• Top 5 Health Benefits of Tennis

    Come rain or shine Wimbledon and with Aussie wildcard Nick Kyrgios to inspire us there has never been a better time to get into tennis. But instead of simply watching the pros hard at work, why not pick up a racket and hit the court?  It’s easy, fun and offers a whole range of health benefits. So whether you are looking to perfect your serve on a dedicated tennis holiday or simply work up a sweat on your local courts, we’ve listed our top 5 reasons why tennis is so good for your health.

  • Top 5 Offers for Family Activity Easter Holidays

    After all of those chocolate eggs, what most parents want this Easter is a fun-filled active family holiday to burn off all that extra energy the kids have built up. From sports breaks in Thailand to active holidays in Portugal, we share our top five family friendly retreats for the 2015 Easter break. A great time to venture abroad on a family getaway, with two consecutive four day weeks and without the peak summer prices, we have some special offers available around the globe.

  • Top 5 Pilates Holidays: Get Toned and Trim

    Whilst yoga can benefit a person's breathing and flexibility, a gradual fitness regime of Pilates will build a strong core, strengthen your back and maximise endurance. Though it was originally developed for dancers, Pilates can help anyone tone up and it can even improve your golf or tennis game. Fitness trends come and go but with all the physical and mental benefits, Pilates is here to stay.

  • Top 5 Solo Friendly Tennis Holidays for Singles

    Top 5 Solo Friendly Tennis Holidays for Singles


    Get your Pimms, strawberries and cream at the ready as we round up our top 5 solo friendly tennis holidays for single travellers. If you’re looking for an active holiday to really give your fitness and tennis game the boost it needs, escape on one of our tennis holidays in some of the world’s most desirable destinations and luxurious retreats.

  • Top 5 Sports Honeymoon Destinations for Best Activities

    For the majority of couples beginning the search for their dream honeymoon, the image usually conjured is lounging on an exotic beach, sipping on cocktails spending a week completely horizontal. Although a little bit of this can’t do any harm, a whole week of lazing around doesn’t appeal to every couple. For those more active newlyweds, who want to get their blood-pumping and endorphins soaring on their honeymoon, our top 5 sports honeymoon destinations are for thrill-seeking newlyweds.

  • Top 8 Health Benefits of Skiing

    With the promise of spectacular views, attractive ski villages and the thrill of racing down a snow-covered mountain, skiing holidays already have an easy job of enticing us back year after year. Yet, with our top 8 health benefits of skiing, now there are even more reasons to prepare for a ski holiday and jet off on a winter wellness break!

  • Top Five Fitness Holidays

    Holidays are a great time to escape from the stresses and strains of every day life, and an occasion to indulge in the things you struggle to fit into your typical working week. The word alone invokes images of fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters, colourful cocktails and afternoon wake up calls. But if you want more from your holiday than just a suntan, combining exercise with your time off work could be just the thing you need to give your health and well-being a boost.

  • Top Tips for Your First Cycling Holiday

    With an array of possibilities, from triathlon training in Thailand, to aqua spinning in the Caribbean, the range of cycling holidays available is enough to set both our wheels and your head spinning. From recommending what to take, to discovering the best destinations, we share our top tips for booking your first cycling holiday.

  • Ultimate Guide to Fitness Holidays

    Give yourself a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life with a fitness holiday as the perfect way to get right on track for a stronger mind and body. Shape up with some boxing and water skiing in Zanzibar or take the plunge and have a go at aquafit, swimming and diving in Thailand. Whatever your fitness desires may be, these fantastic holidays offer a tailor-made fitness experience that is sure to leave you feel invigorated and yearning for more. Be sure to end each action-packed day with by relaxing with holistic activities like Pilates, yoga and meditation so you can work on your mind as well as your body for an all-rounded wellness holiday experience.

  • Well Fit at The BodyHoliday

    Experience a fitness boot camp like no other. The BodyHoliday Well Fit retreat, run by Olympic legend Daley Thompson and former Gladiator Kate Staples, is back for its second consecutive year at The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia.

  • Wellness Holidays for Animal Lovers

    lemur peering through foliage


    What better way to combine a love for animals and looking after your own well-being than with one of our inspired wellness holidays for animal lovers. Designed to keep you healthy and active whilst exploring different corners of the world in search of your favourite species; each healthy holiday features unforgettable animal encounters.

  • Where to Get Fit and Holiday Like an Olympian

    With the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics fast approaching, the fitness flame is well and truly burning, already inspiring many of us to up our game on a fitness holiday and take our training to the next level. Whether you dream of being a cycling champion, taking the tennis title or just giving a healthy boost to your fitness, we share our top fitness holidays to train like an Olympian. From triathlon training with decathlon gold medallist, Daley Thompson in St Lucia, to acing your game at a tennis school led by Wimbledon champion and Olympic medallist, Goran Ivanisevic in Turkey, be inspired to go for gold.

  • Where to go for a Multi-generational Family Holiday

    Where to go for a Multi-generational Family Holiday

    When juggling work and family life, finding the best family holiday to suit your needs can be an arduous task. Not every family has the same idea of the perfect family escape; some want to be active during their holiday and some want to relax at the beach while the kids have the time of their lives playing games and making new friends. To help you with your multi-generational family holiday dilemmas, here are our top picks for the best family-friendly holidays that’ll cover any interests, from sports to spa for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Where to Go for the Best Outdoor Summer Sports Holidays

    Summer is the perfect time to stop hiding indoors and embrace the great outdoors on a summer sports holiday. Whether you want to cycle, surf, kiteboard or swim; discover our best summer sports holidays for the perfect way to keep healthy and happy in the summer sun. From football in the Caribbean and tennis in Cyprus, to surfing in Morocco and cycling in Spain our activity holidays give you the chance to see the world in a completely new way while enjoying the sports you love.

  • Where to Go for Triathlon Training?

    Have you caught the triathlon bug? When Olympic fever hit our shores last summer, we watched mesmerised as the athletes of Great Britain surpassed all expectations and truly 'inspired a generation'. The 'Summer of Sport' helped contribute to a huge increase of adults taking up a weekly healthy activity in an attempt to get fit. Over 750,000 new people put on their running shoes, dusted off their cycling helmets and made early New Year's resolutions to get in shape. With Great Britain taking 2 of the podium positions in the men's Triathlon event, the Brownlee brothers proved that you don't need expensive equipment, a specialised track or a 4-minute mile to be fit and successful; you just need to give it everything you've got and have fun whilst you do it.

  • Where to go in Europe for a Winter Spa Break

    With the autumn chill setting in, plan ahead and escape this winter for some serious pampering on a luxurious spa break across the Channel. Whether you fancy a snowy spa getaway in the Swiss Alps or a dose of winter sun in Crete, these carefully selected winter spa breaks are ready to welcome you with open arms and are all just a short flight away. So while away the winter blues as you embrace the beneficial effects of rejuvenating spa treatments on your mind and body, so that you can return home entirely revitalised.

  • Where to Wellness Holiday In 2017: Your 12 Month Guide

    Follow the sun, sea and a sense of wellness in 2017 with a year’s worth of inspiration in health-enhancing wellness experiences around the world. We share our month-by-month wanderlust guide of the best wellness holidays for 2017 so you can make this the year to nourish your mind, body and soul.

  • Which Sport Suits Your Body Shape?

    Which Sport Suits Your Body Shape?

    Your body shape is well-known to hold many clues about some of your significant statics, including your longevity and even personality. Nowadays, more focus is put on seeing how athletes in particular have figures that are suited to their sport. Are some people's physiques designed better for certain sports or is it just about hard work and dedication? Evidently athletes like Michael Phelps will have an advantage over you or I in the pool, but does this mean that he would be good at rowing, for example, with his tall and powerful frame. We want to discover if your body shape really does have an impact on your sporting ability.

  • Why Exercising in Nature Provides the Best Results

    Why Exercising in Nature Provides the Best Results

    Shining the spotlight on fitness training in nature Eric Walters director of Wildfitness, shares the benefits of adapting our fitness regime to utilise nature.

    With an increasing number of experts advocating leading a healthy outdoor lifestyle, that incorporates spending more time in nature and less time under artificial light, we might ask what’s the reasoning? What’s the use in exposing ourselves to the wilds of nature and its elements? Is this a new fad or a counter-culture backlash against the big, loud gyms just for the sake of it? Here at Wildfitness, we would argue not.

  • Why go on a Spa Holiday?

    If you are looking for a holistic healing experience, look no further than our luxury spa holidays. Now a mainstay of travel, the demand for longer wellness breaks is increasing as people look to de-stress from the hectic demands of modern life. From beauty treatments to authentic Ayurveda therapies, traditional massages to hydrotherapy, you can experience an extensive array of indulgent therapies to help you achieve your individual wellness goals. Give in to complete tranquillity and relax on your own terms on a luxury spa break.

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