Is silence the next wellness luxury?

Is silence the next wellness luxury?

Aircrafts above us, cars next to us and building sites surrounding us; the modern urbanized world is overflowing with noise pollution that is destructive to our health and well-being. It is therefore no surprise that people long for silence and tranquillity to bring clarity to their lives. The thought of spending time in complete silence, as you sometimes would on a meditation retreat, can seem intimidating and daunting at first; but if you familiarize yourself with the topic, you will discover how useful and important this is for modern society.


Here, we shed some light on the mind-blowing facts about noise pollution and the vital role of silence for your well-being. So, switch off the tv and turn off your music as you learn why silence is crucial for your mind-body wellness.

Why you need a silent break ASAP:

 outdoor meditation
Outdoor meditation at Aro Ha in New Zealand

Several sources have elected noise pollution as the ‘modern plague’; this doesn’t seem befitting regarding the risks it provides for your health. Research reveals that environmental noise can be directly linked to an increase in stress-triggering hormones, which is responsible for various health issues. From lack of energy and weight gain to anxiety and depression, our physical and mental health constantly suffers as a result of our noisy surroundings. Society’s newfound dependency on electronic devices over the past decade also makes it harder to de-stress and concentrate.

Where to get a silent break:

silence break at epic sana
Verdant gardens at Epic Sana

To diminish the devastating effects of noise on our health, we simply must embrace the silence, both inside us and in our environment. However, with home-life providing numerous distractions and responsibilities, it is easy to feel like you can’t fully switch-off. Taking a step-away from regular life and embarking on some silence travel is the perfect opportunity to start your journey to a calmer, peaceful you. Whether a mindfulness retreat, cleansing detox break or even a secluded silent retreat, a change of scenery and thoughtful wellness programme will noticeably boost your mood and ability to remain positive and happy.

What you’ll get out of it:

silent retreat
A meditation session at Kamalaya in Thailand

Buddhists and Monks have been practising silent meditation for centuries. The reason for this? Apart from curing common noise-related health strains, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and insomnia, silent retreats establish long-term improvements in terms of your mental clarity and mindfulness. When you swap talking for listening, you are forced into hearing your body and what it needs, allowing you to enhance the connection between your mind and body. A detox break works both physically and mentally and will allow you to rid yourself of dark thoughts and negativity. You will also find that it helps you grow your mindset and develops your internal spiritual connection.

How to incorporate silence into your everyday life:

swa swara outdoor meditation
Outdoor meditation at SwaSwara in India 

After the first taste of silence, its easy to fall back into old habits as soon as we return to our daily routine. Making small changes to your lifestyle can make major differences and keep you motivated long term. Escape the noisy city and rediscover nature with a quiet walk or sign up for meditation classes and yoga in your area to learn more about breathing and relaxation techniques. Switch off your phone a few hours after work for a restorative sleep and an energised morning. The more tranquillity you infuse your life with, the more your body will begin getting used to it and craving it.

The best destinations for a silent retreat:

For a silent retreat in India: Shreyas Silent Retreat

For mindfulness in Portugal: Epic Sana Mindfulness Retreat

For a digital detox in Thailand: Kamalaya

For spirituality in India: SwaSwara 


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