The World’s Top Technology-Free Retreats

Two people addicted to smart phones.


We all know how addicting smartphones can be, and how much of our daily lives they can consume. In fact, according to a study published by King University, people touch their phones at 2,617 times per day! It can be surprising how much time we actually spend on our phones, and we can actually get fatigued quite easily if we don’t take a break! Our eyes need a rest after spending so many hours each week looking at bright screens, and our minds need a break too! It can be stressful constantly looking at what people are doing on social media and FOMO can have an effect on us, making us feel anxious and depressed when we compare other’s seemingly picture-perfect lives to our own. That’s why it can be extremely beneficial to your health to embark on a technology-free wellness retreat 


A Retreat for You and Your Phone! 

Digital Detox at Pine Cliffs Resort 

Aerial view of Pine Cliffs Resort 


This retreat is all about soaking in nature and taking a holiday without looking at your phone! Enjoy the surroundings of the Algarve, a sunny, gorgeous destination in Portugal. Upon arrival, your phone will have a retreat of its own in a “sleeping bag” in the care of staff! Pine Cliffs Resort is a stunning retreat that offers a sanctuary away from one of the most popular spots in Western Europe. The retreat offers an ayurvedic massage, crystal healing face therapy, and a detoxifying body scrub. In addition, enjoy time in the jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room! You’ll forget your smartphone even existed!  


Booking and Information: Pine Cliffs Resort 


Detoxing for the Mind, Body, and Phone 

Detox Retreat at Glass House 

Two women in a sauna at Glass House 


Situated in the United Kingdom, Glass House is a retreat dedicated to detoxifying your body and making you feel as fabulous and refreshed as possible! It’s no secret that our bodies can become congested with toxins from our respective diets and lifestyles - but our minds can suffer the same fate from constant smartphone use! At Glass House, you’ll be given a bespoke diet plan that includes nutritious hand-crafted meals and refreshing juices that will make your mouth water! Take a dip in the Himalayan salt block sauna, attend a motivational speaking session, and enjoy a Life Cube cryotherapy session! After a detox retreat of this calibre, the only scrolling you’ll do is to book your next retreat here! 


Booking and Information: Glass House Detox & Wellness Retreat


Seeing Beauty Without a Screen 

Nature’s Embrace at Chiva Som International Health Resort 

Yoga and stretching outside at Chiva Som


It’s no secret how much we love Chiva Som. This retreat is an experience unlike any other, and there are over fifteen all-star holidays to choose from! Based in Thailand, we believe a nature-based retreat is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to a digital detox! Envelop yourself in the raw beauty of Thailand through the seemingly infinite activities Chiva Som has to offer, such as forest excursions with hilltop meditation, organic garden tours, oriental foot rituals, and even a bamboo massage! You don’t always need to take a photo of beauty to experience it, and the plush gardens and natural scenery of this retreat will be etched into your head for years to come!  


Booking and Information: Chiva Som International Health Resort 


Helping Yourself Through Helping Others 

Joy of Giving at Shreyas 

 Tented cottage at Shreyas


One of the many treasures India has to offer, Shreyas is a retreat that revolves around the betterment of humanity and the effect charitable and kind acts have on our own well-being. Through the Joy of Giving retreat at Shreyas, engage with local Indian communities in cultural activities such as cooking and teaching children in local orphanages or schools! In addition, work on your own wellness with a walking tour of the village, sound meditation, and group chanting classes. A truly unforgettable and unique experience, this holistic retreat is for the traveller who wants to see how another part of the world truly lives and interacts without the distractions of the online world. 


Booking and Information: Shreyas 


Let Creativity and Nature Take Over 

Wellbeing Sabbatical at Kamalaya 

Yoga on the ball at Kamalaya


You’ve never seen Thailand quite like you have at Kamalaya. This cultural and wellness haven is the perfect destination for pure creativity and peace. The retreat is as exciting and packed with activities as it is relaxing and restorative. Some treatments include oil massages, infrared sauna sessions, traditional Asian foot massages, and tension relief massages for the upper and lower body. Spending this wellness sabbatical without your phone will open up your mind and expose you to the surrounding beauty of Bali without any distractions. Whether you’re enjoying an Indian head massage or an Ayurvedic massage, you’ll be satisfied and rejuvenated!  


Booking and Information: Kamalaya 


It’s important to understand how the relationships with our smartphones have developed over time and as society gets increasingly high-tech, unplugging and rejuvenating becomes all the more important. While smartphone use is inevitable and a daily occurence, it’s important that we give ourselves that break and avoid straining our bodies and minds. Each of these technology-free retreats are excellent teachers in that it’s possible to have a breathtaking experience and be surrounded by beauty without smartphones or technology. Experience nature as it was intended to be experienced and enjoy yourself! Happy travelling! 


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