10 Healthy Holidays to Change Your Life

Make now the time to change your life for the better and reach your optimal health. Take a break and go on holiday to reach your own personal goals, whether to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, learn to surf, beat insomnia or learn to dance. We round up our top 10 self-improving wellness holidays which will impact you long after you return home.

Get fit in Ibiza

Aguas de Ibiza, Spain
Fitness activites overlooking the beautiful sea with 38 Degrees North

Find your fitness and tone up in Ibiza on an optimal fitness group retreat with 38 Degrees North. Enjoy the beautiful island of Ibiza with a week’s fitness holiday of exploring your limits and working hard with four to five activities per day. Choose from a selection of activities like mountain biking, guided hiking, beach circuits, aqua spinning, yoga, or even, for those who don’t mind making a splash, stand-up paddle boarding. Recuperate with deluxe spa treatments and you’ll bounce home feeling as good as new in optimal health and fitness

More information: View 38° North Ibiza Optimal Fitness Group Retre

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