• The perfect gift this Fathers Day

    With our father's stomachs slowly expanding and their backs gradually bending, Father's Day couldn't have come any quicker. The perfect gift this Father's Day is not only to express to our dads how much we care and how we actually do acknowledge their existence, but it is also the opportunity to encourage them to take more time out of their stressful routines and look after themselves for a change.

  • The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World

    The Top Golf and Spa Resorts in the World


    In the wonderful world of luxury travel and tourism you come across some interesting holidays that combine seemingly disparate niches to form holidays of questionable appeal. However, the overlap between golfing and spa holidays certainly doesn’t fit into this category, combining all the benefits of a golfing retreat and a spa retreat allows a respite for you to indulge yourself and relax in between long sessions honing your skills on the course making you a more formidable golfing opponent ready to give your golfing buddies a run for their money.

    If this sounds appealing to you, you’re in luck because there are some many luxury resorts in the world that fit the description perfectly, let us walk you through a few of our top spa and sports retreats picks for golfers. 

  • The Ultimate Retreats for Christmas & New Year Getaways

    For those looking to swap the Christmas bulge for a healthier start to the New Year, here we share our 10 ultimate winter wellness retreats. Offering healthy holidays around the world, from yuletide yoga, to seasonal stress relief and festive fitness escapes; make a break with tradition and embrace the gift of winter wellness.

  • The World's Best Active Holidays for Single Travellers

    Don’t let the fear of travelling solo stop you from having one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. On an active singles holiday you’ll never be short of things to do and there are endless opportunities to meet like-minded solo travellers. From surfing world-class waves on Morocco’s infamous Agadir coastline, to acing your tennis skills in Thailand, activity holidays offer great ice breakers for single travellers. Whether you want to enhance your well-being with yoga or kick up the pace with bootcamp workouts, take the plunge with active holidays to suit every single traveller’s interest.

  • The World's Best Tennis Retreats to Visit in 2016

    It’s tennis lovers’ season once more! Each year, the Australian Open inspires us to dig out that old tennis racket and get back on the court. Carry on the momentum as we share our top-tier Tennis holiday spots around the globe. Whether a beginner or a seasoned tennis buff, these retreats boast top-notch facilities and offer expert coaching sessions as well as additional fitness classes to prep you up to serve and smash like a pro.

  • The World's Most Unusual Fitness Workouts

    There’s never been a better time to catch the fitness bug, so why not get your fitness fix on a wellness holiday? Gone are the days of the mundane gym class; instead, increasingly alternative workouts are springing up worldwide to cater for fitness fans who demand more from their exercise. Fitness retreats worldwide are subsequently pushing the boundaries of what classifies as a workout; providing exciting new ways to exercise beyond the gym floor.

  • The World’s Best Sailing Holidays and Tours

    Couple on Catamaran


    There is an intangible poetry to sailing. Humankind has always had an unending romantic fascination with the sea and the feelings it conjures. Homer’s Odyssey beautifully captures the adventure of sailing the Mediterranean with the stars rising ‘bathed in the ocean stream to glitter in brilliance’. Experiencing the same natural beauty and the same thrill of adventure is now easier than ever. You don’t have to spend holidays stuck on crowded beaches anymore. You can set sail for unknown tropical lagoons or medieval cities etched into rugged cliff lines on some of the world’s best sailing tours.

  • The World’s Best Tennis Holidays Worthy of Wimbledon


    With Wimbledon fever set to strike, those inspired to dig out their dusty tennis rackets can now rediscover the racket wielding sport as we round up our top tennis holidays worthy of the pros. Gain the advantage whether training on a tennis holiday in Thailand at a specialist sports retreat frequented by sporting stars, or diversifying your hand-eye-coordination skills with tennis, golf and boxing in the Algarve of Portugal. After working up a sweat, ward off tennis elbow through the expertise of professional chiropractors and rejuvenating spa treatments on a spa and sport holiday that will leave your body ready to hit the courts again tomorrow. Game, set, match.

  • The World’s Best Tennis Holidays: Top 5 Destinations

    Tennis anyone? Come rain or shine on 23rd June Wimbledon will return and inspire us all to dig out that dusty tennis racket and hit the courts. Carry on the momentum on one of our destination tennis holidays, where you can practice perfecting your serve and boost your fitness in some of world’s most desirable locations and luxurious resorts.

  • Top 10 Active Family Beach Holidays

    Top 10 Active Family Beach Holidays

    Find the key to a drama free family holiday by keeping the kids active and entertained by the beach as they explore their sandy surroundings whilst trying new experiences. From learning to surf in Morocco to kayaking in Bali, say goodbye to boredom on our active family beach holidays where everyone can have fun in the sun. Make the most of sharing new experiences with the kids, or take some adult time out to relax and unwind as the little ones are entertained at the Kids Club, with everything from tennis to treasure hunts.

  • Top 10 Activity Holidays in Europe

    Top 10 Activity Holidays in Europe


    Escape a sedentary lifestyle at home with an active holiday in Europethat will inspire you, and return a youthful lease of life to your body. If you're looking to improve your fitness, challenge your body or simply have fun learning a new skill, then look no further than our 10 best activity holidays in Europe. From yoga and surfing in Morocco to mountain biking in Italy and cycling in Mallorca, be inspired and have fun on one of these top activity breaks.

  • Top 10 Adventure Sports Holidays for Fitness Fans

    Top 10 Adventure Sports Holidays for Fitness Fans


    Looking for a healthy break with the perfect mix of adventure, fitness and wellness? Look no further! Our adventure sports holidays allow you to explore your adventurous side, whilst reaping the added benefits of keeping fit and active.

  • Top 10 Gay Friendly Wellness Honeymoon Destinations

    Top 10 Gay Friendly Wellness Honeymoon Destinations


    With same-sex marriage recently legalized in the UK, and with simultaneous victories around the world, gay couples everywhere are tying the knot, and with more weddings, come more healthy honeymoons.

  • Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World

    Top 10 Wellness Retreats in the World


    If you're feeling worn out from the stresses of your daily routine and need an escape, then a trip to a wellness retreat could be just what the doctor ordered. More than just a simple spa break, wellness retreats are designed to address any number of specific ailments with tailored programmes focused on detox, weight loss, stress reduction and anti-ageing to mention just a few. From hi-tech European spas to luxurious island getaways and everything in between, our top 10 wellness retreats in the world are sure to leave you feeling fully rejuvenated. So what are you waiting for? With hand-picked destinations from all over the globe, you are sure to find something to suit your wellness needs.

  • Top 10 Winter Wellness Retreats for Christmas & New Year


    For those looking to swap the Christmas bulge for a healthier start to the New Year, we share our top 10 winter wellness retreats. Offering healthy holidays around the world, from yuletide yoga, to seasonal stress relief and festive fitness escapes, make a break with tradition and embrace the gift of winter wellness.

  • Top 3 Fusion Fitness Trends

    Top 3 Fusion Fitness Trends

    Bored of the same old gym routine? Some people like regularity and familiarity, however for those that don't, you often need some excitement and invention when exercising! The recent trend towards hybrid workouts and fusion classes combines two or more sports or classes to create an even more powerful concept. As you would expect, weird and wonderful creations have emerged, some more successful than others, all aimed at getting you into shape. We give you our 3 top new fusion fitness trends, which are a convenient 45 minutes long, guaranteed to get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face! 

  • Top 5 Active Family Holidays in Europe

    Top 5 Active Family Holidays in Europe

    Whether you dream of playing tennis in Spain or horse riding in Portugal, keep active with your little ones with our top 5 family active holidays in Europe, all only a short flight away. Parents can enjoy the best of both worlds on our healthy family holidays by making the most of quality family time with a variety of activities, before taking the chance to unwind in the spa whilst the Kid’s Club keep them entertained. Boost their fitness playing sports they love, or introduce them to new ones and let mum and dad show the kids how it’s done.

  • Top 5 Best Sport & Fitness Resorts

    Stay active on holiday instead of being a victim of the buffet-and-booze weight gain. When it’s time to escape the daily grind, opt for a sport and fitness resort to really go that extra mile and prove it’s not impossible to stay healthy on holiday.

  • Top 5 Fitness Holidays for the New Year

    Looking for the perfect place to recharge yourself?If you are one of those whose New Year's resolution is to get fit, why not find inspiration and motivation across the globe on a health and fitness holiday? One of the best ways to ensure that this year's resolution becomes a reality is to kick-start 2012 with an active break to an exotic destination.

  • Top 5 Football Sports Holidays

    With the FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil fast approaching what better way to get fit than with an active football sports holiday? Get into the World Cup spirit with one of our exclusive activity holidays all which feature top class coaching to help get you football fit. Any coach will be able to explain the merits of football training; from increased cardiovascular endurance to improved levels of balance and co-ordination, football offers a great workout.

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