The Top Spas & Retreats Offering Sound Therapy

Join us as we explore the
top spas in the world and best wellness retreats offering sound therapy, otherwise known as sound healing or sound medicine. This ancient practice first originated in Asia over 40,000 years ago, and as the healing powers of sound therapy become more widespread, we’re seeing a surge in popularity for this unique and fascinating form of medicine, especially across western cultures. 

The potential health benefits of sound therapy are quite profound, it’s now well understood that this practice helps with reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and is a form of pain relief. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, therefore reducing the risk of heart disease or stroke, and finally, is known to improve sleep quality, memory, and overall well-being. 


Transformational Journey at Preidlhof, Italy


The beauty of South Tyrol in northern Italy makes as a good place as any for a transformational journey. This gem of the world has been officially recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for the striking display of its towering mountains. Here, you’ll enjoy a wide range of spa therapies, such as Kneipp, aroma, and colour wellness massages, as well as sound therapy combined with a quartz massage for a truly immersive experience. Continue the opulence with access to the deep-sea water room and holistic classes. Finally, be sure to get out the resort and explore the stunning surroundings for a wonderful hiking and trekking holiday. 

More information: View Preidlhof 


Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat at Euphoria Retreat, Greece


For an enchanting touch of history on your sound therapy journey, Euphoria Retreat is your happy place. Situated just 10 minutes away from the city of Sparta, there’s opportunity to discover so much culture on this adventure into the medicine of sound.  Not only that, but you’ll also stay within the traditional village of Mystras, recognised by UNESCO, further enhancing your cultural experience. Feel the powerful effects of Euphoria chakra sound healing alongside a host of other well-being therapies for a holistic emotional healing holiday, including element balancing, reflexology, dance therapies, emotional transformation groups and candlelit dinners with your mentors. 

More information: View Euphoria Retreat 


Healing Retreat at Shanti Som, Spain


Just off the gorgeous coast of Andalucía lies Shanti Som, encompassed by miles of verdant pine forests and overarching mountains. The luscious scenery that surrounds the resort teems with wildlife and creates a truly special atmosphere for you to unwind and connect with nature. Embark on a voyage through numerous wellness activities that are capable of changing your life - combine your sound healing with a life coaching session, two spa treatments and daily yoga and meditation classes. Once you’re ready, you can also discover the pristine coastal beaches just 10 minutes away. Shanti Som is undoubtably one of our favourite spiritual and holistic holidays in Spain. 

More information: View Shanti Som 


Wellness at Shreyas, India


India offers so much, from the rich and diverse culture and food, to the birthplace of yoga and meditation. Shreyas certainly lives up to this too, providing a retreat packed with reinvigorating traditional practices, from private classes in pranayama, yoga, and meditation to an array of luxurious spa treatments. Sound meditation is available in group classes, allowing you to connect with fellow travellers looking to improve their wellness through this remarkable therapy. You’ll also enjoy a wellness consultation, cooking class, full complimentary access to the spa facilities, and excursions to explore the surroundings area, including a visit to a local school and shopping trips in Bangalore. 

More information: View Shreyas 


Retreat Inclusive at TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam


For a truly luxurious beach spa holiday, there aren’t many destinations that can compete with TIA Wellness Resort. This haven of wellness offers an especially opulent experience, between visits to one of the world’s most breath-taking beaches you’ll indulge with three daily spa therapies, allowing you to find an unparalleled place of peace and calm. Complement this serene feeling in group classes throughout the day, with yoga, breathwork and even TIA’s own workshops where you’ll connect with your inner creativity and use it to enhance your feeling of wellness, all whilst learning invaluable life skills along the way. 

More information: View TIA Wellness Resort 

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