The Top 10 Wellness Destinations that will Change your Life

The Top 10 Wellness Destinations that will Change your Life


Next time you go abroad, make it a life changing journey! Forget simply sitting by the pool – that’s for the old you; we’ve put together our favourite wellness retreats that endeavour to help you to change your life. Whether you want to catalyse a new body, take up yoga, quit smoking, de-stress or turn back the ageing hands of time, we’ve got the healthy holiday for you!

Our top 10 life-changing wellness retreats will inspire you to seek out that rut and kick start a transformation like never before. All our choices take place inside trusted luxury retreats that have a heritage of delivering exceptional wellness destinations for guests from across the world. With us, you’re in safe hands to ignite the inner adventure and fire up the new you.

Full Body MOT in St Lucia: The BodyHoliday BodyScience

BodyHoliday spa

Experience Ayurvedic Spa Treatments at The BodyHoliday

Get a body make over on an active holiday nestled in tropical St Lucia. Guests have the freedom to choose from a selection of programmes that tackle bodily health and pave the way to help changing their lives. Embark to a wellness destination with the BodyScience Plus programme to truly unleash the change in lifestyle you’ve been longing for. Each guest gets a master health check to assess their health and longevity whilst private training sessions interweave with Ayurvedic spa treatments to create a dynamic schedule that leaves you feeling revitalised from the inside out.

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The BodyHoliday

Heal your Mind in Portugal: Longevity Mindfulness

Spa Portugal

Enjoy the Spa at Longevity

Set amongst a tranquil, luxury retreat centre in Southern Portugal, this mindfulness programme works as an intensive ongoing workshop with the highly regarded teacher, Shantidevi Morton. Best for anyone looking to embark on a meditation holiday, this wellness destination is a chance to leave the stresses of life behind and centre in on you. You’ll change your life by learning how to assess your habits, lifestyle and any negative patterns of thought that hold you back from truth and inner happiness. Prepare to shed your outer layers, as you expand into a blissful new awareness.

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Longevity Medical Spa

Make a Change in Thailand: Kamalaya Embracing Change

Thailand meditation

Unwind body, mind and soul at Kamalaya

For anyone looking for a spiritual and holistic retreat, then this programme held on the former destination of a monks’ cave in southern Koh Samui, Thailand, couldn’t be more perfect. The schedule delicately blends lifestyle coaching with therapeutic spa treatments to ease guests into a transformative state of inner change. Techniques from East and West combine to generate a powerful course of new understanding within participants. Gradually, the programme culminates into a life-changing experience of centred guidance that leaves guest not only embracing change but welcoming it into an inner state of evolution.

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Fitness Transformation in Ibiza: The Body Camp

Ibiza beach volleyball

Get active by the beach at The Body Camp

The island destination of Ibiza is home to the original wellness explosion of Europe and The Body Camp is one fitness holiday in the pinnacle of physical transformation for guests from all over the world. Through a carefully crafted fitness programme, participants undergo circuit training, aerobics, yoga, dance, Swiss ball exercises, boxing, running, team games, body sculpting and, of course, lots of stretching. Each guest receives a detailed body consultation and full board of organic, superfood meals to truly transform the body inside and out. This is all combined with therapeutic massages and mindfulness coaching to ensure that your life is changed.

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The Body Camp

Quit Smoking in Spain: Marbella Club Anti-Tobacco

Marbella spa

Enjoy relaxing treatments at Marbella Club

Trying to quit smoking can be hard, but having the support of trained wellness practitioners to guide you through shedding your old habits can really help to change your life. Take a much needed stop smoking holiday that will make you ready for the change into a smoke-free lifestyle through the use of innovative technologies supported holistically to make the transition smooth and safe. Techniques such as co-oximetery and Ayurvedic massage are all utilised in this destination. On top of this, are daily sessions of Thalassotherapy to truly cleanse the body of toxins and leave guests feeling healthier and more ready for life.

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Marbella Club

Learn Yoga in India: Ananda Yoga

yoga India

Practice yoga outdoors at Ananda

For anyone looking to step into the world of yoga or simply deepen their existing practice, a trip on a wellness yoga holiday in the destination of India is an absolute must to help change your life! Set in the magical vista of the Himalayas, just outside Rishikesh, you’ll be sure to experience something authentic from the birthplace of yoga. Throughout your stay there’s unlimited access to group classes on top of numerous personalised Hatha yoga sessions and pranayama classes. Ayurvedic spa treatments are also employed to work on the internal energies of the body and help leave guests feeling revitalised.

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Ananda In The Himalayas

Beat Insomnia in Italy: Lefay Sleep Well

Italy massage

Be pampered at Lefay

For anyone at war with rest, in a battle with insomnia, or simply having trouble sleeping because of daily life, this specialist destination will help you discover the power of sleep and cure your insomnia. The wellness experts at Lefay have devised this programme to combine a soothing blend of spa treatments with energetic balancing techniques that help induce the parasympathetic nervous system and create the internal environment for rest. Set on the peaceful shores of Lake Garda, Italy, guests will have every opportunity to melt into the serenity of nature and learn how to sleep peacefully all the time.

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Cleanse in Greece: Divani Apollon Detox

detox Greece

Embrace healthy cuisine at Divani Apollon

To help induce a life changing spark of health into your life, journey to a detox destination in the Athenian Riviera that will certainly have you feeling cleansed inside and out. Guests receive a personalised nutrition plan to combat the build-up of toxins in the body and any particular health hang ups that come with this. To help you change your life, a schedule of yoga meditation sessions is devised to root out any unwanted lifestyle habits and bodily pangs. Finally, the whole programme is interwoven with wellness spa treatments to truly cleanse the mind, body and soul. 

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Divani Apollon Palace

Healthy Ageing in Spain: SHA Rejuvenation

water therapy

Try water therapy at SHA Wellness Clinic

Set on the golden mile of Marbella, transform yourself from the inside out on an anti-ageing destination in this idyllic place to rise like a phoenix. With a dynamic mix of therapeutic spa treatments and personalised fitness sessions, guests will both look and feel younger as the programme progresses.  This ultimate in luxury breaks provides the ideal answer to help you change your life aby allowing you to be pampered with stress free spa appointments. SHA Wellness Clinic utilises the leading innovative technology in wellness as well as implementing doctrines of health from East to West to ensure guests are rejuvenated.

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SHA Wellness Clinic

De-Stress in Bali: COMO Shambhala Estate Stress Management

consultation Bali

Personal wellness consultations at COMO Shambhala

Located on the culturally enthralling destination of Bali, get lost on a de-stress holiday that has everything you need to help change your life. Guests receive complimentary access to all group classes, steam & sauna rooms, and are given guided walking tours of the surrounding rice fields. Daily therapeutic treatments are the key component of the de-stress schedule, and guests have a choice of picking from the spa menu at their leisure. The beginning and end wellness consultations ensure each guest gets a personalised service and this acts as a foundation for unwinding in the private yoga sessions on offer too.

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COMO Shambhala Estate


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