A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine

A Guide to the Macrobiotic Diet & Cuisine


Based on Taoist philosophy and originating in Japan, the macrobiotic diet focuses on restoring the balance of yin and yang in your body. The word macrobiotic comes from ‘macro’, which means big, and ‘bios’, meaning life. Translated, therefore, it means ‘great life’ and is intended to be undertaken as a way of life that aims to achieve total wellness, as opposed to just a diet.

Providing the foundation of this healthy eating approach are macrobiotic foods and cuisine that are carefully selected to ensure the optimal balance of yin and yang. Although perhaps requiring initial self-control, the macrobiotic diet can easily be incorporated into daily life or initiated on a nutrition friendly holiday which will introduce you to this healthy eating approach. Macrobiotic experts recommend including both cardio and yoga alongside your diet to experience total physical and spiritual well-being. Enjoy fresh and delicious healthy foods that work in harmony to make you feel immediately renewed and recharged.

Balance your Yin and Yang

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Discover macrobiotic cuisine at SHA Wellness Clinic

A macrobiotic diet follows the principle that all foods can be divided into; hot, cold, sweet, sour and salty foods. The body’s natural balance of yin and yang can be upset by eating too much or too little of one type and this imbalance can result in physical and emotional ailments. A macrobiotic diet contains foods that have the ideal harmony of yin and yang and therefore allows our bodies to function correctly for optimum wellness. Promoting good digestive health, the macrobiotic diet improves your overall health by eliminating cravings and balancing your emotions, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

Key nutritional guidelines to follow

For someone following a macrobiotic diet, carbs in the form of whole and unrefined grains are your best friends. Organic grains, vegetables and beans form the foundation of macrobiotic cuisine, with a focus placed on local and seasonal produce.  Fruit, fish, oils and non-aromatic teas can be added, although sparingly, to ensure the yin and yang of the meal are not unbalanced. Dairy, caffeine and alcohol are to be avoided if following a strict macrobiotic diet, making it a healthy diet for a detox holiday that will cleanse the system of toxins.

Easy to fit into modern life

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Learn how to keep making delicious and nutritious meals when you return home

The extent to which you follow a macrobiotic diet is flexible and very much based on your personal needs. Intended as a way of life, whether deciding to make a complete change or simply trying to make more mindful food choices, you have the option to start out gradually and incorporate elements over time. Moderation is the keystone of the macrobiotic diet, so enjoy an occasional dessert or cocktail if you like, life is for the living. Whether you want to learn how to detox gradually or are diving into a strict macrobiotic diet headfirst, take it at your own pace and enjoy the journey.

Immediate results and benefits

You will feel and see a positive improvement in yourself immediately upon following a macrobiotic diet. Practitioners report feeling increased energy levels, clearer skin and a general feeling of increased well-being. As your yin and yang balance themselves you will notice cravings and feelings of hunger decreasing as your body receives the correct nutrition from the fresh and healthy produce. Macrobiotic cuisine is intended to make you more mindful of what your body needs and listening to your body can have a transformative effect, whether you are a dedicated or occasional follower. 

Add exercise and treatments for complete wellness

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Supplement your macrobiotic diet with restorative yoga

Exercise and natural spa treatments are highly complementary to a macrobiotic diet. Rebalancing your body purifies and improves the quality of your blood, which when supplemented by exercise, promotes deeper detoxification. Cardio exercise assists in sweating out toxins while yoga teaches deep breathing and flexibility to further open your body to the energy channels of yin and yang. Combine healthy eating with exercise and slimming spa treatments on a weight loss holiday to experience total cleansing and rejuvenation. Flush out toxins with detoxifying treatments, such as lymphatic drainage massages, whilst nourishing your body with organic, fresh produce and watch as you glow with health.


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