Why Summer is the Ideal Time to Take Up Running

Group of people running on the beach

Lockdown took us one of two ways… and I guess as you are reading this from the Health and Fitness Travel website you were in the camp who laced up their trainers and took to the streets, be that for long walks or runs. 

Summer (and in particular the sunshine filled days of summer) make for a great time to get into running and if you aren’t yet convinced here are a few reasons why:

1. The days are longer

There is more time either side of office hours to lace up and run. I know those hours are there for the taking in winter too, but it is certainly safer (and more appealing) to be running in day light. Our bodies are programmed to be more awake in hours of day light too and we naturally feel more energetic - it isn’t just you that struggles in the winter months!

2. Less layers are needed!

Running isn’t fun or comfy in waterproofs regardless of how much you spend on them! Showering muddy trainers off and letting them dry every time you go out is also a huge hassle and there is massive benefit of getting out there and soaking up vitamin D - and isn’t it great we can get out there and raise our heart rate at the same time?

3. You are on your holidays

couple running on the beach

Okay not all summer but most of us take some holiday during the summer and whether we stay at home or we go away we have more time to enjoy a run - we can slow it down and go a little further because the worst case scenario is we need to walk home and if the office isn’t waiting for us then we have all the time in the world. It is also a great way to explore if you are somewhere new or travelling. 

4. More motivation

Head out at 8am on a Saturday morning to your local park and you are going to be met by a lot of other active early birds! It is inspiring and it is just the positive kind of reinforcement you need to get out there the following Saturday. And here’s a secret for those of you new to running game... (and those who aren’t) it doesn’t matter how far you go, no one out there cares, they just see you running and think good on you! So, get out there, smile at passers-by. Be motivated by them and motivate others in return! 

5. You are more hydrated and nourished

healthy eating on a wellness holiday

(There is no science behind this one for those of you who like stats, just my own thinking). In the summer the weather is better, we are in lighter clothing, and I personally feel much more obliged to load up on fresh fruit, juices, and more water! With that you’re better hydrated for a run... as opposed to winter months when we reach for heavier more comforting foods. Again, I must point out no science, just my belief! 

6. It is free(ish) & saves you time

Okay so this one applies all year round really but other than needing a good pair of trainers, which you need for the gym or any form of exercise anyway, there are limited costs. Now we pay for things with money, but we also pay for things with our time. We live busier lives than ever before and one huge advantage to running is the convenience of being able to lace up, leave your house and be back in 20,30 or 40 minutes. This is a very different scenario to when your workout class starts at 9am; but you know there will be traffic, there will possibly be a struggle to park AND you need ten minutes to sign into class and drop your bag in the changing room... you have wasted half an hour before you have even got your heart rate up! 


Now I share this to inspire and motivate you, but I want to stress that running isn’t for everyone, and some peoples’ bodies don’t love it. As with anything exercise wise… it is horses for courses. If you enjoy it, fantastic. If you don’t - try something else!


As always please reach out and find me if you have any questions or comments, enjoy the rest of your summer running!




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