How to Manage Mental Health During Self Isolation with Vlada Inlight, Founder of Bliss Body Retreat

How to Manage Mental Health During Self Isolation

How are you feeling? No, really, can you pause reading this text for a moment and ask yourself what is going on inside of yourself? What is happening with you at this moment?

The key to your mental and spiritual well-being is to slowly but surely become your own therapist, your own guru.

Now we can see that things can just change in a blink of an eye and it is our responsibility to be well trained and prepared to stay present for ourselves, moment by moment.

You can call it what you want: processing, mindfulness, self-awareness, being conscious, but to become the one who is always there for you, and learn how to hold space for yourself is an extremely powerful skill to develop. Whatever happens in your life, whatever you are going through there must be someone you trust, someone with whom you can share all your dreams, wishes, secret fantasies, feelings, and hopes. I invite you to become this one for yourself. It is like the best friend, spiritual mentor, parent and psychotherapist in one place: you!

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You can help yourself to process heavy feelings like sadness, loneliness, feeling stuck and helpless. You can observe your thoughts and put them in order to make sense out of what's happening in your mind. You can take care of yourself by providing so necessary self-support and complete self-acceptance.

You can, you can, you can...

“It’s inside myself that I must create someone who will understand.” Clarice Lispector

Are you ready to begin?

Create Space

Start by creating a comforting surrounding where you can sit in solitude without distractions. Preferably looking in the window and having natural light in the room. Remove your computer or phone so that you can spend very high-quality time one on one with yourself. Nice calming music like 528 Hz frequency can be very soothing and create the right tone for your self-exploration. Have a piece of paper and a pen next to you so that you can write your thoughts.

Ready? Awesome!

Invite Yourself

Sit with your eyes closed and begin to breathe slowly. Allow the breath to become deeper and smoother, continue until you feel all your thoughts are getting into order and you feel more focused on the present moment. Close your eyes and INVITE YOURSELF. "I am here for you. I am here with you." you can inwardly repeat.

Welcome Healing

Now you are here, fully present for yourself. Be honest, be vulnerable, be willing to speak your truth and not be afraid to be criticised, judged or fixed. You can trust the process and fully dive into this experiment.

Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions:

1. "What emotions am I currently feeling in my body?" - Write the first 3 emotions that will naturally come to you. Start with "Inside of my body I feel..."

2. "What makes me feel low? What happened/ is happening?" - Share on the piece of paper what is currently bothering you/ making you feel low.

3. "How can I take myself back up again? How can I fix/help myself at this moment?" - Come up with 3 ideas that can make things better for you even if you can not change the situation/ circumstances.

4. "To be completely honest, I....." continue the sentence and write down everything that will come to your mind.

5. As you continue to sit with all of it, wait what will come up for you and follow it. Let it be expressed, let it out, put it all out on the paper.

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When you are finished all you need is to sit and read everything you have shared with yourself, read several times. Slowly. Digesting and acknowledging every sentence, every word.

This information is precious to make sense of your current state, to see for yourself what you are experiencing and find out what would be the best way to support yourself at this time.

Remember: all is welcome! Take your doubts to the side. There are no bad thoughts, there are no negative feelings, nothing should be denied. You have the right to feel what you feel, validate your truth and simply acknowledge what is real for you now.

Everything makes sense, you make sense!

Try to give yourself this sacred time and attention and see what happens. With the practice, you will gain this superpower to be your own space holder and it will make things way easier as you continue to go about life.


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