12 Wellness Destinations to Travel to in 2023

12 Wellness Destinations to Travel to in 2023


A new year brings an abundance of fresh opportunities to go explore the world and your wellness ambitions. To make the most out of your holidays this year, we have put together the 12 hottest wellness destinations to travel to in 2023. From de-stressing in Bali to working on your fitness in Cyprus, there is something for everyone each month to make 2023 your year of wellness! 


January: Destress at REVIVO Wellness Resort, Bali   

Woman standing underneath waterfall in Bali

Journey across the world, over the Indian Ocean, to the beautiful Indonesian country of Bali. Moving into January with the colds, coughs, and fatigue of winter; swap the doom and gloom for the vibrant rainforests filled with lush vegetation. Snuggled away on the hill tops of Nusa Dua is Revivo Wellness Resort, a haven for relaxation, rejuvenation, and health. Assess your lifestyle, allow experts to evaluate it, determining your personal stress triggers and be eased through holistic spa treatments to relieve both your mind and your body on this stress management retreat. Return home confident in your new mindset to wellness living at home and feeling relaxed and zen from your get away  

Booking and Information: REVIVO Wellness Resort 


February: Wellness Inclusive at TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam 

View of jungles and the sea of Vietnam

Experience a completely different culture in Vietnam, admire the picturesque views that surround TIA Wellness Resort and enter a new way of living. Focus on developing a healthier lifestyle that breaks free from your normal routine and open your mind to new interpretations of wellness living. With the Wellness Inclusive programme there is all-day breakfast served every day; so, if you happen to lie in – it will always be available! If you are a passionate breakfast connoisseur, we assure you will not be disappointed. With daily group wellness activities – there will always be a new activity to spark both the mind and the body. Learn new skills and find new hobbies and return home ready to continue living healthily and happily. 

Booking and Information: TIA Wellness Resort 


March: Mayr Metabolic at Park Igls, Austria 

Bone broth detox

Go on a European, paradisial getaway to the Austrian Alps, where you can be secluded in the mountains, surrounded by nature and be calmed by the tranquil atmosphere. At Mayr Metabolic, there's an opportunity to focus on your physical well-being from all angles. A personalised diet plan based on a modern Mayr cuisine, fuel your body with bone broth, mineral water and herbal teas your body will be relieved through this organic detox. Medical examinations will evaluate your body and bring you greater understanding in the how best to support your health. With lectures and presentations, you’ll learn how to carry on eating and exercising well far beyond your retreat.   

Booking and Information: Park Igls 


April: Menopause & Stress Retreat with Dr Marilyn Glenville at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel, Portugal 

Algarve's quaint town 

Menopause can often be a trialling and a unique experience for every woman, navigating your way around the symptoms and effects of this transitional period can be a difficult process alone. Dr Marilyn Glenville, PhD is internationally acclaimed for her research in menopause and finding natural responses to best cope with the changes that result in a woman’s body. Feel empowered, and learn about your body. Find out how best to fuel, treat and exercise it, as you enter a new stage in life! Be surrounded by other women that empathise and understand, going through the same journey in life! Against the backdrop of the stunning Algarve in Portugal, there could not be a better location to unwind and re-energise.  

Booking and Information: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel 


May: Holistic Fitness Retreat at Preidlhof, Italy 

woman running at Preidlhof

This Italian, holistic fitness retreat is the ideal holiday get away for the may month. As spring begins to enter summer, nature is blossoming and the sun is shining over the luscious fields around Preidlhof, the atmosphere provides all the motivation needed to get into shape. Work out with a personal trainer that will ensure that you are pushed to your own limits, partake in special classes that will reimburse your spirit with good-feeling hormones and have your tastebuds sensationalised with the Mediterranean cuisine. At the end of the day look out your luxury accommodation window and admire the untouched surroundings of the World Heritage Site. 

Booking and Information: Preidlhof 


June: Yoga & Pilates Retreat with Jessica Lambert at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel, Portugal   

Yoga, cobra pose

For the Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts, there is no greater opportunity to sharpen your downward dog and elongate your body in cobra, than on this retreat with Jessica Lambert. This brilliant value retreat offers a chance to practice your yoga and Pilates in the Portuguese heat. Become one with your mind and body as the not-so-distant sound of the turquoise waves crash to shore on the beach by the Hotel and the hill-side views setting the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities to make family and friends jealous! With a set schedule, you'll have the perfect balance between exercising, pampering spa treatments as well as leisure time to spend as you wish. 

Booking and Information: : Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel 


July: Fusion Fitness at Casale Panayiotis, Cyprus 

 Woman cycling

Set your heart racing and your heart pumping in the midst of summer on a Fusion Fitness retreat at Casale Panayiotis. An award-winning mountain spa resort, there is no greater hands to be in when it comes to improving cardiovascular health and breaking a sweat. A variety of 1-on-1 private activities, spa and lessons available you can direct the retreat in the way that aligns with your wellness goals. Fulfil your fitness ambitions, try out a new interest, develop new inspirations for exercising at home and leave the retreat feeling your fittest and most motivated. After a gruelling workout, unwind in the spa and have your trembling muscles soothed by the therapists.   

Booking and Information: Casale Panayiotis 


August: Fusion Fitness at Borgo Egnazia, Italy 

 Fitness Centre at Borgo Egnazia

Situated in an Italian castle, this luxury resort is fit for royalty. Embrace Borgo Egnazia’s mindset of desire, imagine and feel, as you develop both your character and physical health on the retreats expeditions. Dine in elegance, dress up and visit Due Camini, one of the sophisticated restaurants available and be in awe by their high-quality cuisine. They provide a large range of workouts, which gives you the option to choose and decide how to energise your body.  Be empowered in self-defence, dabble in paddle sessions, rid yourself of dead skin cells with a salt scrub and sculpt your body in legs, bum and abs; treat your body to the care and love it deserves.   

Booking and Information: Borgo Egnazia



September: Immunity Boosting Detox: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka  

 Santini suite

Moving into September, summer is slowly slipping away and autumn is an ever-closer future. Prepare your body and give it the support it needs to battle any diseases or colds that may threaten it. With Immunity Boosting Detox you will be cleansed from the inside out, reap the benefits of a kick-start to your immune system. Detox through a strict diet plan tailored to your body from consultations with doctors, be spiritually elevated through mindful meditation sessions and rest your mind in guided nature walks. A hidden away wellness sanctuary in the midst of dense forest, Santini have created an immersive experience where the outside and indoors blur to be one. Embrace the eco-living and find a new appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.  

Booking and Information: Santani Wellness Resort & Spa 



October: Yoga & Wellness Retreat with Matt Huy & Saz Newman at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel, Portugal  

 Man doing the splits on a log

On the coast of Portugal in the region of the Algarve, with panoramic views of the stunning bay of Alvor, unwind and destress. Matt Huy and Saz Newman will guide you on a journey of being kind to your mind through the practice of yoga. They will teach you different forms of the practice from Vinyasa, Yang to Yin, sunrise yoga, restorative yoga and even test your abdominal strength with core yoga. This retreat will not only ensure you live out your yogi aspirations but will also fuel your body with nutritious and delicious Mediterranean food. Soak in the beautiful terrain, as the sun rises and you breathe through each yoga move, soothed by the soft sound of distant waves.   

Booking and Information: Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel 


November: Panchakarma at Ananda in the Himalayas, India 

Spa treatment at Ananda

Winter is around the corner, as the weather gets harsher, escape to Ananda, nestled away in the mountain tops of the Himalayas. For 21 days dedicate yourself to the ayurvedic way of living and have your body healed through natural remedies. This retreat not only focuses on pampering the body but also provides the opportunity for you to better understand and empathise with your own mind. Through 36 sessions of Ayurvedic Shamana Therapy, meditation, personal healing and yoga, strengthen your relationship with self and return home with your mind lifted and soothed. As a break away from therapies, visit the tea lounge and sip on a hot, fresh cup of tea as you admire the serene and tranquil atmosphere amongst the mountains.  

Booking and Information: Ananda in the Himalayas 


December: Family Discovery at Zulal Wellness Resort, Qatar 

 Family in Qatar at Zulal Wellness Resort

For the month of December, Zulal Wellness Resort offers the perfect location to spend valuable time with family. On the north tip of Qatar, removed from noise pollution and the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life. Enjoy complete privacy and make the most of the seemingly never-ending private beach the resort is situated on. The long stretch allows plenty of space for children to run free - it’s a dream destination for a family holiday. Activities to keep the whole family entertained, from group classes in volleyball, table tennis, volleyball to stand-up paddle boarding, there is sure to never be a dull moment! Take part in this comprehensive wellness holiday that assures family time together to be a memorable experience.  

Booking and Information: Zulal Wellness Resort  


No matter where, no matter when, no matter what – we have got you covered! Our holiday recommendations assure that your holiday will run smoothly. In 2023, make it your year to treat yourself, and go on that holiday you have been debating over. Escape to these beautiful, exotic places and be your healthiest, happiest and hottest! 


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