The Best Healthy Cooking Holidays

the best healthy cooking holidays


Ever been on holiday and lamented that you can’t cook such tasty, healthy dishes at home? Discover the secrets to healthy cooking on our wellness holidays and learn to create delicious and nutritious dishes packed full of well-being benefits. Served with a side order of fitness classes, spa therapies and educational seminars these healthy learning holidays will boost your overall wellness as well as your culinary prowess. Here, we present our favourite healthy cooking holidays to achieve all-round wellness.

The many benefits of healthy eating and good nutrition have long been recognised, including long-term weight loss and even treating medical problems. Across our healthy retreats, you are encouraged to explore your relationship with food and be mindful of what you are consuming. Discover a variety of philosophies on how to nourish your body and soul, from the flavoursome broths and herbs of Vietnam, to the six tastes of Ayurvedic cuisine. Combining the culinary skill of professional chefs with the expert knowledge of nutritionists, our healthy foodie holidays will leave you more knowledgeable and confident about how to fuel your body and care for your health.

Best for Cooking & Weight Loss: Thailand - Absolute Sanctuary Weight Management

Herbs at Absolute Sanctuary

Spice up your cooking at Absolute Sanctuary

Look no further than the stunning tropical island of Koh Samui, for a healthy weight loss holiday that’s all about sustainable results and a balanced diet. Here, cooking classes teach you to create low calorie, nutritionally dense dishes from your healthy holiday menu. Make sure to pick up the Absolute Sanctuary cookbook, which describes the benefits of each ingredient in the tasty, healthy recipes. Unlimited yoga and mediation sessions teach self-control and awareness, as part of a holistic approach to weight loss. Alongside slimming spa therapies, such as detoxifying seaweed wraps, a final nutrition consultation will provide you with take home guidelines to maintain your progress.

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Best for Cultural Cooking: Vietnam Discover Recover

Floating Market at Vietnam Discover Recover

Experience a visual feast at Vietnam Discover Recover

Travel to Vietnam’s historic city of Saigon and learn to cook delicious local dishes, in an exotic culinary destination, from our exclusive range of Discover Recover holidays for adventurous travellers. Create traditional delicacies in a professional kitchen; such as, spring rolls filled with seafood or naturally gluten-free pho. Vietnamese cooking uses broths and anti-oxidising herbs instead of oil, resulting in a much healthier cuisine. Combine your culinary adventure with a choice of other excursions, such as a visit to the floating market of the Mekong Delta or a countryside cycling tour. Recover at a luxury wellness retreat, with healing wellness activities and healthy cuisine. 

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Best for Ayurvedic Cooking & Holistic Wellness: India - Shreyas Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Candelit dinner at Shreyas

Dine in absolute tranquility at Shreyas

This spiritual retreat on the outskirts of Bangalore bases its culinary philosophy on balancing the six tastes of Ayurveda: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. Reap the health benefits of a holistic holiday that heals and strengthens the body using gourmet vegetarian meals, based on the Ayurvedic nutritional theory. Cooking classes with the communities surrounding this peaceful sanctuary teach you to recreate traditional dishes made with locally grown, freshly picked ingredients. Meals eaten in a serene silence encourage you to reflect on how you are caring for your body, enhanced by kriya yoga and soothing spa therapies.

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Best for Cooking & Detox: Spain - SHA Detox

Smoke dining at SHA Wellness

Discover the magic of macrobiotic cuisine at SHA Detox

Discover the benefits of a macrobiotic diet at this wellness retreat in tranquil southern Spain, for an educational detox holiday that will improve your knowledge of healthy nutrition. Originating in Japan, the macrobiotic diet sees different foods as energy sources that need to be balanced to purify and heal the body. Healthy cooking lectures emphasise the benefits of fuelling your body with vegetables, whole grains and unprocessed produce. Meals full of ingredients with anti-inflammatory qualities combat any ailments using nature’s medicines. Combine your cleansing diet with detoxifying massages and aquatic therapies which will leave you feeling renewed and restored.

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Best for Vegan Nutrition: Thailand - Phuket Cleanse

veggie sushi roll at Ti Sana

Get on a nutritional roll at Phuket Cleanse

Experience the unique Phukets organic, plant-based nutrition program that not only gives you the opportunity to eat delicious dishes. But also teaches strategies on how to eat better. The food is seen not only as a way to fuel the body but to also heal it. Strengthen your immune system and learn the variety of health benefits of eating raw food. Alongside healthy eating, Phuket Cleanse aim to also help you detox through fitness classes, promoting an active lifestyle. Get your heart racing in the fitness sessions, and get sweating with both hot yoga and herbal steam saunas. Detox supplements supplied at the retreat will further aid cleansing your body. At Phuket Cleanse, revive your well-being from the inside-out.

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Best for Cooking & Fitness: Utah - Borgo Egnazia

chicken at Borgo Egnazia

Refuel and recharge in style at Borgo Egnazia

Embark on a culinary and fitness holiday adventure at this healthy retreat set in Southern Italy, the gorgeous untouched region of Puglia is just begging to be explored. Discover how healthy eating can improve your well-being with Blue Zones cooking lessons and Blue Zones concept hours and workshops before launching into movement classes to keep your body active. Fuel up for your day with the healthy meals on offer, home town dishes and locally sourced food designed in the traditional Pugliese cuisine. Relax in the Roman Thermal Baths, indulge in spa treatments and at the end of the day be entertained by the various evening events.

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