in the world for sports training. When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, swimming is undoubtedly one the best, most accessible and easy exercises out there. Not only does it tone muscles and build strength, but it also keeps your heart rate up without having a heavy impact on your body making it perfect for all ages, young and old! This full-body workout also offers a great way to de-stress and relax whilst still burning those calories. In fact, a gentle swim alone can burn over 200 calories in just half an hour and a speedier swimmer going for an hour can expect to burn nearly 600 calories. So, keep on reading to discover the best swimming pools in the world that are sure to challenge your fitness and get you in tip-top shape.


Turkey: Six Senses Kaplankaya


Put your endurance to the test at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey which boasts impressive indoor and outdoor pools that offer the best spot for some Olympic style sports holiday training. The retreat itself is nestled in a secluded bay and surrounded by panoramic views of the Aegean Sea which most certainly beats the view of running children that you’ll find in your local leisure centre. The stunning sea-view suites are perfect for admiring your enchanting surroundings and there is even the choice of a sea view villa with a private pool so you can submerge yourself in water at any given moment!

More information: View Six Senses Kaplankaya


Thailand: Thanyapura


Boasting both a 25m Swimming pool and a 50m Olympic swimming pool, Thanyapura in Thailand offers the perfect Asian getaway to practice your butterfly. You can get your heart rate soaring with a host of other activities too as this retreat also has an athletics track, 6 tennis courts and a rugby pitch which make it ideal for an activity holiday for athletes. A great bonus of swimming is that it’s the only high intensity exercise where you can get active without breaking a sweat. The water around you is constantly cooling you down, so if sweating puts you off other forms of exercise then a stay at one of their luxurious suites is the perfect fit for you.

More information: View Thanyapura


Qatar: Zulal Wellness Resort 


The experts at Zulal recognise the true power and potential of in-water exercise for its fantastic health benefits whilst causing very low impact to the human body. As a result, the team here have placed a special emphasis on crafting engaging classes, transforming land-based exercises like yoga, boxing, aerobics and cross-training into dynamic aquatic experiences within their two enormous, refreshing indoor pools. This fun and unique programme that Zulal have developed offers a friendly, accessible and motivating environment for wellness enthusiasts of all backgrounds to benefit from the most popular workouts in health and fitness, all from the water and with the backing of these passionate professionals. Outside of the swimming pool, you can except the beautiful Middle-Eastern climate, surroundings and culture all within this luxury wellness resort. For all these reasons and more, Zulal is undoubtably one of our favourite water-sports holidays.

More information: View Zulal Wellness Resort 


Italy: Forte Village


Forte village in Italy is one of the best multi-activity retreats for a swimming focused holiday. Not only has the Forte Village beach been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but the retreat itself has a grand total of 9 seawater and freshwater swimming pools for you to practice in. Test your endurance with everything from cycling and Zumba to boxing and spinning as a guaranteed way to build your strength and boost your mood. This retreat also offers numerous restaurants and cuisines for you to try. Restaurants include Peruvian, vegetarian, classic Italian and even a Gordon Ramsay restaurant who, let’s not forget, is the winner of 7 Michelin stars! With all this to choose from and more, there’s sure to be something to satiate everyone’s palate.

More information: View Forte Village


Thailand: Kamalaya


This award-winning sanctuary and holistic spa has a stunning outdoor swimming pool that offers the perfect setting to indulge in your fitness passion. The state-of-the-art gym, the huge yoga sala and the glorious swimming pool have all been built looking out over the stunning Gulf of Thailand allowing you to enjoy a relaxing healing holiday whilst being surrounded by beautiful views. After a much-anticipated dip in the pool it’s time to rejuvenate in the glorious spa. Enjoy a range of treatments including detoxifying scrubs, organic facials and massages to get some much-needed TLC.

More information: View Kamalaya


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