Should you Book a Fitness Retreat?

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From finding it challenging to pick the correct fitness activities for your health goals to wanting to up the ante on your workouts – there are many reasons to book a fitness retreat wherever you find yourself on the scale of regular fitness activity. With a huge array of options to choose from ranging from beginner to advanced, you’re bound to find the health and fitness holiday for you, your partner, your family or whoever you decide to take along with you on your adventures.


Kick burnout to the curb and actualize your goals with a fitness retreat! Whether you’re flying thousands of miles to be work up a sweat with beach bootcamp on a soft white beach in Bali or taking a short drive to hike around the Scottish Highlands, you better believe you will get so much more out of your active holiday with professional support, personalised plans and a healthy and balanced diet! We have collected our top 6 reasons to book a fitness holiday to help you realise what you could be missing out on. Raise your heart rate, focus on wellness and let’s glow with health!


1 . Create Lasting Memories

Group in a jeep, ready for a hike in Scotland


Right now, people are finding they don’t want to use their precious holiday time to sunbathe and do nothing – we want to achieve personal goals! Memories are intrinsically linked to learning and activities, therefore as blissful as lounging around can be, getting involved in action-based pursuits from yoga to cooking is what will create those memories you will hold for a lifetime. So why not, break free from routine with a fitness and adventure holiday ?

Active at Gleneagles is a top choice for an active break away, picture starting your fitness break with a bottle of champagne and diving into all the highlights of countryside living including horse riding, clay pigeon shooting. Explore the 850 acres of Gleneagles’s estate set in Scotland’s breath-taking landscape hiking or taking a morning stroll, alongside the state-of-the-art fitness suit, this is an undaunting step into a world of exercise and unforgettable experiences.

Information and Booking: Scotland, Gleneagles


2. Increase your Mental & Physical Happiness


 Woman practicing yoga in a meadow

Exercise releases endorphins which means you’ll be happier, the tough part is getting started, but an exercise infused fitness holiday pushes through that barrier. Fitness has positive effects on our mental wellbeing just as much as our physical bodies. Whether you are looking to really feel the burn on a bootcamp holiday or are seeking something more restorative such as a yoga retreat, working up a sweat is bound to put a smile on your face, it is incredibly rewarding! Plus, you’ll relish your downtime even more, imagine sinking into that massage after a sporty day.  ⁠

Fusion Fitness™ at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti is the best of both worlds, offering a completely bespoke active fitness holiday where you choose your activities, including circuit training, yoga, and massages! At a world-class luxury spa retreat, carved into the side of the Dolomite mountain range with an infinity pool and much more, happiness is an absolute!

Information and Booking: Italy, Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti

3. Boost Your Motivation with Professional Support

Infinity pool at Conrad Algarve


Whatever your unique ambitions, we have something to suit everybody from toning up to weight loss retreats. Dig deeper and learn about your body’s composition through tests and expert consultations, to know precisely how to improve your health. Having professional support and like-minded people around you will encourage you to challenge yourself and keep you motivated. Work up a sweat on a fitness retreat with private Pilates classes, personal training sessions or even guided kayak tours, with the right encouragement you’ll be sure to achieve and realise your potential! Seize your chance to have a training programme entirely personalised to you, so you can incorporate optimal health and fitness into your lifestyle back home.

Weight loss at Conrad Algarve is a fantastic luxury healthy retreat, goal orientated, personalised throughout, and interlaced with deep relaxation. Enjoy daily personalised workouts and lymphatic drainage alongside detox and revitalising treatments in a beautifully calm setting where you can truly focus on yourself.

Information and Booking: Portugal, Conrad Algarve


4. Delicious Nutrition to Kickstart your Healthy Choices


Indoor luxurious swimming pool at Grantley


Compliment your fitness efforts with delectable fresh and nutritious cuisine curated for you by some of the world's top chefs! ⁠Eating habits form the most important part of healthy living, its literally fuel for your body after all! Good nutrition doesn’t have to mean eating rabbit food though – as you’ll discover on our nutrition-friendly retreats! With cooking classes, curated menus and top restaurants serving delicious healthy fare onsite, you’ll be on track to eating better everyday before you depart for home to continue your active lifestyle.

Kickstart Retreat at Grantley Hall is the ideal location for a fitness retreat combined with a luxury spa holiday to kickstart your wellness lifestyle, with nutrition at the heart of your stay prepared by a Michelin starred Chef. Lean into the glorious scenery in the North Yorkshire with spa treatments and personal training sessions, while a completely personalised diet plan is created for you. Return home from your fitness and spa break entirely prepared to keep reaching your goals with your newly found nutritional knowledge!

Information and Booking: United Kingdom, Grantley Hall


5. No Two Moments Are the Same

Kamalaya's beautiful gardens


Learn to live in the present with a wellness holiday allowing you to break free from the pressures at home and really concentrate on wellness. Increased mindfulness will foster an accurate perception of your fitness level and encourage healthier choices, like more physical activity. Having such an array of activities available at your fingertips with magnificent backdrops promises you will not only completely disconnect but no two days will be the same and you will whole-heartedly dive into your precious time away whilst actively working on your healthy goals.

Mindful Triathlon™ at Kamalaya will inspire you to prioritise your health and wellness with a private beach as your playground! Combine personal training sessions, suspension training and aqua exercise along with Qi Gong, meditation and a facial. You will enhance everything from your fitness level to your conscientiousness and end your stay having enjoyed new and diverse experiences with a more holistic lifestyle in mind.

Information and Booking: Thailand, Kamalaya

6. Quality Family Time with Adventure


Galo Resort from a bird's eye view with the sea


A fitness retreat with lots of different activities can be particularly appealing as a family holiday since you can all pursue your own interests while having a healthy active holiday together. Get everyone involved in daily fitness activities and excursions such as yoga classes or kayaking tours, then imagine running off with your partner for a massage or a romantic meal, safe in the knowledge that your little ones are well looked after and entertained. An active break as a family is a brilliant opportunity for everybody to unwind, experience new pursuits and strengthen bonds with healthy choices for a better lifestyle!

Family TimeTogether™ at Galo Resort is an idyllic healthy family holiday destination from a cultural, fitness and health point of view. Lean into your competitive spirit with tennis lessons, take in the scenery with a jeep tour or work as a team during a cooking class! Cherish unique memories of quality time together on a luxury holiday of motion and vitality!

Information and Booking: Maidera, Portugal, Galo Resort


If you are asking our biased opinion, we say you should book a fitness retreat, whatever fitness means to you and however adventure packed you wish your fitness holiday to be! Make it your own every step of your journey and explore the extraordinary. We believe you deserve more from your holiday, that every detail should come together seamlessly and exceed expectations. When it comes to our exclusive luxury wellness holidays, the question should be why wouldn’t you book a fitness retreat?.


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