5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

5 of the Best Fitness Holidays for Men

With life becoming increasingly complex with work, social and family demands, men are finding less time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that stress is not the only illness on the rise; heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure are ranked as the top three health issues plaguing men, and all three can be prevented through diet andexercise. And there's no better place to do this than on an active and healthy holiday specifically designed for men.

The modern man is admitting that pressure from work and the inescapable spare tyre are getting them down. They are seeking an adventure that will allow them to escape their stressful workload, whilst getting them back into shape and on a healthy track. This new male getaway concept is being embraced by men who want something more than a weekend trip spent indulging cocktails and nursing hangovers.

Building a six pack and trimming down does not have to be solely about pushing steel or long-winded cycling in the gym. A toned physique can be achieved on a football field or tennis court whilst engaging in one's favourite sports or activities. With a variety of healthy holiday programmes on offer that cater to sport and fitness holidays, men have plenty of healthy options to revamp their fitness routine.

Our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holidays can cater for all requirements, no matter how intense or relaxed a man wants his holiday to be. By being able to choose from numerous different 1-on-1 activities, fitness training, sports lessons and spa treatments, he is able to tailor-make the holiday to meet his individual needs. For example, he could focus on his love of cycling and also enjoy a personal yoga lesson, followed by a power hike across wonderful landscapes and then finish with an indulging massage.

As a result, we have rounded up our top five Fusion Fitness™ holidays for men. From Ibiza to India, these healthy holidays combine the four fusion elements - Cardio, Strength & Sport, Mind & Body and Renewal - offering men the flexibility to choose their favourite health and fitness activities to suit their goals and interests, and combine them together to create the perfect singles holiday programme.


Top 5 Fusion Fitness Holidays for Men

Ananda yoga stretch, India

Ananda Fusion Fitness, India

This exclusive Ananda Fusion Fitness™ holiday in the foothills of the Himalayas offers the perfect opportunity to add adventure to a fitness escape.  Choose from personalised treks, water rafting, fitness training, and unwind with ayurvedic spa treatments and a yoga or meditation lesson. By building the ideal programme, have fun whilst on a personal journey to optimal health.

Aphrodite Hills tennis, Cyprus

Aphrodite Hills Fusion Fitness, Cyprus

Create the perfect fitness programme on our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holiday at Aphrodite Hills. Enjoy a range of different activities from tennisgolf, yoga and mountain biking to function training, boxing and Pilates. Unwind with spa treatments and embrace the spectacular surroundings to shape and tone up. Leave armed with information and good intentions.

Absolute Sanctuary treatment, Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary Fusion Fitness, Thailand

Learn Thai boxing, practice yoga, enjoy functional fitness training and be restored with a variety of spa treatments on our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holiday at Absolute Sanctuary. Enjoy all this alongside a daily schedule of yoga classes to include Ashtanga, Hot Flow and Yin Yoga, plus group fitness classes, and be energised with healthy meals and power-blast super shakes.

38° North Ibiza jogging at Aguas de Ibiza, Spain

38° North Ibiza Fusion Fitness, Ibiza

Be inspired on our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holiday at Aguas de Ibiza and let the 38° North health and fitness gurus tone and shape you whilst enjoying some renowned Ibiza sunsets. From kickboxing to rooftop yoga classes, hiking to mountain biking, enjoy a full schedule of group exercise and personalised training for maximum results, unwind with spa treatments,meditation and enjoy healthy revitalising meals.

Buccament Bay kayaking, St Vincent

Buccament Bay Fusion Fitness, St Vincent

Choose from a range of fitness and sport activities on our exclusive Fusion Fitness™ holiday at Buccament Bay. Have a football or tennis lesson one day, boxing or circuit training the next and hike up La Soufriere Volcano for an adventurous three mile climb. Stretch and tone with yoga or Pilates and soothe tired limbs with a massage of your choice.

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