Where to go on a Wellness Holiday in Autumn 2023

Where to go on a Wellness Holiday in Autumn 2022


With the end of summer fast approaching, many travellers are looking ahead to booking autumn wellness retreats to boost their fitness, detox or simply relax. From yoga and spa holidays in Portugal to detox retreats in Thailand, these retreats offer something for every type of wellness traveller with some even including great money-saving offers for the Autumn months including up to 30% off room rates. With the summer holidays out of the way, there isn’t a better time to invest in your whole-body wellbeing than the Autumn on one of these luxurious wellness retreats:


Portugal: Sense of Rejuvenation at Palacio Estoril Golf and Spa Hotel

Beach meditation overlooking the Bay of Cascais at Palacio Estoril golf and spa hotel

Enjoy the feeling of being completely relaxed and rejuvenated looking over the Bay of Cascais as you indulge yourself in some of the best spa treatments that Portugal has to offer. Relax and indulge at the stunning Palacio Estoril with a selection of luxurious and revitalising spa treatments for head-to-toe pampering and rejuvenation at the award-winning Banyan Tree spa. From traditional Indian head massages to cleansing facials, every procedure is destined to nourish your body, mind, and soul on this refreshing wellness break. Combine your spa regime with daily fitness classes as well as complimentary gym and dynamic pool access to set the tone for a fit and healthy week, leaving you feeling truly revitalised from the inside out - you'll return from your spa holiday glowing!

Information and Booking: Sense of Rejuvenation at Palacio Estoril Golf and Spa Hotel


Italy: Menopause at Preidlhof

Expert menopause therapy at Preidlhof

The Menopause retreat at Preidlhof allows time for reflection, reconciliation, and self-discovery. Key to the retreat are ancient and contemporary healing treatments, led by expert therapists, that increase energy-levels, improve lifestyle, and help treat all the new physical, emotional, and psychological challenges presenting as part of your menopause journey. Treatments are supported by means of real-time biofeedback and data analysis. You can also assess your biological age, and quantitatively measure, from beginning to end, the benefits of health and lifestyle changes during the retreat. Engaging classes such as dance, voice training and forest bathing further amplify the pleasure of being alive and being a woman. You’ll connect with nature in the beautiful Italian countryside and leave this tailored women’s retreat empowered and invigorated.

Information and Booking: Menopause at Preidlhof


Ibiza: Fitness at Six Senses Ibiza

Yoga by the ocean at Six Senses Ibiza

Engage your mind and body by focusing on movement, low and high intensity training as well as recovery treatments, meditation, and sleep. This can be the perfect opportunity to kickstart or continue your fitness journey. Six Senses take a personalised approach towards full body wellness so you can really gauge how to make the most of your wellness break this Autumn. Help yourself improve muscle tone and strength, flexibility, agility and help reduce the risk of weight gain and chronic disease. Being an extremely tailored experience, this healthy holiday can be done at your own pace and at your own ability level, so you can feel fully confident and happy with your own progress and achievements. 

Information and Booking: Fitness at Six Senses Ibiza


Cyprus: Pilates at Casale Panayiotis

View overlooking Kalopanayiotis at Casale Panayiotis

Immerse yourself in relaxation and an exquisite Cypriot backdrop on a holistic Pilates holiday nestled in the ancient spa village of Kalopanayiotis this Autumn. Enjoy calming treatments at Casale Panayiotis’s Myrianthousea Spa, mindfulness meditations with expert instructors and private Pilates sessions that are proven to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll focus on improving your flexibility, posture, and coordination, whilst also enjoying the traditional delicacies and incredible mountain trails that surround Casale Panayiotis.  The perfect opportunity to kickstart your wellness journey, this healthy retreat gives you the chance to rediscover the balance between your mind, body, and soul.

Information and Booking: Pilates at Casale Panayiotis


Lithuania: Ayurveda Retreat at Vilnius Grand Resort

Luxurious sauna at Vilnius Grand Resort

Escape into a world of ancient therapy with an Ayurveda focused getaway, perfect for strengthening your body’s natural defences ahead of winter. At Vilnius Grand Resort, the traditional Eastern medicinal system champions a balanced body, mind, and spirit of which you will achieve following a health assessment and bespoke retreat plan detailing Ayurvedic body treatments, herbal steam treatments, and multiple pranayama sessions to enrich your body and mind. Enjoy the extensive spa and fitness facilities available at Vilnius Grand Resort as part of your stay and return feeling grounded, strengthened, and renewed ahead of the winter months.

Information and Booking: Ayurveda Retreat at Vilnius Grand Resort


Portugal: Yoga Retreat with Matt Huy & Saz Newman at Retreat Away


Expert lead yoga classes in the beautiful Algarve

Immerse yourself on a special yoga and wellness retreat with Matt Huy and Saz Newman, in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal between the 9th and 13th October. This fantastic duo with their extensive experience in yoga, will give you their years of expertise and guide you in a variety of yoga styles and coaching from Matt’s further knowledge. With delicious healthy food and group classes with both Matt and Saz, you can soak up the stunning surrounding area from Longevity Health and Wellness' yoga studio and explore the Algarve on a SUP excursion with your fellow yogis. Designed for all skill levels, soak up mindful enthusiasm and valuable knowledge on this peaceful and explorative yoga experience.

Information and Booking: Yoga Retreat with Matt Huy & Saz Newman at Retreat Away


Vietnam: Retreat Inclusive at TIA Wellness Resort

Luxury poolside suite at TIA Wellness Resort

Enhance your state of mind, inner balance, and creative expression with TIA’s bespoke Wellness Inclusive retreat this Autumn. Located on an exquisite beachfront in Da Nang, the Private Pool Villas have the most picturesque of views. Break free from routine to relax and refocus with spa treatments, creative activities designed to elevate your sense of life purpose. Learn to lead a healthier lifestyle by upgrading your diet, your stress management and mindfulness. Between TIA’s blend of authentic well-being with understated luxury, you will positively return home renewed, having practiced Tai Chi, Yoga and attended a breathwork master class.

Information and Booking: Retreat Inclusive at TIA Wellness Resort


Thailand: Art of Detox at Chiva Som International Health Resort

Refreshing juice detoxification at Chiva Som International Health Resort

Chiva Som are experts in detoxification with a range of medical, holistic, spa and wellness treatments to provide the perfect solution for you. This wellness holiday allows you to decide whether to go through a radical or gentle dietary change and to vary the length according to your needs. You also have the option to incorporate colonic hydrotherapy into the programme to help with the detoxification process. A set of herbal and nutritional supplements will ensure that your detox pathways will work optimally. Your health and wellness advisor will assist you in making the right choices to personalise your health programme and will monitor your progress throughout your stay.

Information and Booking: Art of Detox at Chiva Som International Health Resort


As you can see, the options available to you for a luxury wellness holiday are as abundant in number as they are diverse in the services and treatments that they offer. Whether you’re someone wanting to relax with Pilates in the Mediterranean or someone looking to improve their natural immunity and resistance for the coming winter, it is our hope that we have aided you on this journey towards a greater understanding of what is available to you by listing just a few of the wonderful wellness holidays that might suit you best.


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