• How to Boost Fertility on Holiday by Changing Your Diet

    Boost Fertility on Holiday by Changing Your Diet

    When it comes to fertility, being too thin can be just as detrimental as being overweight, which is why it is so important to achieve optimal well-being through healthy nutrition. Studies have shown that unexplained infertility can often be improved by lifestyle changes, especially nutrition; highlighting the importance of a healthy diet when trying to conceive. For a healthy pregnancy, a healthy diet should contain the appropriate vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to help protect the egg and sperm from damage caused by free-radicals. Fat is also a vital nutrient for fertility as it is necessary for the body to ovulate and for hormone production.

  • Mother's Day Fitness Breaks for Mums and Daughters

    Mother's Day Fitness Breaks for Mums and Daughters

    The mother-daughter bond can be strengthened through exercise; a bond so powerful it affects a woman’s health, self-esteem and all her other relationships. With this in mind, we shine the spotlight on our top 5 mother-daughter fitness breaks, which make for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. From detoxing in the British countryside to swimming on the Spanish coast, strengthen your body and your bond on one of our female-friendly fitness breaks.

  • Retreat Away Announces New Menopause and Stress Retreat

    Menopause and Stress Retreat at Longevity Cegonha Country Club in Portugal


    Offering natural solutions for menopause, perimenopause and the prevention of Osteoporosis, Retreat Away has announced a brand new menopause and stress retreat set to be hosted by Dr Marilyn Glenville, PhD of the Natural Health Practice.

  • The Benefits of Weightlifting for Women

    Weightlifting Women at the gym and it's benefits


    Think of “weightlifting” and you picture muscle-bound strongmen straining under heavily- loaded barbells. As such, many women are put off lifting weights because they assume it'll make them bulky; the fact is that regular resistance exercises will create definition and strength, but stronger doesn't equal bigger for us females. Building and gaining muscle takes a great deal of dedication and it's actually very hard for women to bulk up - we simply don't have high enough testosterone levels.


  • The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats

    The Best 5 Menopause Wellness Retreats


    Menopause, a shared experience thatmany women must go through at some point in their life.Yet, so many areleft without the support they need to cope with the symptoms, making this transitional time of life isolating. Juggling work, social and family life whilst also navigating menopausal symptoms can be overwhelming. But you don’t need to suffer and endure this alone. On these retreats you can get the personalised attention you need to better manage the symptoms and with over30 recognised ones for menopause, you can target the ones that effect you.Handle your hormones, say goodbye to exhausting hot flushes, andrid yourself of debilitating mind fog,with a tailored retreat!Without further ado these areour picks for the best 5 menopause wellnessretreats: 

  • The Best Natural Wellness Treatments for Menopause Relief

    The Best Natural Wellness Treatments for Menopause Relief

    Menopause is one of the many things that puts women to the test, inflicting distressing effects upon those aged roughly between 45 and 56. The most common of which range from hot flushes, night sweats, and headaches to insomnia, anxiety, and depression. HRT or hormone replacement therapy has always been the conventional means of treating the symptoms of menopause but has recently been out of favour because of the side effects linked to it, breast cancer being one of them. For those of you looking to treat menopause head-on with the natural wellness treatments available on any of our healing holidays, here are some top tips for the best natural wellness treatments for menopause that must be incorporated into your life.

  • The Best Wellness Retreats for Families and New Mums

    The Best Wellness Retreats for Families and New Mums


    Whether you’ve recently welcomed your first child or a new addition to the family, having a baby is a beautiful, although stressful, time of your life. Make this transition easier on one of our family friendly wellness retreats, tailor-made to provide you and your family with just what you need to start a healthy and happy life together.

  • The Best Wellness Spa Weekends Away with the Girls

    The Best Wellness Spa Weekends Away with the Girls

    Grab your soul sisters and shake up your weekend with a girls trip to a luxurious spa escape to reset, recharge and reconnect with your best friends. We’ve gathered the best short-haul healthy holiday destinations to tempt even your busiest gal-pals into a short stress busting vaycay. Boost your fitness during heart-pumping fitness classes before indulging in various spa treatments at one of our handpicked wellness getaways. Together with your best friends, experience the benefits of a wellness getaway and return home with a vibrant holiday glow and memories that will surely be one for the books!

  • The Top Women's Retreats to Go on in 2023

    The Top Women's Retreats to Go on in 2023


    2023 brings an abundance of opportunities to invest in yourself. Women’s retreats offer the chance for you to finally have a moment that is undisturbed, without children demanding your attention, or the stresses of the day-to-day. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s time to prioritise you! Away from the distractions of everyday life, these luxury holidays supply the time and individual attention to concentrate on self-care. Whether the new year brings ambition for weight loss, pursuing fitness goals or just the desire for implementing healthier habits, these are the 6women's wellness retreats to indulge in 2023.  

  • Top Solo Wellness Travel Destinations for Women in 2022

    Woman getting a massage at BodyHoliday

    There has never been a better time to live the infamous saying “New Year, New Me” and make 2022 your year with one of our diverse solo holiday retreat experiences for women. Self-care is more important now than it has ever been, and we offer a wide array of destinations that span five continents. Whether you’re looking to de-stress, get in better shape, or to be more adventurous, there’s something for everybody at Health and Fitness Travel. Here are our top recommendations for solo wellness travel in 2022:  

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