Essential Tips for Staying Healthy on a Cruise

Our Naturopathic Nutrition Wellness Expert Hollie Bailey gives her essential tips for staying healthy on a cruise 

Are you cruising for travel hacks?

Having worked offshore on ships for weeks at a time, as well as being very mindful of health and fitness, here are my top 4 travel tips for a healthy cruise.

There are two common health risks on cruise ships to potentially encounter: getting sick and gaining weight.

Keep it clean

To prevent infection, use colloidal silver and a natural lavender hand sanitizer to spray yourself and your cabin. Grapefruit-seed extract has many essential oils, antioxidants and antimicrobials to fight bacteria in your system. Take oregano oil to prevent any digestive upsets, keep hydrated in the heat and bring activated charcoal in case of sickness.

Listen to your body

Cruising is synonymous with food, so rather than stressing about what you’re eating, take digestive enzymes. Stress hormones inhibit digestion and increase the rate of aging, so listen to your body – are you actually hungry or dehydrated? Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before mealtimes. Have a plate that’s 50% vegetables and don’t eat too late.

Battle the bloat

good digestion
To balance any excess ballast, take some peppermint oil capsules and digestive enzymes after meals to encourage digestion and take probiotics before, during and after your holiday. Add some fennel oil to your moisturizer and give yourself an abdominal massage (from right to left) if you feel bloated. This will stimulate digestion so your cruise could end up being a weight-loss holiday!

Work it out

HIT exercise is efficient and convenient as you can do this in your cabin or a quiet deck space outside. 20 minutes in the morning will leave you feeling guilt free to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Use massage balls to balance any back or posture issues from travelling. Join in on the scheduled fitness holiday classes and get outside in the fresh sea air while practicing yoga on the deck.

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