Top 5 Yoga Retreats for Seniors

Here at Health and Fitness Travel, we believe your age shouldn’t dictate your opportunity to reap the rewards of a healthy, fulfilling life. That’s why we’ve carefully selected our top 5 yoga retreats for seniors, allowing our wisest generation to set out on novel adventures and fortify their health, just like any other wellness enthusiast would.

Yoga not only offers a host of life-changing benefits but is also a versatile form of exercise and something which people all of ages can enjoy. This is why it’s a fantastic way for older people to improve their strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination whilst helping with sleep and reducing stress. Yoga is of course a spiritual pursuit for many people as well, and has the potential to achieve profound changes in this area of wellness. Finally, a luxury yoga retreat offers an opportunity to deeply connect with new, like-minded people who share a strong passion for this peaceful way of being. 


Yoga for Life at Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Thailand 

Chiva-Som International Health Resort, known as the ‘Haven of Life’, beckons on the picturesque coast of Hua Hin, perfectly nestled in amongst an eco-system of luscious gardens. This luxury wellness retreat expertly creates the ideal environment to let go of any negativity, allowing you to surrender to the tranquil atmosphere and find a place of calm, essential for any transformative yoga holiday. As one of the world’s best luxury spa retreats, this is a brilliant place to aid your recovery with the famous Thai massage in all its glory, or a number of any other opulent therapies for that matter.  

For more information: View Chiva-Som International Health Resort 


Yoga at Ananda in the Himalayas, India 


Is there any better place in the world to perform yoga than the Himalayas? Northern India is the birthplace of this ancient pastime, and the masters at Ananda know just how much potential there is to achieve a profound state of well-being through this powerful practice. These breath-taking mountains are the tallest in the world and set the stage for deep and profound introspection, if you’re lucky, you may even experience non-duality as did English philosopher Douglas Harding many years ago. Having won awards ‘Best for Yoga’ and ‘Best for Mind & Spirit’, this will no doubt be a truly special spiritual and holistic holiday experience. 

For more information: View Ananda in the Himalayas 


My Regeneration at My Arbor, Italy 


Our next jaw-dropping mountainous retreat takes you to the stunning Dolomites of Italy. These UNESCO World Heritage mountains have been officially recognised for their unique features and charming beauty. This retreat is a particularly good option as a luxury de-stress holiday because of its emphasis on teachings in peace and letting go. You’ll also have personal tutoring for yoga nidra, a fantastic form of yoga which allows for self-reflection and is suitable for all levels of ability. Finally, return home feeling renewed and revitalised after three 70 minute sessions of shirodara, an ayurvedic practice known to promote a deep state of pleasure and relaxation. 

For more information: View My Arbor 


Yoga & Mindfulness at Euphoria Retreat, Greece 


Just ten minutes from the city centre of Sparta, Euphoria Retreat not only offers a location rich with fascinating history and culture, but is also our most well-rounded yoga holiday experience for you. With over thirteen different wellness activities included with the 7-day stay, this is set to be a transformative week for your well-being. The Yoga & Mindfulness programme features several comprehensive health, nutrition and transformation consultations, personalised yoga and meditation sessions as well as variety of reinvigorating spa therapies for recovery. With the added element of both private and group meditation sessions, this programme is also a fantastic option for a mindfulness and meditation retreat. 

For more information: View Euphoria Retreat 


Elite Retreat at Grantley Hall, United Kingdom


For a shorter wellness holiday that’s closer to home, you may consider a visit to Grantley Hall. Secluded amongst luscious rolling hills in the countryside of North Yorkshire, this prestigious luxury wellness retreat has won countless awards and is renowned for its outstanding hospitality. Your one night stay here will be anything but uneventful – begin with an in-depth wellness and nutrition consultation, before working with a personal trainer to learn effective ways to move your body. This will then be followed up with EMS, specialist ELITE treatment, and of course, the all-important yoga practice with a heavenly massage in the spa to round things off. 

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