Holiday Tips for People with Diabetes

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Travelling is an exhilarating adventure that opens doors to new horizons, cultural discoveries, and unforgettable moments. For individuals with diabetes, embarking on this journey can require extra preparation and a positive mindset to ensure optimal blood sugar control and a worry-free experience.

Although long flights, time zone changes, and unfamiliar food choices may seem daunting, with careful planning and a proactive approach, you can conquer any challenges and embrace every moment of your travel escapades. To help make the most of your travel, our guide to healthy flying, with valuable tips and insights, may help with any other worries. 

Viewing these preparations as empowering steps that will enhance your travel experience rather than hindering it can help control your diabetes management. These tips will help you confidently embark on your journey, knowing you have everything in place to maintain stability and prioritise your well-being. So, let's dive into some research-backed tips to make your travels safer and help you fully embrace the joy of exploration.


Plan Your Meals

While on holiday, it’s excellent to explore local cuisines! To support this, it’s helpful to seek out restaurants with healthy options and note carbohydrate counts to maintain stable blood sugar levels, so you can savour the flavours of your destination while keeping your diabetes management on track. For example, a nutrition-friendly retreat may provide several food options low in carbs. Research consistently demonstrates that including various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes can significantly improve glycaemic control. Therefore, when preparing for your journey, it might be useful to pack various nutrient-dense snacks to nourish your overall well-being, combatting the notoriously unhealthy aeroplane food.

Consider convenient and healthy options such as mixed nuts and chickpeas, supplying essential nutrients, healthy fats, and fibre, making them an excellent choice for stabilising blood sugar levels, and fresh fruits, offering a sweet and refreshing option packed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre. That said, eating healthy on holiday, wherever you are, will be beneficial, supplemented through nutritious foods and packing snacks that align with your dietary needs.


Consult Your Doctor  

For a positive travel experience, seeking guidance from your healthcare provider before embarking on your trip is essential. Consulting your doctor allows you to ensure that your diabetes is well-managed, address any concerns, and receive personalised advice tailored to your needs. Your doctor's expertise can provide valuable insights on adjusting medication dosages, managing insulin, and coping with changes in routine while travelling. From this, you can approach your journey with peace of mind, knowing you are well-prepared to overcome potential challenges and make the most of your travel experience.


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Get Travel Insurance

Ensuring your health and well-being is a top priority, especially when managing diabetes. Securing travel insurance is a proactive and positive step to safeguard yourself during your travels. It is widely recognised that individuals with diabetes may encounter unique health challenges while visiting less-developed countries with limited access to medical care and supplies. This insurance provides peace of mind, assuring you during emergencies or unexpected health concerns.


Be Mindful of Alcohol 

Maintaining stability in blood glucose levels is crucial for a fun holiday experience, particularly for individuals with type 1 diabetes. While enjoying your travels is essential, it's equally important to be mindful of the impact alcohol can have. Alcohol can increase insulin sensitivity, leading to possible fluctuations and an increased risk of hypoglycaemia. However, by being proactive and making informed choices, you can effectively manage your diabetes while still savouring the joys of travel.

When it comes to alcohol, it's all about balance and making wise choices. Opting for lower-sugar options or selecting sugar-free mixers can be beneficial. Not only will you take care of your body, but you might also discover some tasty and refreshing concoctions on the way! Furthermore, regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels, especially before and after consuming alcohol, will help you enjoy your journey while prioritising your health and well-being.


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Keep Your Meds Cool

Ensuring the efficacy of your diabetes medications is of utmost importance, especially when facing extreme temperatures during your travels. Research has revealed that exposing insulin to high temperatures can result in rapid deterioration, potentially compromising its effectiveness in managing blood sugar levels. Proper storage and temperature maintenance are crucial to protect your diabetes supplies. Whilst many of our resorts offer ice/cool packs on request, consider taking travel coolers or insulated bags to preserve insulin and other medications. It is also wise to carry extra supplies to prepare for unforeseen circumstances or extended periods without access to temperature-controlled storage.

This allows you to focus on enjoying your travel experience while effectively managing your blood sugar levels and maintaining your overall well-being.


Exercise Regularly

Engaging in regular physical activity is a powerful tool for effectively managing diabetes. Exercise brings many benefits, including improved insulin sensitivity, better glucose control, and reduced risk of cardiovascular complications. Even while travelling, it is crucial to prioritise physical activity and find opportunities to stay active throughout your journey. When planning your itinerary, incorporate activities that involve movement and exercise. A hiking holiday can be an excellent way to explore new destinations while getting your daily physical activity, allowing you to discover the charm of a city or immerse yourself in the beauty of nature through scenic hikes or leisurely walks.

Furthermore, a refreshing dip can be an enjoyable way to stay active. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that engages multiple muscle groups and provides a cardiovascular workout without excessive strain on the joints. Whether swimming in the ocean or a pool, the water offers a soothing and invigorating environment to keep your body moving.


By following these tips, you can take control of your diabetes management while enjoying your travels. With careful planning, support from healthcare professionals, and a positive mindset, you can have a fulfilling and memorable journey, creating lasting memories while prioritising your health.


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