5 Ways to Wake Up Healthy

Ways to Wake Up Healthy


We all have those days—when we feel tired the moment we wake up and unable to resist crawling back to bed. Sometimes we feel mentally foggy or irritable, it’s no surprise that we go through a lull in the middle of the day when even a smidgen of energy seems impossible. Getting a quick natural energy fix can be really easy by switching up your daily routine or escaping on a sleep retreat to banish lethargy and rediscover a good night’s sleep. Wherever you are in the world, start your day right as we share five healthy ways to energise your morning!

1. Ditch the snooze button

Our bodies are designed with a biological clock that naturally wakes us up. In most cases, waking up from an alarm clock cuts off your natural sleep cycle, more so if you hit that snooze button, leaving you feeling tired and groggy throughout the day. Interrupted sleep may be as harmful as no sleep at all. Try adopting a regular sleep schedule and you’ll soon find yourself only using your alarm clock as a no longer needed backup.

2. Keep moving

 epic sana run

Give it all you got for just a few minutes and feel a rewarding boost in energy

Going for a brisk walk for just 10 minutes can help fight the feelings of fatigue and increase your energy for up to 2 hours. Even if you only have time for a stretch, walk around the office or ditch the elevator and run up the stairs, to feel much more revived. Energy levels tend to be at their lowest around lunchtime, so try to squeeze in any short burst of exercise during your lunch break. For a more intense energy boost, escape the office entirely on an activity holiday where you can begin every morning keeping active.

3. Hydrate your mornings

You’ve just gone through 7 to 8 hours of sleep without as much as a drop of water. Naturally, we are all dehydrated upon waking, so greet the morning by drinking a tall glass of water. Not only does it serve as a quick and effective pick-me-up, it also boosts your brain function for the rest of the day. Drinking water fuels your brain, helping you to concentrate on any tasks you have at hand. Additional benefits include increase in metabolism, weight loss, and ease of flushing out unwanted toxins in the body.

4. Soak up some sunshine

 sun spa abama

Relax in the sun to absorb some healthy rays

Step outdoors for 10 minutes for a fast energy fix or really soak up the rays on a beach spa holiday for a range of health benefits. Sunlight provides your skin with vitamin D, which can help to improve your mood and intellectual performance, as well as leaving you feeling energised. Moreover, research from experts at the University of Michigan found that a walk outside in the open air helps improve conditions such as memory deficit, inattentiveness and other forms of mental fatigue.

5. Make a smoothie

Juices and smoothies are a quick and convenient way of increasing your energy levels through healthy nutrition for a great start to your day. Fruits supercharged with vitamin C, such as oranges and kiwis, and fruits rich in antioxidants, like blueberries, will sharpen your focus and provide more mental clarity throughout your day. Mix with a healthy dose of veggies, such as kale or spinach, to avoid a natural sugar spike overload.


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