A Closer Look at Cleansing and Detoxing with Phuket Cleanse

Two words that are evolving rapidly in the English language are ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’. Twenty years ago, a detox would have been used to describe the process of ridding the body of addictive substances (i.e. alcohol, heroin, prescription medications). While it still encompasses that today, it also has another meaning that is gaining ground. A detox is now seen to rid the body of multiple toxins, such as those brought in by pollutants and bad lifestyle habits. To achieve this, there is the positively promoted colon hydrotherapy or concoctions to ingest to help flush the digestive system. As detox establishments sprout up all over the globe, the number of people who are sceptical of such facilities are increasing.



So, what’s the truth - are these detox holidays and cleansing centres good? Or are they just an updated, more polished version of the snake oil salesman? Well, the answers to both questions is yes … and no. As with any product or service, you should educate yourself to be a smart consumer. If you find a detox centre in Brazil claiming to cure Stage IV lung cancer with a healing herbal elixir all for the low cost of 40,000 USD, then you need to avoid this place like the plague. If, on the other hand, you hear of a nutrition-friendly retreat where you can eat clean organic food, exercise in a safe environment, and learn to get deep sleep, then this decision is a bit more straightforward.



It is important to understand how a detox can reset your body, and there are some simple rules to follow when it comes to figuring out what each detox is about. If you see a cleanse or detox centre that claims to get rid of toxins and other pollutants to your body, ask the centre or company to let you know what toxins they are helping you expel. If they cannot answer the question, then you probably should look elsewhere.

Healthy breaks such as fitness holidays will also promote the removal of toxins through exercise, but you will most likely have come across juice fasts, juice cleanses and juice detoxes. You should question the companies peddling these juice miracles as well. While fruit and vegetable juice are certainly going to be healthy for several reasons, there are some important points to note. With fruit juices, you are still getting a lot of sugar, a lot of fruit and a lot of heavy fructose. And sorry to say, sugar (even good sugars) need to be consumed moderately.



What about vegetable juices - that must be OK, right? For the most part they are, but don’t fall for the sales pitch that checking into a centre to juice cleanse for a week is going to solve poor eating choices you have made over the course of a summer, a year, or a decade. While the opportunity for a juice fasting detox can be a good thing to kickstart healthy eating choices, the key to a healthy diet is moderation, lots of leafy greens, many more veggies than fruit, and little to no processed food. In short, common sense needs to rule the day.

At Phuket Cleanse, their philosophy is simple:

  • Eat clean food and populate your gut with good healthy bacteria.
  • Work out smartly and intensely (short bursts of high intensity training) in a safe environment with professional staff.
  • Sleep deeply - without proper sleep, a healthy lifestyle is next to impossible.