Conceptionmoons: Fertility Wellness Holidays for Starting a Family

If you and your partner are beginning the process or have already started trying for a baby, then our 5 fertility wellness holidays are a great excuse to escape on a couples healthy holiday whilst maximising your chances of conceiving. Whilst falling pregnant may happen faster for some couples than others, regardless of how long it takes, being mentally strong and healthy will steer you in good stead for the future when trying to conceive. From the stunning Portuguese coast to the beauty of the Himalayas, take time to de-stress and boost your chances of success at one of these wellness retreats ideal for a conceptionmoon.

Couples Wellness in Thailand: Amatara Connect

Amatara thai massage conceptionmoon

Reconnect with yourself and your loved one at Amatara

Stress can decrease your chances of conceiving, so take some time out to re-connect with your partner at this healthy retreat in Thailand, where you can restore tranquillity on a relaxing spa holiday and leave the stress of daily life behind you. Reconnect with your loved one whilst embracing a healthy lifestyle during a nutritional cooking class, before learning to massage one another and stretching out during private yoga sessions together. Encircling yourself in total tranquillity in a healthy haven will ignite the romance and may help you on your conceptionmoon journey.

More information: View Amatara Resort and Wellness

Detox in Spain: SHA Detox

SHA wellness clinic guests terrace conceptionmoon

Cleanse and rejuvenate together at SHA

If you have struggled to conceive, cleanse your system of daily toxins to help your body reach an optimum level of purity at this leading wellness clinic in Spain. A wellness experience that may help to heighten your chances of conception, engage in a highly effective detox holiday to cleanse toxins from your body built up from high stress levels and unhealthy diets. With a general medical check when you arrive, you will be advised on which spa treatments would be most beneficial for you. Together with SHA’s prescribed macrobiotic diet, fuel your body with the most nutritional and healthiest foods to rejuvenate your body.

More information: View SHA Wellness Clinic

Meditate in India: Shreyas Silent Retreat

shreyas chocolate scrub conceptionmoon

 Relax your mind and body at Shreyas

Reduce your stress levels when trying to conceive by embracing the practice of meditation on a conceptionmoon at Shreyas in India. Learning to gain control over your thoughts on a relaxing meditation holiday this ‘mind over body’ mentality may help to prepare yourself for a potential pregnancy. Start by tailor-making your healthy holiday with a specialist wellness consultation and embark on a journey of self-discovery at this tranquil and idyllic wellness retreat. Together with an array of rejuvenation massages, you will re-energise every part of your body, mind and soul.

More information: View Shreyas

Weight Management in Italy: Ti Sana Weight Loss

Ti Sana reception conceptionmoon

 Boost your metabolism and increase your chances of conceiving at Ti Sana

With healthy weight proven to increase the chances of conceiving, reach your ideal weight on this healthy holiday it Italy. Excess body fat can lead to an overproduction of some hormones that can disrupt ovulation, perhaps making your cycles less regular. Boost your metabolism on a weight-loss holiday as you raise your fitness levels with personal training sessions and group activities, from Nordic walking to Pilates. Learn how to manage your weight in a healthy way on this conceptionmoon with a customised organic vegan nutrition plan and boost weight loss with slimming spa therapies.

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Ti Sana

De-Stress in Portugal: Longevity Relax & Wellness

Vilalara Thalassa resort massage conceptionmoon

 De-stress and reduce the pressure of conceiving at Longevity

De-stress your body mentally and physically with this relaxing spa holiday set on Portugal stunning Algarve coastline. Trying for a baby can be a stressful process which can in turn hinder your chances of conceiving. Learn how to manage stress effectively with mindfulness therapy sessions and educational mind-body techniques on a de-stress holiday that offers practical advice on how to banish stress. Surrounded by beautiful botanical gardens, reach your wellness goals with an array of Thalassa and medical spa treatments, before increasing your wellness knowledge in a healthy living workshop, to make the healthy life choices that will aid your chances of conception.

More information: View Longevity Medical Spa


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