Top 7 Short-Haul Detox Retreats

Discover how to cleanse and nurture your body in just a few days with our top 7 short-haul detox retreats. Get ready to expel those nasty toxins and break unhealthy habits in a choice of superb destinations including Italy, Greece, Turkey and France. Gain incredible knowledge about how to best benefit your body with a range of health tests including everything from a glycaemic and lipid structure evaluation in Italy to a biophysical evaluation in Portugal. Treat your body to a rejuvenating diet with detox supplements, healthy and delicious meals or daily cleansing juices for a truly refreshing detox holiday experience.

Spain: SHA Wellness Clinic Detox

Take part in relaxing beach yoga at SHA Wellness Clinic

Our detox holidays in Spain may be a great way to achieve a bikini body, but, more importantly, they’ll also leave you full of energy and detoxify your system. Focus on rebalancing your system in Spain on our healthy nutrition centric holiday at SHA Wellness Clinic. Europe’s first luxury health retreat is dedicated to macrobiotics, a dietary regime which involves eating grains to energise your body, normalise your body weight and calm your mind so you revive and restore a sense of total physical and mental well-being. This luxury detox retreat offers a comprehensive programme of yoga, meditation, cooking classes, walks and Tai Chi, along with holistic therapies such as acupuncture and reiki.

More information: View SHA Wellness Clinic

Italy: Lefay Detox

Enjoy breath-taking surroundings at Lefay Detox in Italy

Kick-start your healthy habits in the beautiful land of Italy on the Lefay Detox. Relax with a tui na massage and unico cielo facial cleansing ritual in the stunning Lefay spa or boost your energy with an energy body scrub and aroma-hydrotherapy session with essential oils. Get some expert advice with a food intolerance check-up so you can spend your healing holiday treating both the inside and outside of your body. At Lefay the phrase “your body is a temple” is not taken lightly so be prepared for a truly rejuvenating experience.

More information: View Lefay

Portugal: Vilalara Longevity Medical Spa Detox

Indulge in a relaxing stone massage at Vilalara Longevity Medical Spa in Portugal

Situated in Portugal’s Algarve region, Longevity Vilalara Medical Spa is the first of its kind in the country. With awe-inspiring surrounds and luxury holiday facilities, you can enjoy a choice of wholesome gourmet food, treatments and activities in a quiet mountainous setting with stunning vistas. Their comprehensive spa offers a range of revitalising services including body scrubs, massages and bathing rituals. They also provide a series of consultations and evaluations to ensure that your treatments and therapies will be as helpful as possible. To get rid of stress and regain focus, try one of their relaxation classes.

More information: View Vilalara Longevity Medical Spa

Greece: Porto Elounda Detox

Experience a range of rejuvenating body treatments at Porto Elounda in Greece


De-stress and improve your health on a luxurious detox retreat at Porto Elounda. Perched above the turquoise waters of Crete’s Mirabello Bay, this luxury spa destination provides a comprehensive programme of therapeutic massages, wraps, baths and more to expel the toxins from your body and the distractions from your mind. During your retreat, you can attend a variety of complimentary activities like yoga, water aerobics and Oriental dancing for the ultimate holistic holiday that will leave you fully rejuvenated and inspired even after your stay.

More information: View Porto Elounda

Turkey: Sianji Master Detox

Relax in the stunning wellness facilities at Sianji in Turkey

Get the motivation you need to develop a healthier way of life on our detox retreat at Sianji Well-being Resort. This stunning coastal retreat supports guests by providing a wide variety of consultations, guidance, activities, facilities, cuisine and therapies that ensure their personal wellness needs are met. Nourish your system with superfoods like spirulina and wheatgrass or de-stress on holiday as you harmonise your mind and body with yoga and meditation. To get the most out of the resort’s ideal location, you can go for an outdoor run or swim at the beach, but Pilates and water gymnastics also offer opportunities to exercise indoors.

More information: View Sianji Well-being Resort

France: La Clairiere Detox

Make the most of your surroundings with outdoor yoga at La Clairiere Bio and Spa Hotel

With our detox holiday at La Clairiere, you can flush your system of harmful toxins and relax in a tranquil, eco-friendly destination while you do it. Situated amid serene forests in the Alsace region of France, this bio spa and hotel approaches detoxification from several angles. They provide a nutritious diet in addition to daily holistic activities and classes, like yoga and outdoor fitness sessions. They also offer an excellent variety of therapeutic treatments including massages, scrubs, infrared sauna sessions and more.

More information: View La Clairière Bio & Spa Hotel

Italy: Forte Village Thalasso Detox


Relax your body with a range of massages at Forte Village in Italy

Give your body the treatment its always deserved on the Forte Village Thalasso Detox in Italy. Enjoy a true pampering holiday experience with detoxifying therapeutic massages, marine mud therapy sessions and relaxing yoga to get your body feeling balanced and rejuvenated. Discover the inner-workings of your body with a glycaemic and lipid structure evaluation, a lactate test and abdominal-pelvic ultrasonography for a more scientific approach. Forte village truly is the ideal spot to relax and de-stress whilst you learn expert tips to nurture and cleanse your body.

More information: View Forte Village Thalasso Detox


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