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  • The Effects of Alcohol on Wellness

    Many of us drink alcohol to relax and socialise. Alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you drink in moderation and combine it with regular exercise and a healthy diet. However, drinking alcohol excessively or when it can be considered...

  • 7 Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

    If you haven’t swung from the rafters with TRX suspension training before, the chances are you have already seen or read about it. Invented by a Navy Seal to keep his fellow troops fit in remote parts of the world, it involves the use of hanging bands...

  • The Best Pilates Reformer Spa Retreats

    The established benefits of Pilates are abundant. Not only is it good for improving flexibility, strength and muscle tone, its advantages extend to postural correction. Profit from a straighter spine, taller gait, and the alleviation of stress...

  • Claudia's Review of Ananda in the Himalayas

    What is Ananda in the Himalayas and who’s it for? Ananda is the Sanskrit word for ‘bliss/happiness’ and I can certainly say that my 4 days at Ananda in the Himalayas have been full of it!

  • The Best Health Retreats for Weight Loss and Detoxing

    Two things come hand in hand with our healthy holidays – the opportunity to lose weight on holiday and detox on holiday. Our body is the reflection of our lifestyle and, increasingly, our day to day lives are becoming more and more sedentary. The ease...

  • Top 5 Singles Holidays for over 40s

    Embrace the freedom to spend your singles holiday exactly the way you want to with our top solo friendly escapes for over 40s. Meet others of a similar age and with common interests as you spin together in a treetop studio in St Lucia or explore...

  • Paul’s Review of Vilalara Longevity Thalassa & Medical Spa, Algarve

  • Paul's Review of Kamalaya

    Having spent seven days in Thailand including a two night stopover in Bangkok, I was ready to begin my healthy holiday at Kamalaya in Koh Samui. Voted as Destination Spa of the Year in Asia and Favourite Spa in Thailand, I was looking forward to...

  • 5 Healing Spas to Visit

    Take a break from the hectic rollercoaster that is daily life on a healing spa holiday to restore your well-being through a range of programmes, tailored to your personal requirements. From healing spas in Spain to Bali and Thailand, boost your overall...

  • The Best Medical Spas in Europe

    Europe is the epi-centre of medical spas, and a must visit for anyone who’s mindful about their well-being. Checking in to a medical retreat means you’ll always have expert support on hand and your health will come as a priority to everything else....

  • Best Retreats for Managing Your Menstrual Health

    The menstrual cycle can be different for everyone, which often makes it difficult to talk about. While some people’s periods don’t affect their daily life, many people experience pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), caused by fluctuating hormone...

  • The Top 5 Activity Holidays for Adults with Learning Difficulties

    Activity holidays provide a great opportunity to try out something new in an idyllic environment. Stepping out of your comfort zone can initially be unsettling for anyone but can be especially daunting for those with learning difficulties. Which is why...

  • How Yoga Has Changed My Life

    Paul Joseph, co-founder of Health and Fitness Travel talks about how he found yoga and why it's changed his life for the better. Ten years ago I had a car accident which sent me down a path of holistic health to discover yoga through rehabilitation. I...

  • 5 of the Best Holidays for Single Women Over 40

    Embrace the freedom to spend your singles holiday exactly the way you want to with our top solo friendly escapes for single women over 40. Meet other women who share your interests as you spin together in a treetop studio in St Lucia or explore temples...

  • Where to go on a Wellness Holiday in Autumn 2023

    With the end of summer fast approaching, many travellers are looking ahead to booking autumn wellness retreats to boost their fitness, detox or simply relax. From yoga and spa holidays in Portugal to detox retreats in Thailand, these retreats offer...

  • Rise of Solo Travellers Seeking Singles Holidays

    The single travel bug is catching, with a new world of healthy holidaymakers realising the freedom this blissfully selfish form of travel affords. No longer the sole reserve of singletons, Health and Fitness Travel have seen a rise in the diversity of...

  • Top 7 Short-Haul Detox Retreats

    Discover how to cleanse and nurture your body in just a few days with our top 7 short-haul detox retreats. Prepare to expel those nasty toxins and break unhealthy habits in a choice of superb destinations, including Italy, Greece, Turkey and France....

  • Best Wellness Spa Retreats in Italy

    Whether you’re in need of an indulgent massage amongst the snow-capped Dolomites or you’re looking for a happiness haven in Puglia’s untouched countryside, our best wellness spa retreats in Italy are the perfect escape for your mind, body, and soul....

  • Top 10 Best Spa and Wellness Honeymoon Holidays

    Your honeymoon should be one of the most memorable holidays of your life. Make it an unforgettable experience by escaping to an idyllic destination and unwinding at one of our wellness and spa retreats for the dream healthy honeymoon.

  • 6 Blissful Detox Retreats in Asia

    Revitalise your mind and body with our blissful detox retreats in Asia. It is often overlooked just how many toxins our bodies are exposed to in the modern world. Not only are nasty impurities hiding in the food we eat, but they can also be found in...


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