• The World's Best Spas for Weight Loss, Fitness and Pampering


    Maybe you’re looking for a weight loss holiday, a fitness holiday, a spa holiday, or perhaps you want all three at once? Look no further, as here at Health and Fitness Travel, we think this is a totally acceptable holiday request – in fact, it’s what we specialise in! There’s great importance in letting your body rest and recover from any exercise, so why not throw in a massage (and maybe a facial whilst you’re at it too). So whether you’re looking to simply indulge in foot rubs or expand using the principles of Ayurveda, we’ve got the ideal healthy holiday for you. Below is our top pick of wellness spas that dedicate themselves to the knowledge of well-being so you’ll always be in good hands.

  • The World's Most Unusual Fitness Workouts

    There’s never been a better time to catch the fitness bug, so why not get your fitness fix on a wellness holiday? Gone are the days of the mundane gym class; instead, increasingly alternative workouts are springing up worldwide to cater for fitness fans who demand more from their exercise. Fitness retreats worldwide are subsequently pushing the boundaries of what classifies as a workout; providing exciting new ways to exercise beyond the gym floor.

  • The World's Top Bucket List Wellness Hotels

    We all know the world is a beautiful place, but the real question is: where to begin? With so much on offer, we’ll never get around to seeing it all. That’s why we’re giving you the low-down on our absolute favourites and compiling this ultimate collection into a bucket list of wellness escapes. From Europe to Asia and Arabia to the Caribbean, our top picks combine the most beautiful locations with the ultimate in luxury well-being programmes. Each wellness holiday offers something from the cannon of well-being, and often specialises in yoga, fitness, spa treatments or mindfulness. So, whatever you want to experience and wherever you want to explore, we’ve got the wellness escape for you!

  • Top 10 Activity Holidays in Europe

    Top 10 Activity Holidays in Europe


    Escape a sedentary lifestyle at home with an active holiday in Europethat will inspire you, and return a youthful lease of life to your body. If you're looking to improve your fitness, challenge your body or simply have fun learning a new skill, then look no further than our 10 best activity holidays in Europe. From yoga and surfing in Morocco to mountain biking in Italy and cycling in Mallorca, be inspired and have fun on one of these top activity breaks.

  • Top 10 Adventure Sports Holidays for Fitness Fans

    Top 10 Adventure Sports Holidays for Fitness Fans


    Looking for a healthy break with the perfect mix of adventure, fitness and wellness? Look no further! Our adventure sports holidays allow you to explore your adventurous side, whilst reaping the added benefits of keeping fit and active.

  • Top 10 Best Spa Breaks in Europe

    Need a time-out from the stresses and strains of everyday life? If you are looking to get away for a dose of wellness without the stress that comes with long haul flights, we are here to help with our top spa breaks in Europe. From a detox spa break to a healing spa retreat, achieve optimal well-being and total relaxation with a wide range of spa treatments tailored to your individual wellness needs. A far more convenient and better value option to travelling half way around the world in search of winter sun and exotic beaches, Europe still has plenty to offer. Whether you fancy a beach spa break or an escape to the countryside, you’re bound to have your energy restored and your senses revived.

  • Top 10 Bootcamp and Fitness Holidays for 2016

    Top 10 Bootcamp and Fitness Holidays for 2016


    Get back on the fitness track this coming year with a trip to one of our exhilarating bootcamp and fitness holidays. Whether to kick-start weight loss or improve cardiovascular health, build your strength and endurance whilst surrounded by an idyllic wellness destination. Go for a 1-on-1 workout session or opt to join fellow fitness junkies on an outdoor circuit training class as you experience a fitness holiday that will keep your heart pumping. Regardless of your fitness level, rest assured that we have the right healthy holiday to help you achieve your goals. Here, we round up 10 of our best bootcamp and fitness holidays to whip you into shape for 2016.

  • Top 10 Family Friendly Spa Holidays


    “Are we there yet?” If you think luxury spa holidays are a no-go zone with the children in tow, think again. With our top 10 family friendly spa holidays, you no longer have to choose between family time and relaxation.

  • Top 10 Healthy Summer Holidays in Europe

    Why waste time lying around on a fly-and-flop holiday when you could invest in your well-being by embarking on a healthy summer holiday at one of our luxurious destinations around Europe.

  • Top 10 Travel Tips for Solo Travellers

    As one of the fastest growing trends in travel, traveling solo no longer means traveling alone. From group fitness classes, to group cultural tours and singles only tables at meal times, it really has never been easier to meet fellow solo travellers on our healthy singles holidays. Here, we share our top 10 travel tips for first time solo travellers, from joining a tour to learning a little of the language.

  • Top 10 Trek and Hiking Adventure Holidays

    Top 10 Trek and Hiking Adventure Holidays

    If you’re looking for a change of scenery, escape on one of our hiking and trekking holidays, for an exhilarating journey that will bring you closer to nature in the great outdoors. Fill your mind with wonder as you discover new surroundings and stretch those legs, reaping the rewards of a healthy hiking holiday in the great outdoors. Whether volcano hiking or jungle trekking, be inspired to get out of your comfort zone and explore nature as you traverse stunning landscapes around the world.

  • Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World

    Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World


    If you're feeling worn out from the stresses of your daily routine and need an escape, then a trip to a wellness retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. More than just a simple spa break, wellness retreats are designed to address any number of specific ailments with tailored programmes focused on detox, weight loss, stress reduction and anti-ageing to mention just a few. From hi-tech European spas to luxurious island getaways and everything in between, our top 10 wellness retreats in the world are sure to leave you feeling fully rejuvenated. So what are you waiting for? With hand-picked destinations from all over the globe, you are sure to find something to suit your wellness needs.

  • Top 10 Winter Sun Healthy Holidays to Book Now

    Escape the chill and swap your woolly hat for a straw one with our top 10 sun-soaked wellness breaks guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With the short winter days meaning the only chance for some sunshine is a chilly dash outside at lunchtime, many of us spend our time daydreaming of long white beaches and balmy evenings. The British summer may still seem a long way off but you can book now to enjoy our warming winter escapes with tropical weather, exhilarating adventures and luxurious spa treatments, which are all just a plane journey away.

  • Top 3 Fusion Fitness Trends

    Top 3 Fusion Fitness Trends

    Bored of the same old gym routine? Some people like regularity and familiarity, however for those that don't, you often need some excitement and invention when exercising! The recent trend towards hybrid workouts and fusion classes combines two or more sports or classes to create an even more powerful concept. As you would expect, weird and wonderful creations have emerged, some more successful than others, all aimed at getting you into shape. We give you our 3 top new fusion fitness trends, which are a convenient 45 minutes long, guaranteed to get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face! 

  • Top 5 Activity Holidays for Fitness Fans

    Top 5 Activity Holidays for Fitness Fans

    If you’re a fitness fan looking for an energetic getaway to help increase your well-being, then our activity holidays may be just what you’re after. Whether you’re looking to be active with your family and friends, or simply on your own, we have a variety of healthy holidays on offer from across the world where every day is different.

    There’s something for everyone with our healthy retreats, ranging from a selection of active lifestyle classes indoors, to a host of varied outdoor sporting activities. Alongside this, you have the option of visiting our award-winning spas where you can enjoy therapeutic treatments to help you relax after your chosen activity. Our activities offer endless ways to improve your well-being and mind set, and through indulging in one of our health and fitness holidays, you will reap the benefits from the minute you set foot in your chosen resort. Here are our top 5 recommendations for an active break where you can design your own luxury fitness holiday to suit your needs.

    St Lucia: The BodyHoliday, LeSport

    An Aquafit class on The Body Holiday


    Explore St Lucia’s beautiful Island by embarking on this health and fitness retreat in the Caribbean. Make the most of the island’s spectacular scenery on a singles holiday with an early morning bike ride, and enjoy a host of activities on offer for all ages over the course of the day; ranging from scuba diving to Pilates and  mountain biking to yoga. Ensure you reach your peak level of fitness with group exercise classes, featuring a host of active lessons such as beach blitz, body combat, body spin and box fit to get your heart racing. After the sun sets, the hotel’s award-winning spa offers the perfect way to unwind, and with a large variety of inclusive spa treatments on offer, you’ll be able to relax, de-stress and enhance your personal well-being.

    More information: View The BodyHoliday

    Thailand: Thanyapura

    Escape the stresses of everyday life to the peace and tranquillity of Thailand. This active holiday boasts some of the industry’s top sports and fitness coaches from across the world to help you get the most out of your healthy holiday. Push yourself to the limit with our cardio, mind, body, strength and sports exercises, and with a host of optional classes within these exercises including Core Fusion workout, Muay Thai boxing, and Core Balance; you’ll have endless opportunities to try something new. Ensure you don’t miss out on the variety of spa treatments on offer from massages and reflexology treatments making your fitness break also a good destination for a spa holiday.

    More information: View Thanyapura

    Portugal: Galo Resort

    A diving holiday in Portugal to plunge and discover the underwater world. it's suitable for beginner divers as well as those who dive a lot, with coaching in a pol and equipment hire you are to be sure that you will have everything you need. You can then take to the open waters and in the sparkling Atlantic. You will get to see the beautiful corals and spot the underwater creatures on their journeys. You can immerse yourself int he beauty and take your time to see the world we don't often get to see int his sensational setting. 

    More information: View Galo Resort

    Morocco: Paradis Plage

    A surfers paradise in the Moroccan waves, catching the big ones after your coaching lessons, guides or even combine it with yoga, there is something for all levels of surfers. You can really make your surfing holiday your own with the choice of the three programmes and take a break with group classes Paradis Plage has to offer including yoga, mountain walks and beach circuit training. You can meet your surfers dream on the beach and enjoy the sand between your toes off the board for both a physical and well-being holiday. 

    More information: View Paradis Plage

    Thailand: Absolute Sanctuary

    Pilates is a great activity that more people are looking to do as a holiday. The Pilates Reformerprogramme at Absolute Sanctuary gives you the access to the equipment and coaching for you to focus solely on your Pilates. With a combination of private and group Pilates sessions, you are sure to get the expertise and practice into your form and to gain new experiences, focusing in your Pilates. Don't forget to unwind in the spa and taking your time to soothe your muscles in your back, neck and shoulder massage. Discover Pilates like you haven't before and get all the tips and knowledge for you to take home to your Pilates classes at home. 

    More information: View Absolute Sanctuary


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  • Top 5 Best Sport & Fitness Resorts

    Stay active on holiday instead of being a victim of the buffet-and-booze weight gain. When it’s time to escape the daily grind, opt for a sport and fitness resort to really go that extra mile and prove it’s not impossible to stay healthy on holiday.

  • Top 5 Fitness Holidays for the New Year

    Looking for the perfect place to recharge yourself?If you are one of those whose New Year's resolution is to get fit, why not find inspiration and motivation across the globe on a health and fitness holiday? One of the best ways to ensure that this year's resolution becomes a reality is to kick-start 2012 with an active break to an exotic destination.

  • Top 5 Fitness Spa Breaks in Europe

    Top 5 Fitness Spa Breaks in Europe


    As the heat rises and the winter layers of clothes lessen, every year summer prompts us to ditch the couch and lace up our trainers in pursuit of our best beach body. Instead of hurrying to your nearest Spinning class, why not book a spa holiday that will boost your health and fitness whilst offering relaxation too with 5 of the best spa breaks for summer fitness.

  • Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats

    Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats


    If you are looking for a healthy holiday with your partner which will set you both on the pathway to a healthier lifestyle, look no further as we round up our top 5 luxury couples wellness retreats from around the globe. 

  • Top 5 Luxury Couples Wellness Retreats

    If you are looking for a healthy holiday with your partner which will set you both on the pathway to a healthier lifestyle, look no further as we round up our top 5 luxury couples wellness retreats from around the globe. 

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