Yoga Inversion Benefits

Feetup trainer

Surrender to the force of gravity and enjoy your yoga pose favourites!

Seeing the world inverted: Master your inversions and expand your yoga practice

Surrender to the force of gravity and enjoy your yoga pose favourites!

There are so many different types of yoga and yoga holidays to choose from, it can be challenging to know which one to choose and which type is right for you. Inevitably, there are always inversions in each yoga variations due to their multiple benefits.

Going upside down can be a little intimidating and a yoga stool can be a perfect companion for your yoga practice.


What is it?

If you feel anxious about turning upside down, or have a neck or spinal injury, then there are tools to help you get into inversions in a safe and easy manner. The FeetUp trainer was developed as a beginner’s tool, that makes inverted postures accessible to everyone. A cushioned stool aids in supporting the head, neck and spine comfortably and safely, whilst giving the reassurance of stability and robustness.



Our Wellness expert, and Nutritionist Hollie Bailey says “Feet Up is a new yoga gizmo that helps you go upside down, and was invented to help you do just that. The stool is robust, made of Birchwood and is very comfortable. With FeetUp, you feel safe!”


What Are the Benefits?

- Invigorates your digestive system.

- Stimulates your cardiovascular system. Going against gravity helps the venous

return thereby improving circulation

- Stimulates the lymphatic system.

- Stronger Muscles. Because gravity is pulling against your body, your muscles are

working harder than usual to keep you balanced.

- Psychological benefits. Working up towards something like an arm balance requires humility and perseverance. We learn to fall out of a pose and to get back up again. Try not to be too hard on yourself, laugh and have fun in the process!

- Spinal Decompression. Spinal realignment and decompression are some of the myriad of positive side effects that aerial yoga enthusiasts enjoy. We spend so many hours of our day hunched over a desk, computer or phone screen. All of this has a huge impact on your spine.


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