Top 5 Pilates Holidays: Get Toned and Trim

Whilst yoga can benefit a person's breathing and flexibility, a gradual fitness regime of Pilates will build a strong core, strengthen your back and maximise endurance. Though it was originally developed for dancers, Pilates can help anyone tone up and it can even improve your golf or tennis game. Fitness trends come and go but with all the physical and mental benefits, Pilates is here to stay.

There are various reasons why one should take it up. Perhaps, you crave a well-toned, perfectly sculpted body, or need to shape up for the summer. You may want to strengthen your back and abdominal areas or to start living a healthier lifestyle. It is perfect for those who are not regularly active, as you can go at a gentle pace and will feel the rewarding benefits from the very first lesson.

So is it popular with celebrities? Michelle Cassidy, a dancer performing Mystère, as part of Cirque du Soleil, does it three times a week, in order to enhance her flexibility, which is a necessary quality to have as a dancer. Dancers can also use it to strengthen and stretch muscles simultaneously, which means that this fitness regime can work well as a full workout or just a warm up.  Madonna is also enthusiastic about it and took it up after her shoulder was injured following a horse riding incident. So, Pilates worked well to repair the damage to her shoulder and formed an integral part of her rehabilitative process. Jessica Simpson sees it as an alternative to lifting weights, as it helps to tone rather than bulk up.         

But how can you make it interesting and fun to do? A health-focused Pilates getaway can make this exercise more beneficial by practising in a tranquil environment with various professionals to support your needs. Even more, a wellness break can offer an overall sport regime instead of just one type of activity and so you can benefit from a wide range of sport activities and wellness treatments. You can combine Pilates with a stress-away full body detox therapy in Portugal, kayaking in Turks and Caicos, a Balinese massage in Grenada, a volcanic stones body ritual in Spain or a body dance class in St Lucia.

There is more to a Pilates experience and an active and wellness escape can provide that for you. So work out, relax your body and senses in beautiful surroundings and learn how to live again.  Here is our top five Pilates holidays, so that you can start shaping your body and reaping the benefits. 

1. Parott Cay 

Turks and Caicos

Welcome to a fantastic experience on a private island, secluded from the rest of the world. At Parott Cay, guests can expect only the best service from their daily Pilates classes or outdoor Jacuzzi garden in this Asian-inspired paradise. Relaxation is an essential commodity and after re-energising their body, one can revive their mind with the various spa treatments. Enjoy the walks and treks in the extraordinarily beautiful landscape and let your troubles float away.|

2. Palacio Estoril Golf & Spa Hotel


Palacio Estoril is one of the most glamorous hotels in Portugal, famed for its history and connection to royalty. The hotel is perfectly located 20 minutes from the vibrant Portuguese city of Lisbon, and provides the best of both Worlds, close proximity to one of Europe's finest Cities, whilst also offering outstanding views over the Bay of Cascais. Palacio hosts the award winning Banyan Spa where you can enjoy rejuvenating treatments and pamper sessions, all perfectly tailored to your senses. With their extensive selection of comprehensive wellness programmes and all-round approach to wellness, Palacio provides you with the perfect environment to achieve you wellness goals, and also with the tools you need to sustain your wellness journey when you return home.

3. Pilates Reformer Bootcamp at Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary is a Moroccan inspired boutique resort situated on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Renowned for its fantastic fitness and weight-loss programmes and healthy holistic attitude to health and fitness, it features 2 yoga studios, 5 hydrotherapy rooms, sauna, herbal steam room, a dedicated fitness centre, Pilates reformer studio and an infinity edge pool. Absolute Sanctuary offer a comprehensive selection of wellness programmes, spa treatments and therapies that will leave you feeling re-juvenated, re-energised and re-vitalised when you return home.



4. Yoga or Pilates at Florblanca

Costa Rica

Situated in the natural beauty of the tropical jungle of Costa Rica, Florblanca is a luxury boutique retreat offering stunning views of the pristine beach and world famous surf, all from the comfort of your own luxury villa. The natural environment provides the ideal setting to enjoy various activities such as surfing, horse back riding, zip lining and hiking. Their exceptional Pilates and Yoga classes with help to balance your mind and body, before moving on to the Bambu Spa to de-stress and relax with their indulgent spa treatments. With fresh food served daily in the magnificent Nectar restaurant, your nutritional needs will also be taken care of, and when it's time to go home you will do so with your mind and body feeling fully refreshed and revitalised.


5. The BodyHoliday

St Lucia

Engage with the friendly locals and learn how to live a laidback and healthy lifestyle when, at The BodyHoliday. Get active and take your pick from a wide range of classes from Circus Trapeze to Spinning outdoors overlooking the beach. Enjoy a marma massage or hot stone therapy and divulge into an alternative serene universe. Yoga as well as Pilates classes are held daily and no stay is complete without a reservation to the exclusive dining experience at Tao, the resort's award winning restaurant, which offers western and eastern cuisine and can cater for all eclectic tastes.

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