Top Solo Wellness Travel Destinations for Women in 2022

Woman getting a massage at BodyHoliday



There has never been a better time to live the infamous saying “New Year, New Me” and make 2022 your year with one of our diverse solo holiday retreat experiences for women. Self-care is more important now than it has ever been, and we offer a wide array of destinations that span five continents. Whether you’re looking to de-stress, get in better shape, or to be more adventurous, there’s something for everybody at Health and Fitness Travel. Here are our top recommendations for solo wellness travel in 2022:  


For a Much-Needed Reset: De-stress and Unwind at Absolute Sanctuary


Woman getting a massage at Absolute Sanctuary 


If you’re looking to relax after a stressful year, a de-stress retreat offers the perfect opportunity to do so in supportive surroundings. Located on the exotic and tropical beaches of Koh Samui in Thailand, you’ll find Absolute Sanctuary, a perfect retreat for a singles holiday. If the name of the resort wasn’t enticing enough, this retreat experience includes traditional Thai massages, herbal heat steams, and body polish scrubs - and that’s just scratching the surface! De-stress and Unwind is perfect for solo travelers because it’s an extraordinary way to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.  


Booking and Information: Absolute Sanctuary   


Embark on an All-Inclusive BodyHoliday 


Group of people stretching at BodyHoliday.


Situated on the beachfront on the calming and serene waters of Cariblue Bay, you’ll find the award-winning BodyHoliday resort – a must visit for those wishing to embark on a luxury spa holiday. This retreat promises an incredible solo holiday where you’re bound to meet like-minded travelers, receive bespoke spa treatments such as a skin-specific facial and partake in numerous group exercise classes such as yoga and beach bootcamps. On top of this, enjoy a private personal training session and dine at a pinnacle of Caribbean cuisine at the award-winning TAO restaurant. With over 15 different activities to partake in such as surfing, sunset cruises, and snorkelling, your BodyHoliday will be one you’ll never forget.   


Booking and Information: BodyHoliday 


Get in Shape this New Year!  Weight Loss Retreat at Shanti Som 


Woman stretching her body.


Experience a weight loss retreat like no other in the sunny, breathtaking Sierra de Las Nieves Nature Park that surrounds Shanti Som. This solo-friendly retreat includes multiple sessions of both yoga classes and training classes, as well as a personalized health plan from a licensed specialist. With Marbella’s golden beaches just a 10-minute drive away, you’re perfectly situated to make the best of runs in the countryside as well as top up your tan. This is a fantastic retreat for solo travellers as echoed in these words from our recent client who visited Shanti Som: The whole experience has encouraged me to continue traveling solo, as I felt very comfortable being by myself there.”  


Booking and Information: Shanti Som 


Challenge Yourself at G.I. Jane Bootcamp! 


Group of women exercising at G.I. Jane Bootcamp


If you’re looking to kickstart your fitness regime on the right foot in 2022, a bootcamp retreat is a fantastic challenge for a solo traveller. Not for the faint of heart, this women-only bootcamp is just one hour away from Central London and is a physical and mental challenge that’s as rewarding as it is intense. The G.I. Jane team is professionally trained to push you to your limit and each day will be packed with activities such as boxing, hiking, and Iron Man drills, to name a few. In addition, you'll get to stay in a manor in the English countryside and enjoy handcrafted meals from a team of master chefs!   


Booking and Information: G.I. Jane Bootcamp 


Answer Adventure’s Call  Re-balancing Bliss at Santani Wellness & Spa 


Woman looking outside of her room at Santani Wellness & Spa 


 Wellness travellers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly retreats that really allow them to be at one with nature. Located in the plush green mountains of Sri Lanka, this retreat is a portal into a world unlike any other. Try traditional Sri-Lankan delicacies in this intimate resort, which boasts a year-round tropical climate. Form a new connection with yourself with therapeutic yoga sessions, wildlife safaris, and swimming in pristine rivers with waterfalls. The re-balancing aspects of this experience are perfect for solo travellers, complete with guided walks and wellness consultations with doctors that will set and help you work towards personalized lifestyle goals.   


Booking and Information: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa 


Happiness Like Nowhere Else at Borgo Egnazia  


A shot of the pool and recliner chairs at Borgo Egnazia.


If boosting happiness and fulfilment is your goal, a bespoke solo wellness holiday will set you on the path to meaningfully reconnecting with yourself. Soak in la bella vita at the Borgo Egnazia resort in stunning Puglia, Italy. In a solo holiday that truly lives up to its name, enjoy ten unique spa treatments, Laughter Art workshops, and access to a private Italian beach. The golden standard of five-star luxury, this resort promises an unforgettable European adventure. The sports facility is equipped with a full eighteen-hole golf course, tennis courts, three separate swimming pools, and more! Taste authentic and mouth-watering Puglian cuisine and explore the nearby Italian towns!   


Booking and Information: Borgo Egnazia  


No matter where you choose to go this year for your singles holiday, make it the year of you! With so many unique offers spanning a wide array of interests, climates, locations, and experiences, there’s sure to be a perfect match for your solo journey in 2022! 


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