The Best Spa Treatments for Your Skin

The Best Spa Treatments for your Skin


When you first enter the world of skin treatments it can be as daunting as being presented with a restaurant menu printed in a foreign language. From scrubs to wraps, massages and holistic therapies, there is so much to choose from!  If you’re looking for that well-earned pampering treatment to make your skin glow, boost its appearance, texture, and health then you’ve come to the right place to help you choose the best spa treatments for your skin!

Firstly, we’d recommend identifying what you’re looking to achieve. Now this does not have to be as overly complicated as it sounds. Maybe you need some hydration, a lift, or want to bring life back to your skin. They’ll be a treatment that targets that concern – we’ve set out the benefits of some of the best treatments available on our wellness spa retreats to help you choose!


For your Body:

Try Ghassoul clay

Clay Skin Treatment


This one is a great all-rounder! It detoxifies the skin by drawing out dirt, sebum and toxins clogging the body thanks to the Moroccan clay powder’s high levels of ion exchange. It deeply cleanses and purifies the skin due to its molecular structure too! It reduces excess oil as the clay absorbs sebum which will help prevent blackheads from forming – particularly suited to men embarking on spa holidays who wish to get rid of unwanted spots on their bodies. It’s great at softening the skin, even on tough areas like elbows and knees. Ghassoul clay has natural astringent properties known for shrinking pores and tightening the skin giving a more youthful appearance instantly!

Best retreat for a Ghassoul clay treatment: Monchique Resort & Spa


Try Dead Sea Mud Treatment

Dead Sea Mud Treatment


This one even has history! It is said the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra visited the Dead Sea for its skin restorative powers. This mud has a unique composition with high concentrations of over 21 minerals! It exfoliates and detoxifies by absorbing toxins and dirt, leaving your skin more radiant and extremely soft. It nourishes and has anti-aging benefits by tightening the skin and encouraging blood circulation, as well as being known for alleviating acne and dry skin conditions through its antibacterial and moisture restoring properties.

If you’re looking for a healing holiday, then a dead sea mud treatment is a must with all its restorative and balancing abilities.

Best retreat for Dead Sea Mud Treatment: Casale Panayiotis


Try Hydrotherapy



We’ve all heard of hydrotherapy and figured it has something to do with water, but what exactly? It is the use of hot or cold water, such as in thermal baths, to relieve discomfort and promote physical and mental well-being. The benefits are vast from chronic issues such as arthritis to rehabilitating muscle injuries, from stress relief to detoxification (even lymphatic drainage). By inducing considerable sweat, the body secretes those unwanted toxins and flushes out impurities leaving the skin brighter and healthier overall!

Hydrotherapy has long been used in the health industry and on weight loss retreats, besides it’s calming effects, you really do feel refreshed inside and out!

Best retreat for Hydrotherapy: Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel


Try Algotherapy

Skin treatment Algotherapy


Algae in treatments dates back to ancient Chinese medicinal use! Nowadays, body wraps are the most common form of application, this is where a mask is applied all over the skin surface and the body is lightly wrapped before placing a thermal blanket over you to heat the skin’s surface and activate the product. Its effects are immediately visible as dead skin cells are removed to reveal new, soft, and smooth skin. It helps detoxify, rebalance, and hydrate your skin and well as being said to reduce fatigue, cellulite, and signs of aging.

Algotherapy can form a memorable part of a wellness holiday as they are truly an encompassing experience, leaving you glowing!

Best retreat for Algotherapy: Ayii Anargyri


For your Face:

Try a Microdermabrasion



The best way to describe what microdermabrasion is would probably be surgical skin revitalisation without the surgery. It is definitely one of the fasted and most effective ways to achieve radiant skin! A pressurised jet basically buffs and polishes the skin with micro crystals made of aluminium oxide and removes layers and layers of dead skin which accumulates through oil, sebum, pollution, sun damage and age. We know, it does it all! Leaving just your perfect new skin visible!

You’ll be all rosy after your treatment and ready for your next one as part of a luxury spa break where you’ll thrive off looking after your body from the inside out!

Best retreat for Microdermabrasion: Thanyapura Health & Sports


Try a Caviar Facial

Caviar facial


A caviar facial is as glamorous as Breakfast at Tiffany’s! There are so many benefits to this treatment that derive from the caviar’s omega-3 and amino acids that improve the overall texture of your skin. It plumps and moisturises the skin, boosting collagen and protecting against UV rays with its antioxidants. Let’s not forget it also boosts the function mitochondria in skin cells which improves youthful looking skin on a cellular level! This makes it the perfect luxury spa treatment for people with dry or mature skin. 

It is an impeccably lavish addition to an anti-aging holiday, enjoy the royal treatment as those unwanted lines fade away!

Best retreat for a Caviar Facial: the BARAI spa


Try a Facial Radio Frequency Treatment

radio frequency


Radio Frequency Treatment is raved about in the beauty industry, even by Jennifer Anniston, who never seems to age! Facialists combine cutting edge technology with a hands-on approach to achieve the best results. This treatment is probably most simply described as a contour refiner, but how does it work? In basic terms, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, which declines with maturity. However, collagen is not something your body can absorb or supplement directly. Radio frequency effectively prompts the cells to produce it. As a bonus, it also increases oxygen levels in the skin which tackles dullness.

Our skin’s appearance is intrinsically linked to our mentality, so why not enjoy this treatment as part of a de-stress holiday?

Best retreat for Facial Radio Frequency Treatment: Palacio Estoril


Try a Foaming Enzyme Facial Treatment

Foaming Enzyme


Are you looking for a result-driven solution to a congested, tired appearance, especially for sensitive skin? Then a foaming enzyme facial on a relaxing and pampering spa break is your solution. This treatment won’t leave you without the natural oils we need in our skin, nor will it make your skin too stiff. Enzymes regulate the rate at which chemical reactions occur in the body and skin, therefore this treatment boosts your unique complexion and balances it. The foaming facial gently but effectively exfoliates and deeply cleanses the pores to help the skin to look clearer, happier, and healthier!

Best retreat for a Foaming Enzyme Facial Treatment: SHA Wellness Clinic


Try a Thalgo Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial


When it comes to skin, there are so many causes for problems, from pollution to our natural oiliness and then there are our dietary unhealthy habits which play a huge role. A Thalgo Oxygen Facial is a great ‘pick me up’ to reduce the effects of the everyday that tire the skin, including city fumes and makeup. The process involves a wand which delivers a stream of high pressurized oxygen to the skin’s surface, like magic! The concept behind is simple- we need oxygen to thrive and the more oxygen we have in our skin the more sublime it looks!

Access this revitalising facial as part of learning to live a healthier lifestyle on holiday. Somehow, it’s easier to let go of our unhealthy habits which also tire our skin when basking in the unique beauty and serenity of a wellness retreat in tropical climes!

Best retreat for Thalgo Oxygen Facial: BodyHoliday


Whether you are looking for an intense or gentle treatment, from needing a lift, a little more rosiness, refinement, or simple hydration these treatments are the best for your skin. We are all searching for that perfect remedy to enhance our skin’s radiance, it’s an important step to a much larger concept – our confidence. Confidence in our appearance boosts our happiness and encourages us to seize more opportunities, allowing us to live life to the full! Show off the best of your natural beauty!

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